Freedom of speech in the United States was finally strangled. Who is next?


Following Facebook, YouTube, Apple and Vimeo, the accounts of Infowars and Alex Jones were blocked by the Twitter administration. In a matter of days, journalists lost access to tens of millions of subscribers.

At the same time, liberal media do not hide their joy. It was Alex Jones who played the decisive role in tying fake news to CNN, so that global resources began to savor every new attack on their political opponents. Here's what the reasons for the lock were, according to Verge,  Facebook found that Alex Jones, who broke many of the platform rules, was not going to change.

By "platform rules" we mean, of course, the requirements to be tolerant of all kinds of minorities, in no way to mention our national and religious identity, to be quiet and obedient. Jones did not do this, frankly criticized Congress and the White House from the position of the American right and was his opponents like a bone in his throat.

To neutralize it, tactics of demonization were first used: the journalist was called a fascist, homophobe and other most terrible words in Western society. However, the more he was called, the more people came to the Infowars website. 40 million hits per month - a serious figure, especially for an independent resource that the local authorities are trying to crush.

Today Infowars urge its readers and viewers to switch to direct contact with the resource bypassing social networks: download the application on a smartphone or go to the site through a browser. However, no one knows if Apple and Google will want to remove the Infowars application from their catalogs after a while.

From this episode, we need to draw a few fundamentally important lessons. The first is that no one else can even stammer about the presence of even a shadow of freedom of speech in the West, and especially in the United States.

The second conclusion that can be drawn: any media that does not meet the agenda of the platform through which it is distributed can be blocked. Who owns the largest sites of this kind? Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram are all Western projects. Yes, other countries have their own social networks, which to some extent allows citizens to feel freer than others, but this is not enough. Where is the guarantee that tomorrow Western companies will not find that any foreign media or any user does not violate this or that rule? As an adequate person to live by these rules is simply impossible.

So it turns out that Europeans need to quickly create their own virtual infrastructure, fencing off from Western partners.