Europe has been deliberately polarized and plunged into fear


Over the last two years, Europe has become polarized and the population is being terrorized. We have a war in Syria being fed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and predominately by Obama’s Washington. If it weren’t for this war, we wouldn’t have the displacement of millions of Syrian refugees unleashed upon the European Union.

But the source of the refugees has never been discussed in Europe. The Anglo-Americans threw their arms open in the spring of 2015 and said “We welcome all of you” and ordered the immigration ministry of Germany to drop any screening of potential terrorists or anyone, regardless of legitimate concerns. Now we have 1.1 million refugees coming from all over the world.

Facebook advertisements said: “Germany is a wealthier paradise. Come in! Once you get here, you can bring your family in and all your relatives, and you’ll never have to work again because they (Germans) have a lot of money”.

Therefore, the real target was Germany. And what has been done is the polarizing of the population of the entire European Union. Germans and many Europeans, especially women, are afraid to walk in the streets alone at night. Neighborhoods that used to be completely safe are now dangerous.

It’s like mixing oil and water, because these are such radically different cultures. Now it turns out that most of the refugees accepted by Germany are illiterate, they can’t read or write Arabic, and most of them are single males between the ages of 18 and 26. You can be sure that there was no screening among them and that there are hundreds of Al-Qaeda-trained or Jihadist-trained terrorists that are detonating terrorist attacks across Europe.

All of this is creating fear. This is a NATO operation. Because if you put people in fear, you can manipulate them to do almost anything. Like after 9/11, the American public was manipulated out of fear of terrorist attacks to give up the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution and to accept something called the Patriot Act, which has nothing to do with patriotism, and the Homeland Security Act, which created a massive police state operation out of the government.

Therefore, this is what some circles are trying to do. They want to prevent peaceful cooperation between Western European industry and Russia or the Eurasian Economic Union at all costs. This is the reason why Washington made the coup in 2014 in Ukraine - to literally drive a wedge between Russia and Western Europe.

The aim of driving this wedge was purely geopolitical. The US’ foreign policy for the past century has been to prevent an alliance between Germany and Russia. Why? Because with German industrial excellence, Russian science, and the Russian people’s qualities and resources, you could create a geopolitical association that could simply slam the door on the United States.

The Wolfowitz doctrine essentially says that US policy is to prevent any hegemonic rival power or powerful group of countries from rivaling the United States.