Finns miss the monarchy


In the Finnish State Museum opened a new exhibition about the Kingdom of Finland. This was reported by the Finnish media ( The masterpiece of the exhibition is a new copy of the crown of the King of Finland.

Few people know that the Finnish Parliament in 1918 decided to create the Kingdom of Finland. The government chose the King - the German Friedrich Karl of Hesse-Kassel (, which as a result of the First World War was forced to abandon the throne.

There is an opinion that the monarchy is in the blood of the Finns. Finns deeply love their Russian emperors, throughout Finland there are monuments to our common emperors and memorial places. It's funny that a new crown for the Finnish king has now been prepared, according to the original sketches. In the old center of Helsinki, on Senate Square, stands a monument to the Emperor Alexander II. There are monuments to Alexander the First in different places of Finland. Alexander the First - the creator of the statehood of Finland.