The Fate of Republika Srpska and Federalism


Federalism is a form of government in which federal units want to achieve balance between a certain degree of unity and a certain degree of  dissemblance. These parts are close enough, and want to live in a consolidated state, but they are all very opposed to completely giving up their national traditions and characteristics. Thus, federalism is a very flexible form of state.

Freedom of will and equality are the basic principles of federalism. To function properly, the federation should correspond to the consent of all parties which regulate their relationship through a common Constitution. Federal units want to live in a joint state.

If we apply these basic theoretical assumptions to Bosnia, we can see that there are no real principles of federalism in this entity. In other words, this is an artificial project that was created by an external force. As long as this force operates, there will be this project.

More than twenty years after the Dayton Agreement and with the efforts of the international community, Bosnia and Herzegovina became an "unfinished state" which received international recognition, but suffers from a serious lack of internal political consensus.

This virtually means that the so-called international community expects solutions that have nothing to do with political science or even their “democratic” principles. If the EU respects the basis of its organization, then Bosnia and Herzegovina is far from being able to become a member. However, in the case of Bulgaria and Romania, we have seen that it is not always necessary.

The idea of ​​ Bosnia and Herzegovina becoming a member of the EU aims to form a unitary state. The main goal of this is to reduce the power of Republika Srpska. This US plan is becoming increasingly mindless.

The persistent imposition of their perverted ideals of freedom, equality, and justice is generally counterproductive. Ultimately, this will inevitably lead to conflict.

Terror cannot be the method of the establishment of freedom. Lies will not help in the search for truth. Dictatorship will never be an instrument of democracy.