French Globalist Mold


The elections in France culminated in a convincing victory for the oligarchy, or rather the Rothschild family.

Now, when the passions have subsided a bit, let's look at the program of the new president of the Fifth Republic and try to model the future development of events in one of the largest countries of Western Europe.

The first thing that we should pay attention to is values. Macron is a consistent liberal, a supporter of the promotion of sodomy and the breakdown of the remnants of tradition in France. Thus, we should expect further strengthening of the LGBT and other perverts at all levels of French society. It's not that they felt constrained at this stage, but with Macron, this lobby will definitely go uphill.

Next: the issue of migration. The invasion of migrants to Western Europe, which we have witnessed in recent years - is a large-scale project to rebuild the Old World. Again, the main beneficiaries here are large financial structures on both sides of the Atlantic. Do not be surprised if Macron opens the gates of France even wider for aliens from Africa and the Middle East. Very soon the French from a simple minority will become an exotic species - they will be shown in museums to children and told about some ancient people who once inhabited the territory of the Paris Caliphate. Although in fact, visitors already feel themselves masters on the streets of French cities.

As you understand, to combat terrorism, Makron will at best be tweeted - the cells of IGIL * and "An-Nusra" * can sleep peacefully.

In general, Le Pen's result of 34% is the number of French citizens who still consider themselves French. These are the people who respect their culture, traditions, Christianity. They are in the minority, but they still exist. And this means that one of the main tasks of the Macron occupation administration will be further reduction of the number of true Frenchmen and their replacement by either migrants or indifferent cosmopolitans, who generally do not care where to live, if only to be warm and full. It's such a French mold, only this time it has absolutely nothing to do with expensive cheeses.