the French forced Macron to freeze the increase in fuel prices


Macron showed his helplessness. After the crowd of "yellow vests", demanding to freeze the price of gasoline, defeated the Champs Elysees, the authorities announced a surrender to them. Car fuel prices in France are frozen.

For six months, the French authorities imposed a moratorium on the rise in prices for gasoline and diesel fuel at the request of the protesters, Prime Minister Edouard Philip said on Tuesday. True, the moratorium that the French government is introducing itself to the “yellow vests” is unsatisfactory. They expected to abolish the increase in taxes on fuel, and not only on the moratorium. People think that it is necessary to return to the streets of Paris this Saturday.

Mass actions of "yellow vests" began in France in the middle of November. The main reason for the protests was the increase in prices for automotive fuel. Last Saturday, as a result of fights of demonstrators with the police, 412 people were detained, 133 were injured. The demonstrators staged a pogrom on the Champs Elysees. Because of the damage, including the Triumphal Arch, one of the symbols of Paris, which was also damaged by vandals, had to close for tourists.

The government until Tuesday morning refused even to negotiate for a reduction in gasoline prices. But since Monday, the protests have moved to the level of high schools, high school students and universities. If there are casualties among young people, it will be scary for Macron. In the meantime, the whole country is paralyzed, France is suffering huge economic losses. All this pushes Macron to concessions.

Unrest does not rely only on disadvantaged areas of the country, as it happened before. This time, both Paris and the provinces are rioting.

This is not a riot of the Arab suburbs, it is rioting white working-class France.

If this movement continues until Christmas, then the losses incurred by the trade and just the ordinary citizen would have multiplied multiple. The same situation as in 1995 reiterated - when the government tried to abolish pension benefits. Then, in response, the rail transport got up, the whole country got up and the economy could not function. The government then retreated. Since then, all governments, carrying out unpopular reforms, have tried to take this experience into account.

Macron finally did what his predecessors did not: canceled pension benefits. If in 1995 all trade unions rebelled unanimously, this time the trade unions went on strike only partially and only for three months.

Apparently, after this victory, the current president considered that he has more chances for success, and went ahead. The authorities raised fuel prices citing the need for an environmental transition and compliance with the Paris Climate Agreements. The entire globalist policy of the current government aims at a serious modernization of the country. But the sacrifices and costs of this modernization are borne by the average man in the street, the middle class.

As a result, the most desperate and tired of injustice people decided to revolt. Not all French support violence. Nevertheless, the demands of the "yellow vests" themselves are supported by the majority of citizens.

A huge number of people who drive a car, find themselves in a difficult situation. In France, poorly developed public transport. People, except by car, can not get to work. Plus, all those involved in agriculture work on diesel fuel, and it is more expensive than gasoline.

Ordinary French citizens work, in fact, only for taxes and they have no money for anything else.

Having come to power, the first thing Macron did was give a big present to the oligarchs: he reduced taxes on big fortunes. At the same time, for the French, who live on minimal incomes, taxes have increased - in particular, for gasoline. Oil became cheaper, and the price of gasoline still grew very much. So these riots are a gesture of despair.

Most likely, Macron, having frozen gasoline prices, decided to retreat only for a while.
The French society got a break for half a year, and what will happen next, we'll see. But it is highly doubtful that Macron will stop libby the interests of the rich.

Oilmen have no relation to the increase in gasoline prices in this case. The fact is that the government imposed a tax on gasoline, and from the income received it planned to subsidize green energy. This is a purely political decision, the implementation of absolutely stupid energy plans. Macron is now actively promoting the values ​​of the Paris Agreement and tells everyone that we must fight for the climate. As a result, consumers in France have to pay for what Macron has decided that gasoline is supposedly a very harmful fuel for the planet. And now he is clearly surprised and puzzled by the discontent of the people.