France ready to let migrants and pedophiles teach children sex education


France is preparing legislation that will allow reducing the age of sexual consent to 13 years. Perverts, ultra-liberals, and Islamists rub their hands and continue pushing it forward.

French children are going to be deprived of childhood and can be traumatized from young years and for the rest of their lives. To do this, their "sex education" will be taught by pedophiles and migrants, who are mainly from Muslim countries, where children's marriages are usually practiced. This example clearly shows both interests match each other: the interests of the gender supporters who are obsessed with "modern European values" and those who stick to the wildest customs and medieval traditions in Europe. They still exist in the countries of Asia and Africa, whose population as "refugees" is gradually moving to Europe. It is happening for a reason.The organizers of sanctions want to carry out an unprecedented experiment and replace people who are accustomed to a good life. And all this will be done in the interests of supranational elite and money bags. The next step will be the creation of a totalitarian state under a new savage, who will completely abolish all democracy and freedom for the sake of security and the fight against terrorism and lower sharply the standard of living, which will lead, in fact, to the creation of two races of people. One race is rich-long-livers and the other race is a biomass of people who eat GMO-food and follow a defective lifestyle.  There will be an ethnic mixture of "old" and "new" Europeans who are deprived of culture and traditions. But these are prospects and a "bright goal” which still needs to be reached.

Therefore, everything that will be written below should be considered from this perspective. This is not the insanity and boundless naivety of Europeans who have been fulfilled with liberal and humanistic values and who have lost at the same time a sense of self-preservation. It is, on the contrary, a sober, but at the same time, Satanic calculation of the builders of a new Tower of Babel: savages and "scums" of modern society must finally destroy modernity for the sake of the triumph of postmodernity and the end of history. Religious people understand what is at stake ...

Legal sexual assault

So, according to The Local,  France is preparing legislation that will allow having sex with children, starting at the age of 13. The child molestation is masked by arguments about the "age of sexual consent" that is regrettably low in France today  - only 15 years. Talks about lowering it to 13 started after another resonant case: when the French court did not find a 28-year-old man guilty of raping an 11-year-old girl and blamed her for what had happened to her. This case is similar the case of Berlin's Lisa, in which the German authorities are still blaming ... Russia. French prosecutors also decided that there was no rape, that the child himself voluntarily agreed for  sexual intercourse since she was not against "learning to kiss." The girl's parents and her lawyers demanded that the man, who abused a stupid child, must be found guilty of rape,  and explained that the victim was "paralyzed" by fear and "unable to protect herself," but it was in vain. The assailant was charged under a very soft article, which inspired for new "attempts." Under the current French law, the charges of rape are raised only if the court can prove that sexual contact took place without mutual consent.

According to the law, which is under preparation now, the child molestation will become, in fact, legal, any sexual contact with a person under the age of 13 will be considered a crime. How long will it last? Apparently, not too long.

What are we dealing with? At first glance, it seems, and this is a real return to the Middle Ages when life expectancy was low due to diseases and epidemics, devastating wars and marriages were really early, at the age of 13. This age was about the middle of life. It was necessary to have time to give birth and bring children to the age when they can do without their parents. And what is 13-years old today? Especially, in the countries of Western Europe? 13-years olds are children who look older than their own, who use ready products, who will learn how to earn a living not very soon and who do not know how to do anything. But this is the ideal age for globalists to make a type of children that they need.

Not only pedophiles

Only efforts of some perverts and pedophiles will clearly not be enough. The whole system is working on the child sexual abuse in the West now. In many German kindergartens, special rooms have been created where children of both sexes can privately study each other's genital organs. In schools in France and in a number of other Western European countries, there are lessons which explain children -often without the awareness of their parents - the values of LGBT people, suggest thinking about their gender and orientation. Young French people aged 5 to 7 years old are offered to read the book "Dad wears a dress," movies about girls who want to become boys, like "Tomboy," and vice versa.

