France in Migration Paralysis


France is proceeding with the dismantling of the migrant camp in Calais.  The operation of resettling refugees began on Monday, October 24th. The government is planning to settle natives from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East in migratory centers in different French cities.

However, the French have not been pleased with the distribution of migrants from the Calais “Jungle”. The fear tied to New Year’s Eve sexual assaults in Cologne is still very strong in people’s memory. Moreover, the French who lived in the region of Calais have experienced the real aggressive attitude of so-called “refugees” in the form of theft, assault, and rape...

At the same time, in Paris, thousands of illegal African immigrants have turned some streets into slums, where citizens have become afraid even to go out after nightfall. The situation is especially so in the nineteenth arrondissement of Paris, where, for example, near the Stalingrad metro station, their own “jungles” have been formed.

Right-wing politicians (both the Republicans and representatives of the National Front) are united on the fact that the policies of the current socialist government are incapable of solving the current immigration crisis in the country.

Reactions on social networks

French journalists and politicians have criticized the socialist government's policy towards refugees for a long period of time, particularly on social networks. According to them, it is none other than Hollande who created such conditions in which the balance between the native population and newcomers was crucially disturbed, hence the reason for terrorist attacks...

A journalist from the French TV channel “TV Libertés” wrote the following on his Facebook page: “While politicians welcome migrants with open arms, homeless people die on the streets without receiving any financial support or any aid from the state.”

The channel also published videos from Calais on its page. “Our crew was in Calais on the night of the dismantling of the camp. While leaving, the migrants set the camp on fire. The prefect of the Strait of Calais (the Strait of Dover) region, Fabien Busio, calmly said that ‘among the migrant population there is a tradition of destroying their previous dwellings before leaving.’”  

Just imagine, it is just a tradition to “destroy their previous dwellings”… But the question involuntarily follows: what is the tradition in mass sexual assaults in Cologne?

A video also appeared on the network in which a bus with migrants from Calais arrived in a provincial French city. People from the Assistance to Refugees organization met them with joy and applause. French journalist Boris Le Lay commented on the video in the following way: “Incredible! People applaud migrants arriving from Calais to another French city. They clap for them as if for liberators, despite the fact that these migrants are illegally here on our own, French soil. Not a single French soldier returning from war gets such applause.”

Users also remarked in comments on the post:

Cedric Cpn: “Not a bad bus, much better than those in which French soldiers return from war…”

Anne-Marie Metaireau: “If these poor girls so enthusiastically greeting the immigrants knew what they have in their head, they would not be, of course, сlapping...Oh, time will show everything…”

Bruno Choisy: “Damn! I can’t believe it! Applause for those who are going to destroy French culture and identity…This is the same as welcoming a Trojan horse which will eventually lead to the disappearance of our French people!! Marine Le Pen, save us!”

Eric Vdw: “Poor France!! More than five million unemployed, more than two billion debt, our homeless die, and France ignores them all. And these people are applauding migrants? What weakness of spirit, what naivety…”

Michel Daillet: “Unbelievable ... And when they are being raped and killed, will these people continue to clap? Whom are they applauding? Themselves?”