in Europe, supporters of traditional values can be equated to terrorists


The Old World is awaiting official statements about allegedly averted attempts at an attempt on the life of French President Macron, Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez and the uncovered conspiracy of the German military

The past week was unexpectedly successful for counterintelligence of the leading European powers - the security forces uncovered two attempts on the heads of state and a whole military coup in Germany. Moreover, the members of the underground in the FRG were (not even an approximate number is reported) officers of the elite formations of the Bundeswehr. According to journalists, the military was preparing to kill middle-class politicians and counted on the support of the indigenous Germans.

European media have already called the attempted terrorists despite the fact that official representatives of the special services have not yet made any meaningful statements. And they didn’t even tell how the organizations that prepared the assassination and the coup d'etat are called.

Fake machine tricks?

A sixty-two-year-old Frenchman was going to kill Emmanuel Macron with a ceramic knife during the meeting of the leaders of the world powers on the occasion of the centenary anniversary of the end of the First World War. And the sixty-three-year-old pensioner from Spain was outraged by the policy of the current Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and asked the participants of one of the online discussions to find out the schedule of the meetings of the politician. After a couple of days, a group of some officers were preparing to carry out a coup in Germany. Based on this information, it is now being assumed in Europe that there are a large number of terrorist cells in different countries whose members want to return traditional values to the continent. At the same time, official representatives of the special services, commenting on this information, do not show evidence, but are limited to personal value judgments “there is no doubt” or “the suspect is the perfect lone wolf.”

However, today it is difficult to immediately figure out what news is fake, and what is not. As for the information from Germany: for a start it is necessary to understand how everything that is published is generally true, and whether this disclosure is not another action of the FRG counterintelligence that has gone out of control, who has recently loved such games. If the information is confirmed, it cannot be excluded that Germany’s global economic competitors could create a group or initiate an investigation. This kind of grouping can be used by anyone. For example, the Kurds living in the country are against the Turks, and vice versa. Modern German society is easily manipulated in the interests of the parties to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Yes, the same Qatar, having its own interests, could well support such a group,

Without official statements it is difficult to evaluate such news.


It is no secret that in Germany, as in many other Western countries, in recent years there have been an increasing number of supporters of traditional European Christian values. The liberal media calls this process radicalization even though the traditionalists do not put forward any radical slogans. In spite of them, extremely liberal groups are being created in the territory of the same FRG, which attack rallies of opponents of the current authorities under the pretext of fighting neo-fascism. And as soon as news appeared in the news, pro-government experts began to talk about an attempt to "fascist revenge."

There have been cases of revealing sympathy to ultra-right views in Germany before, but at the household level. In the army, someone could scrape a swastika on the bed in the barracks, or not so salute. They were immediately dismissed and expelled. For several decades, people who at least indirectly could be seen in sympathy for fascism have not been allowed into the Bundestag. Especially in the elite units.

Following the example of the “treatment” of the German society, which was highly radicalized after the migration crisis, the authorities of France and Spain also began to work on “polarization” - to create a counterbalance, to split their countries into supporters and opponents of the policies being pursued. Push their heads together. And for this, traditionalists seem to be almost revanchist inquisitors.

The situation, of course, is not as acute as it is sometimes attempted to be presented, but this is the very intelligence sign that indicates social distress. The roots of militarism and Nazism are very deeply seated in the same German society. And when the need arises for a political response to the situation of migrants, events can begin to develop very quickly. Social processes are not predicted: sometimes several months are enough for a storm to break out, as was the case in Iran or during the color revolutions.

Rush around

It turns out that the leaders of European countries, understanding that their policies are not supported by the overwhelming majority of citizens, decided to take the lead - to write down their opponents as terrorists. Emmanuel Macron's rating now stands at 25%, Angela Merkel - 18.

Interestingly, murder as a method of political struggle in Europe has not been used for more than 30 years. If earlier, leading politicians from Italy, Greece and even calm Sweden fell under the bullets of opponents, now it is more convenient to fight for power by legal means. This, apparently, was not thought of by those who decided to expose Macron, Merkel and Sanchez as victims of supporters of traditionalism. Probably, because all three leaders are considered to be appointees of a certain American political grouping, which in their country is engaged in a fierce fight against Trump, and millions of “processed” terrorists from the Middle East and Asia are brought to Europe.

If the hype is created, it means that someone needs it. Many nationalist and right-wing forces in Europe, despite the official position, have long become “tame”. When needed, they are used as horror stories or as a force uniting supporters of cleansing Europe from refugees.

On the way to Afghanistan

Charges of terrorism are not so much a blow to political forces as to a simple German, Spaniard or Frenchman, who disagree with the fact that they were made second-rate people. Europeans are noticeably tired of the fact that they are governed by freaks, bribe takers and puppets. The ultra-liberal bloc of the American political system, which stands behind almost all the heads of European states, is wary and is trying with all its might to prevent the emergence of its own Trump in the EU. If real countries, rather than sham traditionalists, who are ready to fight for their principles, will rule in European countries, this could lead to the collapse of the entire global liberal project