Globalists united around Macron

Manuel Valls supported Macron instead of the candidate from his own party.

Former French Prime Minister, socialist Manuel Valls supported the candidate from Rothschilds, leader of En Marche movement Emmanuel Macron. Valls declared that he will be vote for Macron to “block” a victory of Marin Le Pen and, as he said, prevent “a risky situation for French republic”.

A deputy of socialist party GillesSavary, pointed, that this Valls’s decision attests about crisis of whole socialist party. He also admitted, that in the upcoming election socialist almost have not chances to enter the second round, and only Jean-Luc Melancheonfrom the so-called left flankcan take up a good position. Wherein the deputy noted, that the most dangerous today is “an possibility of Marin Le Pen to win these elections”.

The fact that the member of socialist party Manuel Valls turnedaway from Benoit Hamon the candidate from his party and openly support the globalist Macron, shows the serious crisis of entire French political system. There is no more sharing on “left” and “right”, and the main actors of politician space of France today are globalists and patriots. This new political configuration in an exclusive interview with Tsargrad explained political scientist Alain Soral.

“Today in Francehas endedthe era of bipartisanship, the era of classic split on the left and right. Left force: socialists and communistsimmersed in the liberal economic paradigm. A merger of the right economy with left libertarianism has happened, the unification of capitalism with left-wing political ideas. A new ideology or doctrine has emerged, supported and shared by representatives of the world's financial elites and globalists. The result is that we have a new political split. On the one hand - the forces of globalists, on the other hand - their opponents: the people and those whom the liberal media call populists today. "

Also the members of National Front today speak about appearance of a new political paradigm. There is what the leader of the campaign headquarters Marin Le Pen David Rashlin told in the exclusive interview to Tsargrad.

There is no difference between lefts and rights parties today. There is small difference between theirs programs: one of them supports theEuropean integration, others – Reinforced European integration, one of them for migration, others for increased migration. There is no real difference between these projects. However, there is a huge difference between National Front and program of others candidates. We ate patriots of our country and nation. We must protect our sovereignty, our economy, our identity and our freedom. "

Patriot Marin Le Pen today has a great chance to win. Could she win? We will see.