God with us! Bright holiday of Christmas


One of the most important Christian holidays is bright and joyful, but there is also sorrow in it.

Orthodox Christians have a Christmas greeting: "Christ is born!" Or "Christ was born!". And in response, it is customary to say: “Praise Him!” Or “Praise Christ!”. Or even "Glory to Christ, born of the Virgin Mary!". The answer may be different in different regions, but it must be in the spirit of our faith. After all, what is “Christ is born”? These are the most precious words that many people have been waiting for all their lives and the entire history of the Old Testament world. At least the righteous.

That is, the Jewish saints died in great sorrow because they did not see Christ through their eyes. And such joy was rewarded by the righteous elder Simeon the God-bearer, whom the Lord Himself made known through His Angel: "You will not die until you see Christ." And he saw Him, the God-child, in the Jerusalem temple, took him in his arms, blessed him, and sang a touching song: "Now you let go of Your servant, the Lord."

And before that, many righteous men died asking, so what? And they were answered: no, no, not born yet, and they sadly gave God their soul. And if they had heard the words “Christ was born! Christ was born! ”, They would have jumped from their deathbed and rejoiced in a way that no one else had rejoiced over for thousands of years. That is, people waited, waited, but He did not appear. And then, finally, this day has come. Christ is born. As prophets foreshadowed.

In the city of Bethlehem from the Virgin Mary our Lord and Savior, the Redeemer of our sins, was born. As the angels in heaven say: we announce to you the great joy that will be to all people, for now in Bethlehem, in the city of David, Christ the Lord is born. And here's a sign for you - the baby will find a puffed in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.

Usually the word "sign" describes some strange, great events - the separation of sea or river water, fire rain and so on. That is something unusual. And here the angels say: here is a sign to you, you will find the Baby. And what's the sign? Babies are born every day and lie in thousands and thousands of places, covered in swaddling clothes. But the fact of the sign is that this Infant, wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in the arms of the Virgin Mary or in the manger near Her is just the Lord.

And it is this wonder that He lies in a simple manger.

Know who you are bowing to, dear brothers and sisters, know that in the face of this Child you are bowing to your Savior and your Lord! Even pagans in the person of the three wise men knew about it. And they came from distant Persia in order to bring gifts and worship to the Infant, although they were not believers, like Jews, and they did not wait for the Messiah. They watched the stars. And the stars announced something strange to them: a certain new star was lit, and they came after her to Jerusalem, found the Lord, went to Bethlehem, and brought gifts to the Lord.

And what gifts! Gold - as a gift to the king, incense - as a gift to God, because incense is a sign of prayer, and myrrh is a kind of fragrant ointment that smears the dead. It is just the same as if they came to a young mother and brought her a mortuary shroud for her child for the future. As if to say: your child will die, and here is a gift from us in advance. Imagine, the little God-child, Christ, has already been brought in a myrrh to anoint His dead body. By saying these: here's a present for you, you will die. And Mary looked at it all and laid it down in her heart.

That is, the Lord was born as a Sacrifice. And if we never talk about death when a child is born, then with Christ it is the opposite. He has just been born, and they say to Him: you will die. They say to him: there is no sin in You, but you will die. You will not die for yourself, but for us, and you will rise from the dead. Here is gold for You, thank you. Here is incense for you, for you are our Lord. here is for you myrrh, because you are the sacrifice.

Think of the Lord, brothers and sisters! Think of Christ, because Christ is constantly thinking of all of you! Christ has no one else to think about, only people who love Him. So think of Him, for He cares about you. "Christ is born!".