In order to "fighting against stereotypes," French schools offer  children aged 6 to 10 years to discuss the book "The Penguin has Two Dads." The aim is to teach children to use consciously the words "homosexual", "homosexuality", "gay" and convince them that this is normal and even welcomed, as it is necessary for "prevention of homophobia". This means adherence to traditional values and the natural identification of children with one of two sexes. There is no supposedly any difference between normal people, homosexuals, transsexuals and transgender people.

The governmental stated that "the goal of modern morality is to pull out a child from the family, ethics, social, intellectual life, to allow each student to emancipate," and education must "pull a child out from social and religious certainty", prevent the child from feeling that he's a boy or a girl,  discredit the idea of a healthy "classical" family, created by a man and a woman, husband and wife, who have different roles, but which complement harmoniously each other. To destroy the old world, in France and Germany, schools arrange periodically events when teachers force boys to come to classes in skirts and makeup lipstick, and girls to draw a mustache. Teachers themselves provide an appropriate example. The officially proclaimed goal of this craziness is ... to combat discrimination against women and for gender equality.

Migrants as a shot from the rear

To demoralize completely  Europeans, to deprive them of their will to resist,  they use artificial illegal migration.  The representatives of social jihad in Europe are required to impose alien customs and traditions on Europeans, and also to provide the EU countries with a workforce, because "modern European values" have very bad effect on the birth rate. The wild customs that are imposed by the "refugees" are aimed to ensure Europeans to adopt  new "values": to become an asexual being, which can be even better than to die from early childbirth as a young wife of a 70-year-old man with a harem.

Therefore, the 13-year-old ceiling sexual consent, which they want to introduce in France, is not a "bottom" at all, but much more ... an attempt to save young French women from an even more terrible fate. "Refugees" from the countries of Black Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other wonderful places where women bloom early and fade quickly from a difficult and hopeless life, already consider six-year-old girls suitable for their sexual needs.
The most interesting thing is that many scoundrels are not even condemned but justified by saying that we did not provide them with a normal satisfaction of sexual needs; our authorities are preventing the reunification of migrant families, that's why this is happening. We do not give them money for vacation and visiting their relatives in their homeland  before they can be granted "asylum" ( but these people ran away from there because they were threatened with reprisal from the mythical terrorists, " brutal tyrant Assad", and where they lost allegedly everything - killed relatives, houses, etc.).

Globalists and migrants use each other

Economic migrants from Muslim countries make excellent use of the "moral and moral changes"  that are happening in the Western Europe. German media likes to write, for example, about a Syrian deserter named Gazi, who illegally settled in Germany, having various benefits amounted almost 30 thousand euros a month. This amount of money is given to his four wives and a minimum of 23 children. Formally not recognizing polygamy and Muslim laws, the German state considers the Syrian wives to be single mothers and pays them generous allowances for children that go to Gazi's pocket. Of course, he does not work anywhere but complains that wives live in different cities and he has to travel all over Germany. Why should such a person work? Let the German taxpayers work hard and be convinced that they do not have the money to have at least one child. And some people are in the process of sex change. Many are not sure whether he's a boy or a girl, or a "third gender" and, probably, will never be able to have children.

The authorities are well aware of what is happening, but nothing has been done so far because the situation has not achieved its climax. Brussels declares officially that they need still millions of migrants, maybe,  they think it will not be possible to create a "mixed-Negro race similar in appearance to the ancient Egyptians", which ideologue Count Nikolaus Kudenhove-Kalergi dreamed of. Look at modern French and German students, and you will see how far the leading countries of Europe have advanced along this path. The hopes that some Ukrainians can replace Arabs and Africans are illusory, as they only strengthen what should quickly disappear. Only Poland and some other counties still consider differently, but these countries do not have a strong voice in the EU.

What should ordinary Europeans, love their countries, who do not want to forget their traditional values and reject inhuman experiments on their children, do in this situation? Fight. How? It should be much clearer at the place.