Expert’s view: the U.S. want to keep playing the geopolitical game so as to impede Russia


According to the Adviser of the Minister of information in Syria, Ali Al-Ahmad, the US want to keep the geopolitical game so as to impede Russia, Syria and everyone who really wants to fight against terrorism. He told about it in his exclusive interview for us.

The most important topic at the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Astana was to ensure security in the continent. Terrorism that prospers in the Middle East has penetrated in all parts of Eurasia. A new challenge that the members of the organization have faced requires an adequate response. According to President Vladimir Putin’s opinion, “it is necessary to strengthen the cooperation of the special services of the state-members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and also the regional anti-terrorist structure.”

Syria has become the main fight spot against international terrorism that is Islamic State, the organization banned in many countries, including in Russia. What is going on in this country? The host of Tsargrad TV, Andrey Afanasyev asked the Adviser of the Minister of information in Syria, Ali Al-Ahmad, this question.

A.A. Mr. Rutskoy, the representative of the military office in Russia, said that the signed agreement on deescalated zones contributed to the ending of the civil war. Do you confirm it?

A.A-A. I confirm it. Although, the meaning “civil war” is far away from what is happening in Syria. But here is a very important moment, and I would like to clarify it and tell that those micro reconciliations that were reached in Syria are very important. Moreover, they let the country come back to a normal life.

A.A. What is the most important now? What is the main task for Damascus?

A.A-A. I think the most important thing is to block a “supply” for terrorism in Syria. To block this supply from Turkey, through Jordan and Saudi Arabia. And, also, Qatar. That’s why, the strong borders in Syria are essential. But we see that as soon as we get it, the US start interfering. The US want to carry on a game, a geopolitical game so as to impede Russia, Syria and everyone who really wants to fight against terrorism. In reality, it is very dangerous to leave spots of terrorism. We should not leave any part of the cancer. Because cancer can progress. Let’s take something to compare. When the US wanted to conquer Iraq, they used thousands of planes and, unfortunately, they managed to conquer the country. That’s why, is the US really want to destroy terrorism, they could have used even more forces. But, it seems that they are just pretending that they want to destroy it.

A.A. Let’s switch from micro politics to macro politics, up to a geopolitical level. It is highly important to discuss a non-stopping scandal around Qatar. The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, signed a law that suggested sending Turkish soldiers to Qatar, according to the news agency Reuters. Moreover, Erdogan approved an agreement between two countries on cooperation in military trainings. It seems that the monarchies of the Gulf led by Saudi Arabia managed to eliminate Qatar from their membership. The TV channel “Press TV” says that Iran sent a first plane with food provision to Qatar. It was announced on June 7 that the government of Qatar was negotiating with Iran and Turkey on food and water supply because of the embargo on food supply used by the states of the Gulf. Iran said that it was ready to export all types of food to Qatar. Eight countries cut ties with Doha because of its more reserved position regarding Iran.

A.A. It looks very interesting. The conflict between Saudi Arabia and Qatar is on the surface. What is more interesting? How Iran and Turkey reacted on it.

A.A-A Iran started supplying food to Qatar because Qatar cannot supply itself, it is a desert. The most part of food came from Saudi Arabia. And as soon as it was blocked, Iran appeared and said: let’s be friends.

A.A. Erdogan is signing an agreement today that says that we will give you our military protection. It means that there is a conflict between Turkey and Saudi Arabia for dominating in a Sunnite world?

A.A-A. Yes, I agree with you. Let’s look at Saudi Arabia when Al-Qaeda was created for fighting against the Soviet Union there were two groups – the wahhabists and the Muslim Brothers. In fact, today, the Muslim Brothers have more influence in Turkey. And the wahhabists have more influence in Saudi Arabia.

A.A. I think the Muslim Brothers are in Qatar rather than in Turkey.

A.A-A. They are in Qatar and in Turkey. Because Erdogan is from the same organization – the Muslim brothers. That’s why, Qatar and Erdogan have always had close relations. Although the US work with both of them.

A.A. It usually happens like this…