Globalists' pig: WTO showed its "snout"


The loud statement of the Russian senator about the possible withdrawal of Russia from the WTO stirred up the media.

Moscow can withdraw from the World Trade Organization if the European Union's claim against Russia to recover € 1.39 billion for the pork embargo will be granted.

Russia imposed an embargo on the supply of pig products from the EU countries in early 2014. Then the cause was the outbreak of the African plague. After some time, Moscow notified the WTO that the ban was lifted, but it was decided not to continue buying because of the sectoral sanctions imposed by the EU after the events in the Crimea and the Donbass.

What is the WTO?

The World Trade Organization is a product of postwar America. In 1947, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade was concluded, the main task of which was the restoration of the world economy after the Second World War. In fact, it was another tool for the economic suppression of both Western Europe and the colonies that once obeyed the Old World. In 1995, after numerous stages of negotiations, the World Trade Organization was established on the basis of the agreement. As always, the goals were declared alone, and the results of the activity turned out to be quite different. Members must renounce protectionism and "open borders" for international trade. Most often this leads to the fact that the domestic markets of national states are seized by transnational corporations, and the state is deprived of economic sovereignty.

Contradictions and double standards

If we consider the WTO precisely as an instrument of global financial elites for the destruction of national economies, questions of contradictions and paradoxes in the work of the organization disappear. Indeed, sanctions against Russia do not correspond to the spirit and meaning of the WTO, as they in fact damage international trade and economic development (the losses of the EU and the US have exceeded the 100 billion euro mark). But if sanctions are imposed in order to exert political pressure on a country that does not want to go under the icebreaker of globalization (Russia), then they are fully justified, and for the sake of the idea of a global liberal market.

In general, like any international organization created in the West, the WTO is a vivid example of a policy of double standards. It is impossible to win a card from a professional sharper if you play fair. Moscow joined the World Trade Organization expecting everyone to play fair. The events of recent years have shown that this was impossible, which means it is time to draw the appropriate conclusions. Maybe exiting from the WTO is an adequate solution of Russia?