Fighting with monuments as a symptom of America's suicide


Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio is preparing to demolish the monument to Christopher Columbus, who discovered America in 1492. If the United States begins to destroy monuments to "politically incorrect" presidents, as well as the monuments to the Confederates,  and great seafarers of past epochs, this is suicide.

The left-liberal and globalistic America of minorities -  national and sexual – did not agree with the victory of Donald Trump in the presidential election and decided not to waste time and try to banish the current owner of the White House - either by impeachment or by a cultural revolution. It would be more correct, of course, to say a non-cultural revolution and an anti-historical revolution, too, so as to unite everyone who is dissatisfied with Trump and his political course.

People who organized the cultural revolution in the US are not embarrassed. Although, it is most likely that they simply do not know that any revolution is aimed at radicalization until it does not generate counter-revolution. Revolutionaries can never stop in time. Moreover, as Bismarck pointed out, revolutions were plotted by romantics, but they were carried out by fanatics, and rascals used the results of revolutions, then today only rascals do everything.

Riot against history

This is what we are now watching overseas. Mayors of cities and communities, which are under of the Democrats’ rule, started a war against the monuments to the Confederates - "white"  Americans in the Civil War of 1861-1865. They deliberately ignite racial hate for political purposes and accuse Trump of provoking it with his  "divisive politics." Generals, politicians, soldiers of the Confederate States of America - recognized as a type of American hero - are declared slave-owners, apologists of slavery and racial discrimination (which lasted for the century after the victory of Yankees in the Civil War), enemies of "modern values." The liberal and left media have declared seriously the Confederates as "Nazis", drawing a parallel with Germany. There are still no monuments to Hitler and other figures of his regime. And why do we still tolerate the monuments to the president of the Confederation, Jefferson, to Generals Lee, Jackson and others? Of course, this historical forgery, of course, does not bother anyone.

This is only the beginning

The problem is that this is only the beginning. After all, revolutionaries, as we know, never stop there, they always carry on. Therefore, demolishing the monuments to the heroes of the South was not enough for them - the "founding fathers" of the United States were also convicted of racism: Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The correctness and at the same time the absurdity of these accusations are obvious. The American figures of the eighteenth century were all racists, as they did not consider sincerely African slaves equal to themselves. To reproach them for this from the position of the twenty-first century is simply meaningless, it is impossible to judge people of a completely different era according to laws that they did not recognize. But you need to know about this. And the monuments to the first American presidents and Confederates served as a reminder of what a giant step forward in the realization of human rights has been made since those times.

This is how the vice-president of the USA Michael Pence understands this situation: "I consider it important to remember the past and to strengthen positions on the basis of the progress achieved." On Fox News, he condemned attempts to "wipe out part of our common history simply for the sake of modern political tasks" and stressed that Americans need to "remember their history and not forget about their achievements."

President Trump perfectly understood this: "Now the monuments to General Lee and the" Stone Wall " to Jackson are being demolished, and next week it will be George Washington, and a week later, Thomas Jefferson, a large slave-owner, you should really ask yourself - Where will the end be to this? "

Absurdity without borders

By the way, when Trump pronounced these words about the monuments to  Washington and Jefferson as the next candidate for demolition, there were no talks about demolishing them. But he foresaw the trend. In a couple of days, these figures also got into the "prescription lists". However, we must admit that he did not fully foresee the future, the radicalism of the participants in the cultural revolution and their manipulators.  After a couple of days, new calls arose - demolish the monuments of Christopher Columbus, who discovered the New World. Of course, Europeans traveled to North America before - it was visited by Vikings, whose settlements were found by archaeologists, it was probably visited by Templar ships. the Phoenicians and the Greeks probably traveled to America too. However, Columbus is considered to be a discoverer of America, although it received its name from another Italian merchant and traveler Amerigo Vespucci. Here is another candidate for the extraction from history, because the native population of America did not ask him to open it! After all, the name of Columbus was used to name the District of Columbia, the area around the US capital, which also would be better to be renamed in honor of some Indian leader, or a fighter for the rights of black Martin Luther King, or in honor of some pop star, representing  "modern values." And the same thing deals with the capital of Ohio, Columbus, cities with the same name in other states, a famous university and various educational institutions throughout the country ...

New York shows an example

However, such prospects do not confuse those who firmly decided to turn the Americans into "Johns who do not remember kinship." The mayor of New York, the financial capital of the United States, Bill de Blasio decided to attack immediately the Columbus monument. As the media confirmed, the official representative of the New York City Hall, Ben Sarle, "the Columbus statue is among the monuments that require immediate attention from our side, considering the tremendous concern that it causes." Even before that announcement, it became known that De Blasio had ordered a 90-day check of all the monuments in New York to analyze them for the potential of "inciting hatred."

What the protesters do not understand

Only those hate their history who believe that it cheated them, and who wants to take their revenge for it. And there are quite a few groups that pretend to be victims of it in the United States, although they are not victims anymore. But it's so convenient to blame others and hate everyone and expect "compensation." It is clear that to unite such a contingent under against the past, it is not very difficult, because these people do not even understand that if history is destroyed, then the memory of the "injustices" of the past will disappear  too and it will be impossible to demand for "compensation" in the future.  The future masters of the world on will stick to it and they will economize on "cattle" in every possible way.

It is difficult to say whether the leaders of the American "revolutionaries" understand this. Although, of course, this is well understood by those who have set them up to organize protests. And they are increasingly falling into the rage: the list of "enemies of the people" is constantly growing and is being added not only to world-famous figures but also with those who are not well known but can also be applied to "racism" one day.

Thus, at a rally organized by the City Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito and other prominent New York Democrats, a proposal was made to demolish the monument ... to Dr. James Marion Sims (1813-1883), who is considered the "father of modern gynecology". He is accused of conducting medical experiments on female slaves - he operated on Negro women without anesthesia, tested new methods of treatment on them. And it does not matter that they turned out to be correct, and the methods and tools developed by Sims have been used in medicine so far. Unfortunately, this is the reality in the US. And it is a very dangerous reality.

Most Americans are against, but we do not hear them

All revolutions, including cultural ones, are made by minorities, but not simple minorities: they are organized, well paid, with the = assistance of the ruling class. Monuments are being demolished throughout America. A nationwide cultural riot is being prepared, television and media are full of calls to destroy, demolish, remove new monuments. Meanwhile, according to a poll conducted by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion together with some mass media, 62% of Americans object to demolishing the monuments to the Confederates. And we hardly ever heard their voices.

It is known from psychology that people live not only in the world of images but also in image-traces. When a person loses memory, it means that he not only forgets his life experience, but also the experience of all mankind accumulated over many centuries, since the main value of memory is to update the experience of the past to solve emerging problems. If a person loses memory, this means that he loses his personality - falls into a purely biological, vegetative existence.

Believers believe that a person loses his memory for sins - they are right. And the same thing happens when it comes to nations. If they forget their history, their symbols, their heroes, do not know the events of the past that led to the present, then they are sick and are not capable of anything, are doomed to repeat their history again and make all the old mistakes. The Mondialist circles that are behind the campaign to destroy or falsify the historical memory of Americans, does not care about it: manipulating and managing "Johns who do not remember kinship" is very convenient. They intend to continue to think and decide for the people. But they do not realize at the same time that lying propaganda, which is the demolition of historical monuments, affects not only those at whom it is aimed but also its creators. So America destroys itself, and there is no end to it.