German intelligence is afraid of "Russian Agents" in the European Parliament


A meeting of the Federal Office for the Protection of the German Constitution (BfV) - German counterintelligence was held in Potsdam. Representatives of the anti-espionage and right-wing extremism departments who gathered at the meeting expressed concern that Russia maintains close contacts with the far-right parties. With the movement “Right” (Die Rechte), a conglomerate of right-wing regional parties Pro-Bewegung and the third party in the Bundestag - “Alternative for Germany” (AfD). This faction is annoying to the ruling circles, because it brings to the clear water immigration lawlessness, calls to lift anti-Russian sanctions and recognize the reunification of Crimea with Russia.

The fears of the German special services lie in the fact that, with the support of Russia, AfD may find itself in the European Parliament after the May elections, and also strengthen its presence in three federal states: Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia. Elections to the Landtags (Parliaments) of Brandenburg and Saxony will be held on September 1, Thuringia - October 27.

Referring to circles in the Federal Intelligence Service of Germany (BND), the newspaper Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung notes that the elections to the European Parliament are "a good opportunity for Russia to destabilize the West and use national problems for its own benefit." Moscow’s main goal is to “undermine the credibility of the electoral process.”

As the “facts” of the Russian intervention, the German media cite the contacts of the “Alternatives for Germany” leadership with Russian politicians.

As other examples, the press cites the activities of the AfD deputy and the former chairman of the youth wing - “Young Alternative” - Markus Frohnmaier, who visited Russia and Serbia many times.

The German special services are not only frightened by the political, but also by the informational influence of Russia. They fear that Russian channels, such as RT, Sputnik, Russia Beyond the Headlines, as well as Ruptly’s video agency that collaborates with them, will convey alternative information to German citizens. The more often the voters hear about the mistakes of Merkel’s migration policy and the dangers of the anti-Russian sanctions, the higher the chances for AfD to win the elections to the European Parliament and the parliaments of the German federal states.

Attacking the opposition, certain forces in Germany want to intimidate their voters. They need to Show that Russia is engaged in the destabilization of Europe and is pushing xenophobia through nationalists. In reality, this is nothing more than a simple attempt to justify the mistakes of the current German authorities by Russian influence. Recently it has become usual to blame Russians for all failures and mistakes.

While the official investigation against the "Alternative for Germany" on the fact of "Russian intervention" is not underway. BfV representatives consider AfD contacts with Russia “insignificant and limited”. However, it is not necessary to exclude the possibility of starting investigations. Strengthening "Putin's friends" in Germany and Brussels interferes with the plans of those who would like to thwart Nord Stream 2 and expand anti-Russian sanctions. So, with the upcoming elections to the European Parliament and the Landtags of the German lands, all puppet media will shout louder and louder about the so-called Russian intervention.