The Final Battle for Macedonia


It’s not easy to write with emotional distance while being a Macedonian in the middle of the biggest crisis since the declaration of independence in 1991. Macedonia is being attacked frontally (so far politically and by means of hybrid war and special psy-ops) by the dying demons of the the Anglo-American deep swamp state, who are now losing control over the world with each passing day. To be more precise, it should be stressed that attacks have been carried out, less or more intensively, since the beginning of its existence as independent state, 26 years ago, after the destruction of SFR Yugoslavia. 

The Pretext

By projecting Macedonia as a specific kind of frozen conflict or a geopolitical knot, the West has been using it periodically depending on its ongoing tactical geopolitical needs against the incoming new multipolar order by flanking Russia on the Balkans, but also for controlling European stability. It is common knowledge that without a stable Balkans, there will never be a stable Europe. The destiny of the Republic of Macedonia is that it is a kind of double Rimland in a geopolitical sense, first as country on the periphery of Eurasia (the gate of Eurasia, together with Serbia), and second, as a regional Balkan Rimland on which exists huge historical potential for conflicts among Balkans states in cases when they are provoked and manipulated by the West in the manner of the ‘divide et impera’ principle, as history has painfully proven us many times. All of these resulted in the famous Macedonia-Powder-Keg expression.

However, by finally succeeding in earning independence after centuries-long battles, the Macedonian people and state became a potential central point for future Balkan stability, a kind of buffer zone between the neighbors who historically struggled for domination over the region. If someone tries to endanger Macedonia, it will automatically involve others.

Boris Yeltsin was, however, smart enough to see the stabilizing power of a Macedonian independent state concerning Balkan Slavic peoples, so Russia was practically among the first three states that recognized the independence of the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name (Greeks, pushed by the Atlanticists, have taken issue with the right of Macedonia to use its native name) just a short while after the declaration. It was one of his better moves with deeper, accumulative geopolitical influence. Today’s Russia supports Macedonian sovereignty, not only as a crossroad for its pipeline projects, but also as a fundamental element of the future security architecture in Southeastern Europe, thus neutralizing the Atlanticists’ provocations concerning the planetary Rimland, which is a casus belli for attacking the Russian Heartland. Small Macedonia has big importance, obviously. It is a kind of highly sensitive geopolitical nerve. 

The Plot

The transatlantic elite have used the Albanian minority to constantly endanger the country. Albanians didn’t vote in the referendum for independence, they refused to vote on the new constitution, and in 1992 they tried to form the so-called Ilirida autonomy as a pretext for Greater Albania. They caused the conflict in 2001 since which they have been constantly blackmailing the Macedonian state and people with more and more new demands, supposedly for their rights, while in the background there is the clear agenda of Greater Albania and the Albaniazation of Macedonia (and prospectively the whole Balkans inhabited by Slavic peoples) supported by the political West. In 2015, a huge terrorist group from Kosovo (more precisely, from the Bondsteel American base) was imported in Kumanovo with the aim of producing chaos in the country and to support the Western puppet Zoran Zaev’s Social democratic Alliance that intentionally caused the crisis, controlled by the same forces that use Albanians. The Macedonian security forces defeated them quickly.

The crisis was, however, deepened and worsened. What was projected as an exit for Macedonia, i.e. the early elections in December 2016 after the “mediation” of the EU, have now become a new nightmare.

Despite the fact that the ruling conservative VMRO-DPMNE won the elections, the scenario of the mediators was to eliminate the party from power by all means. So, the leaders of Albanian parties were ordered by US Ambassador Jess Baily (an Obama-Soros linked agent) to go to Tirana and, together with the Albanian Prime Minister, the Soros-backed Edi Rama, create the so-called Tirana Platform. In short: the artificial Albaniazation of Macedonia, a final cut in terms of dividing the country, the assimilation of Macedonians and, consequently, provoking an explosive Balkans, i.e. an unstable Europe. This was direct, impudent interference by a foreign state, a brutal provocation. It is useful to know that just a few days before the elections, Obama’s CIA chief John Brennan had an urgent meeting with his client Edi Rama in Tirana. The plot against Macedonia was sealed.

The Resistance

This was unacceptable for Macedonians. Now the Macedonian people are protesting every day on the streets in significant number in relation to the total population. Out of around 2,000,000, from 100,000 – 150,000 are protesting across the country each day. This number will surely rapidly increase in the case of the acceptance of the Tirana platform by Zaev, who is blackmailed to implement it. Unofficially, he has accepted it entirely, but they are now trying to manipulate the public, claiming they won’t change the Constitution, state’s symbols (hymn, flag), and implement practically a binational federation, which means death for Macedonia and the official establishment of Greater Albania.

Actually, it is clear that this time the Macedonian people are ready to fight for their sovereignty and survival by all means. Many Macedonians even believe that war is a good option, as they don’t have anything to lose anymore. A Brima Gallup poll says every third Macedonian (38%) is ready to fight. This seems to be clear to the Albanian minority leaders and to EU bureaucrats as well. And they’re afraid. An uprising by Macedonians hasn’t been calculated into their scenario. They believed that the national spirit was depressed after this long lasting crisis, or even broken after 26 years of pressure (which was one of the main goals), but they badly missed it. Now the main player in the whole process of resolving the crisis is in the hands of Macedonian people. And it looks like it holds firmly this time, for it is about “to be or not to be”.

What is more important for the world to know is that this small Balkan people is this time fighting not only for its country, nation, language, and identity, but for the new multipolar world order as well, keeping the region from falling under the total control of the declining transatlantic elite, Soros-backed politicians and NGO’s, and other swamp-originated forces who use Albanians as tools and cannon fodder.

The real battle is for Europe, which can’t be the same anymore after Brexit and Trump. The British have calculated that the EU doesn’t serves their purposes anymore, plus a future stable Europe would certainly choose Russia as a natural strategic partner. Well, the British Empire has been a provenly subversive agent against European stability for about five centuries, to say the least. Why should we expect something different from them? They simply want to prevent the incoming Russian-American detente and world peace.

There is no other way for a free Balkans and prospective Euro-Russian collaboration than to completely geopolitically defeat this dark politics. The first great victory would be when the Balkans gets rid of the Western backed brutal ethno-fascistic project of Greater Albania. This, altogether with a regional strategic alliance of Balkan (Orthodox) Slavic peoples, could be a bridge to Euro-Russian/Eurasian strategic partnership. Consequently, by supporting the Macedonian struggle, the world supports global peace, stability, and the new potential of multipolarity.

One man once said: Macedonia will save the world! This could be a timeless echo of the last breath of some Macedonian patriot who died during one of the Balkan wars while his people and territory were torn apart. Perhaps. But what is certain is that Macedonians have suffered enough throughout history, and this time they are ready for the final battle.