Europe is falling but is it too late to be saved?


First of all I’d like to talk about  two of the main types of problems Europe is facing before suggesting a few solutions.

The first series of problems Europe is facing are endogenous to our nations.

We are ourselves the primary reason of our own decadence. Our fundamental problem is the decline of our Christian faith. Living in a Christian society doesn’t mean we’re all believers or that we’re all saints. God gives us the liberty to choose, but religion, whether we like it or not, is the link between earth, man and the heavens. It is the compass which has brought our nations to the peak of civilization. By losing our Christian faith we are losing our most valuable treasure which is our true identity. This identity has been forged through centuries of theology, philosophy, science, wars, martyrdom and has enabled us to define our culture and a common set of values. Without this strong identity we are left floating in nothingness, in the void of today’s consumer society because we have lost the compass which is showing us where we are coming from and where we must go. 

The second endogenous reason is that we have fallen in the trap of individualism. As our shared heritage is fading away our nations are being broken down to the individua,l because our enemies have understood that as individuals we are weaker than as nations. Outside of sporting events we have forgotten how to act as a community, a country, a civilization. We are losing the sense of community with its codes, its traditions and its obligations because we are so much obsessed by our own individual lives. We have forgotten how to bond and fight together as a civilization for our civilization. As we are no longer gregariously united by the values which have shaped this great continent we are prone to hostile takeovers and this leads to the second series of fundamental problems we are facing.

This second series of Europe’s major problems are exogenous but directly linked to our endogenous weaknesses. First of all there is overwhelming influence from foreign powers and groups of interest who have taken over our sovereignty. Our economy and politicians are driven by Brussels, Washington, the IMF, Wall Street and multinational corporations whose only interests are shareholders making money. Also, our armies are under the control of the Pentagon and NATO and we wage wars for the interest of the aforementioned shareholders. These groups want to overturn our civilization and build a new society which fits in better with their lucrative objectives for global power. As the Christian faith is diminishing these groups are taking advantage of our weaknesses to establish a liberal political and economic agenda which includes using massive immigration and Islam to accelerate the transformation of our society. The West is waging wars in Muslim countries while at the same time it is encouraging millions of Muslims to come to Europe. Behind the false pretext of humanism, European politicians have implemented an open border policy which is having catastrophic consequences on our civilization. They have initiated a dramatic colonization which is weakening our economies, boosting crime and encroaching Islam into our society. Radical Islam, an ideology alien to our set of values, is gaining frightening momentum and nurturing jihadists in droves. This strategy of the pyromaniac fireman is wreaking havoc in our societies, which gets worse every day. In Germany alone, crime has risen by 32% officially because of immigration. In France, two thirds of prisoners are Muslim. Sweden, England, Austria, Spain, Italy…not one country is spared by rape, burglary, murder, incivilities. Europe has also been plagued with Islamic terrorism in Paris, Nice, Brussels, Madrid, London, Munich etc. Now, I don’t want to be provocative but this violence and terrorism are bad but they really are not the most dangerous aspect of Islam. Actually terrorism in the 1970's and 1980's in Western Europe was much higher than today. Let’s call a spade a spade, the most dangerous part of the Islamic conquest is the progressive takeover of our cities. Our towns are now seeing :

  • Halal butchers
  • New mosques
  • Swimming pools separated for girls and boys
  • Hijabs, niqabs and even burqas
  • Our supermarkets are now selling the Quran
  • TV and radio programs in foreign languages promoting Islam
  • Quranic schools are popping up like mushrooms
  • The President of France, François Hollande, wished a happy Aïd-el-Fitr to Muslims but nothing to Christians for Christmas or Easter

Most of these Muslims, who by the way are essentially men, are absolutely not integrating our civilization. They are insidiously colonizing it. This apparently non-violent evolution of society is, believe me, much more dangerous than the jihadists.

I am saying this because we have already seen the results of such catastrophic short sighted policies by a European government towards Muslims in Tito’s Yugoslavia and I’d like to recall what happened. Tito always wanted to include Albania in Yugoslavia and he did everything he could to appeal to the Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija :

  • He gave them a university using the Albanian language
  • He gave them their own media
  • He let them celebrate the 100th anniversary of Albanian nationalism
  • He allowed them to fly the Albanian flag
  • He closed his eyes when Serbs were being beat up or chased from their homes and churches
  • Life in Yugoslavia’s Kosovo was much better than in Albania. Albanians were flocking to Kosovo in the thousands but, despite Tito’s good will, they never wanted to become Yugoslavs.

