Galileo's repentance was false. Modern science is criminal

I am truly sorry that all these bastards were not burned in time on the blessed fires of the Holy Inquisition.

Historical chronicles report that Galileo renounced the heliocentric picture of the world on 22 June 1633. Urban folklore adds that Galileo muttered to himself "and so it goes round and round".

This moment is usually thought of as the drama of “a progressive scientific worldview in the struggle against medieval backwardness”. In fact it was one episode in an act of God-killing that stretched over several centuries of Western European history. When in the XIX century Nietzsche proclaimed "God is dead, you killed him - you and me!", he was only stating a fait accompli. He has heroically taken the blame upon himself, trying to live, think, and create with this unbearable knowledge of the Western nihilistic abyss. If there is no God, there is nothing. If the earth is round, material and revolves around the same material sun in infinite - and again - purely material! - space, then there is no God. And there is no world, His world.

As Jakob Taubes, the authoritative researcher of Western eschatology, said, in modern science, the sky has disappeared, everything has become the earth, i.e. matter. This is the meaning of the Copernican “revolution” or Galileo Galilei's “discoveries”. So far hypothetically, timidly, and as we see in the imaginary repentance of Galileo before the looming shadow of the Inquisition - reversibly, the founding fathers of modern science guessed: what if there is no God, the world is material, everything twists and turns on its own? What if God is just a conventional name for a material cause? Miracles have been invented. The Church insisting on Ptolemy's flat earth and Aristotle's noocentric physics representsan only obstacles to the free inquiry of the human mind?

Meanwhile suspicion turned into certainty. Heaven has been overthrown. God was dead. More precisely, He has been murdered.

It is very significant that Nietzsche himself, in the first version of his strikingly ominous formula God is dead, places it in a section called "The Madman". This is a clear reference to the Psalms. In the Bible we read: "Said the madman in his heart there is no God" God is dead is the speech of a madman. And Nietzsche takes this verdict upon himself.

Copernicus and Galileo did not yet see this dark side of impending nihilism of the Western Modernity and rejoiced the anticipated new freedom - freedom from God, from the Church, from miracles, from an intelligent and orderly harmonious world - in the end from a higher Intelligence. They rejoiced in the impending element of European madness, when the fact that God is dead, that man is a descendant of bacteria, and that dead clots of matter fly away past black holes and red dwarfs in the endless cold of the vacuum will be preached in the normal schools to the innocent and gullible children from a young age as only absolute truth.

Over five centuries science has created a civilisation of nihilism, of “entfesselte Technik”  (O.Spengler) , unchained technology, where matter has become the unconditional criterion of truth and the law of numbers has been elevated to an absolute. It was not so important whether the centre of the universe was the earth or the sun. The sun was placed already in the centre of cosmos by the Pythagoreans in Ancient Greece... But what kind of sun it was... It was the sun of the spirit, the mind, the eye of God, not a material glowing magma-spitting dead body. And if the sun was spirit, even the earth was spirit.

Modern science put not just the earth at its centre, but precisely a meaningless lump of random matter. Which has no plan, no purpose, no meaning, no Creator.

This was the crime of Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon and the like.

I am truly sorry that all these bastards were not burned in time on the blessed fires of the Holy Inquisition. They conceived and carried out soulless parody of being, the abomination of desolation, anti-cosmos of death, void and cold. And they did it with enthusiasm and inspiration, with zeal and sense of triumph… Exactly as the excited mob of Jerusalem did when it shouted ”Liberate Barabbas! Crucify Him, crucify Him!”

Science has killed God. The Titans of Modernity have overthrown the power of the divine Heavens.

I doubt they are capable of repentance. If I am wrong it is the last moment to do that.

Stop it! Now!