The globalists are deadly hostile to any hint of American nationalism


During the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century there's been a lot of propaganda by globalists and progressives against the very idea of nationhood -- that believing in the integrity of one's culture, one's history, the religion and values of your nation is somehow inherently bad and is a kind of a chauvinism or even racial supremacy.

I think this is wrong. Most nationalists to my experience have an understanding of what is called “bouquet nationalism,” that there is a diversity of mankind in nationhood just as there is with different persons and different families. Of course you love your own family and children, your own values, but that doesn't mean that you are hostile to other people. You wish them well, you want to respect them, and you hope that they will respect you.

That's what I mean by nationhood, and it’s what I think most of Americans mean about our own country, as well as people in any other country.

The trouble is that in a very large multicultural country like Russia or like America you tend to get globalist propaganda.  In the USSR a Kirgiz was a Kirgiz, a Jew was a Jew, an Armenian was an Armenian, but a Russian wasn’t supposed to be “too Russian” – just Soviet. Likewise a Serb in Yugoslavia was only supposed to be a Yugoslav, not a Serb. One might say the same in the UK with regard to the English, who are supposed to be only British.

And we have gotten this here, in the United States. There is this kind of assumption that people who have some other racial or ethnic identities are supposed to be very assertive about their identity. But if you look at the history of the American nation , you can see that the people who founded this country were mostly  descended from  the original British settlers (that’s why we speak English) and later augmented by others, mainly Irish, Germans, Scandinavians, who are not regarded as “ethnics”(as I am). These people are not respected anymore. They used to be called just “Americans" but now they are just called "non-Hispanic whites" for census purposes. I think this is very destructive for a history of our country.

The globalists are deadly hostile to any manifestation of revived national sentiment and that's part of what we saw in Trump's election. There is a great number of people in the United States at the heartland who still think of themselves as Americans, not just generic people with no identity. There is an ethnos in America, and it needs to be respected.