Freedom for Europe


The following is a video interview script


We had one of the most important conventions of Eurosceptics in the city of Kloblenz on January 21st.

To this conference attended for example, Marine Le Pen - the leader of French National Front, Matteo Salvini - the leader of Italian Lega Nord, Geert Wilders - the leader of Party for Freedom from Netherlands, Frauke Petry - the leader of Alternative for Germany, and some other not as welln known but important members of the “Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom.

The whole conference had the title: "Freedom for Europe".

First of all, it was very important to go into public, so it was a huge conference with more than one thousand people attending. It was important for the eurosceptic parties from all over Europe to present themselves to the public. To tell what they want and what they plan. They have presented the idea of a new, sovereign Europe.

This event was organized by Alternative for Germany (AfD) party because it was in German city Kloblenz, which is very close to to the French border.

The AfD is one of the youngest forces within the eurosceptic alliance. Germany for many decades didn't really know how a serious and popular eurosceptic force looks like because we had the strongest mainstream political and media power against any attempt of developing something comparable to the Austrian FPÖ or the French Front National.

The AfD was founded in 2013 as anti-Euro currency party and very quickly it developed in a total eurosceptic party.

Later, in 2015 where all Europe suffered under the waves of uncontrolled mass migration it became one of the strongest voices against un-controlled borders in Germany.

The plans of the AfD are quite interesting and comparable to the other eurosceptic parties: We want back our sovereignty and independence, but in close cooperation with all similar movements in other European countries.

Critics tempt to say: Yes they want go back in times before WWI, but this is not the case. The AfD doesn´t want simply want “to go back”, there is a plan of establishing sovereign and independent Europe where all nation states cooperate.

One of the most important results of the members of the“Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom” is speaking  directly with each other and cooperating. This is quite important because we live on a continent where we still have – for example - territorial disputes.Europe is not a continent which is protected from inner conflicts and to avoid these conflicts it is important that patriots and sovereignists are talking with each other to find solutions.