Great Expectations for America


We woke up here in Iran, at the time of my academic mission, to the great surprise that Mr. Trump won the US elections. This was unpredictable. I would like to congratulate his followers, fans, and supporters.

Even analysts and experts, everybody, thought that Mrs. Clinton had bagged the whole thing because Wall Street was behind her. However, we woke up to different news.

I think that the system felt very anxious and worried that if they did not install Mr. Trump, then they would have a revolution. This was an act of calming the typhoon down. I think that the people behind the system, who I call the “architects”, decided that this election should be given to Mr. Trump for many reasons, the most important reason being to make sure we would not have a revolution.

I think this is just the beginning. The media is going to be against President Trump for the next four years. They are going to do everything they can to destroy him, but on the other hand, the House of Representatives and the Senate now have a Republican’s majority. I think many things are going to change. Many bills and laws are going to be passed, and we are not going to have the same gridlock that we had with the old Obama Administration. Therefore, I feel that we are at the threshold of possible major changes in Washington.

I think the American people no longer listen to the mainstream media. They listen to alternative and non-corporate media from around the world which told the truth and exposed Mrs. Clinton. This is a great success for the US electoral process even if we know it is rigged.

The media is going to continue creating a negative image of Mr. Trump, but our new president is not somebody with thin skin. He is a very strong businessman and nothing could make him step back.

Hillary Clinton has congratulated President Trump and will not try to appeal. But we should never underestimate how conniving, shrewd and disingenuous this woman is. Certain elements within Clinton’s campaign could possible try to cause some aggression in the streets over the next few days in order to delegitimize this election. This election was 100% legitimate; there was no stealing of votes. The very fact that Mrs. Clinton called President Trump and congratulated him gives us a signal that she believes the election was legitimate.

Of course, in any election, you are going to have some issues, some abnormalities. But all together, the American people have freely spoken and expressed their desire for change in Washington. Americans no longer want the establishment candidate. They are economically distressed and socially alienated. This possibly could be a new beginning for resurgence, not just of American power, but as a reconciliatory American power - a power who wants to sit at the negotiating table with superpowers like Russia and regional powers like Iran. We are all hoping for this.