Does any of this sound familiar to Western Europeans today ?

The result is that the integration of these Albanians was of course a total failure. Once the Albanian elite understood the power was weak and that they were superior in numbers they accelerated attacks. From rocks they went to guns and mortars. In 1998 there were more than 1885 attacks on Yugoslavs. In 1999, NATO, the military force of the Globalists sided with Albanian terrorists from the KLA and bombed and devastated Serbia. The West invented Kosovo, a new land for Muslim Albanians with no historical meaning and which the UN still doesn’t recognize today. Have these Albanians become model little Americans? Have they adopted western civilization? Of course not. Au contraire, since the NATO attacks the development of Wahhabism has been stunning. 150 churches have been destroyed and 600 mosques have been built with money coming mainly from Saudi Arabia. 200 000 Serbs whose families had survived the Ottoman Empire have fled under Albanian-NATO rule. Kosovo, is today the region of the world which gives the most jihadists to the Islamic State per capita right in front of Bosnia-Herzegovina, another country invented by the Globalists.

These are facts. If someone asks you for a crystal ball to know what the future will look like tell them to look at the history of Kosovo and Metohija. 

Now the description of modern day Europe looks terrible and it truly is yet I think there is room for hope if we do the following.

To counter this massive attack on our civilization I’d like to suggest 4 leverages for the resurrection of our continent. 

1. First of all we must restore the faith 

  • We must renew massively with our Christian spirituality and culture to defend our values, our traditions and our civilization. Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis in their common declaration after their historical meeting in Cuba in February this year declared: « We call upon Christians of Eastern and Western Europe to unite in their shared witness to Christ and the Gospel, so that Europe may preserve its soul, shaped by two thousand years of Christian tradition ».
  • This is possible, in Russia the orthodox Church is on the rise and in the past 6 years it has built 6,000 new churches and gained 10,000 new clergy members. This is simply impressive.

2. We must use force intelligently, not violence but force

  • We have to develop the cardinal virtue of fortitude, force, the mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger, or temptation and we must do this courageously if we want to build a new elite. We have to petition, boycott brands, demonstrate, stop giving our money to those who are against us and even start building our own networks for commerce, schools, arts not outside of society but right there in the middle.

3. Thirdly we must win the information war

  • To get our message through we must develop all means of communication: Internet, Internet TVs, radio stations, videos but also books, comic strips, theater, conferences, video games or movies. We have the tools today to do this, we have the talent we now need to be organized to produce, broadcast and distribute massively. I’d like to recall that Gramsci has underlined that the superstructure, that is the relationship between what is intellectual and cultural can supersede the infrastructure that which is purely economic. We can not oust the Globalists without a cultural dynamic.

4. Last but not least we must make babies, lots of babies and give them excellent education.

  • Because no war can be won without warriors and because we need our own youth to defend our civilization and bring new energy to our cultural vibrancy.

So, to conclude, is this the end? Are we in the last days of Rome before the Barbarians? No, Europe’s already been invaded by the Huns, the Moors, the Ottomans. We suffered from the French revolution and 2 World Wars. We have overcome these catastrophic situations thanks to our Christian faith in Poitiers, in Lepanto, in Covadonga, in Kosovo, in Vienna. Let us not forget that the first time the word Europe was used in history to name our continent was precisely at the battle of Poitiers in 732 to identify the Christian side. We will survive if we act quickly. The prominent position Russia has taken once again on the international scene, the UK vote on Brexit, the recent US presidential elections and the consequences that this could have on the Grand Chessboard of the world show us that things are changing in radical dimensions. Francis Fukuyama was totally wrong: this is not the end of history. Now it’s up to us, Europeans, to take our destiny into our own hands, revive our Christian values take the power back. Like the hare in the fable of La Fontaine the global elite thought they had the race won, but right now they are totally restless and panicked. Now is the time to take our countries back and if we do this, I can’t resist paraphrasing the Donald but I promise you, If we do this We will MEGA : We will Make Europe Great again.