EU, Russia and China should work together to fight Western hegemony



Let's be clear, the Russian bloc wants a quick victory in Syria when the west with their regional partners like Saudi-Turkey wants to prolong the war in order to implement their global and regional blueprint of triple containment policy.

The triple containment policy

Many western pundits admit that the US already has a double containment policy to contain China and Russia from militarily, culturally and economically. Interestingly, their double containment policy is unfolding as the triple containment policy by disintegrating a powerful regional bloc, European Union.

It is pretty assumable that the western political elites knew very well from the beginning that Russia and China containment policy also has enormous potentiality of containing the EU as well. In other words, a disintegrated European union also can put certain security and economic threat for Russia and China.

Soviet Union was disintegrated before EU formation, and after the formation of EU, the post-soviet Russia has become stronger in practicing capitalism. If the EU existed before the fall of Soviet Union, soviet would never be disintegrated. It is true that EU appears a shield and a field of opportunity for post-soviet Russian security and economy, though US has significant influence in EU.

On the other hand, Russia, China and Europe have their own geopolitical interest as well as conflicts of interest in Asia and Europe. There have been several tensions over the influence over Eastern Europe between EU and Russia though most of the tensions are US generated. China wants to build the Silk Route to connect Europe and Asia, which creates sufficient burden on the western policy regarding the Middle East.  Although Russia and China appear as the alternative bloc, there had been a seven-month border war between two countries in 1969. The US, as an exceptionalist global superpower can easily play with all three parties with ultra-imperialist global monetary and military systems where US diplomacy with an enormous media establishment, legitimates all of their actions.

Three phases of colonialism

The Readers must remember that it was European civilization that injected a series of bloodthirsty and everlasting divisions in Middle East by imperialistic ambitions of looting a lesser advance civilization.  As an advanced civilization the Europeans used all their updated tools of exploitation from diplomacy, economy to military oppression in the Middle East. During WW1, with the so-called Sykes Picot agreement, the Middle East fell into a fathomless trap of western civilization. Since then the colonial Middle East entered into arena of neo-colonial Middle East. After WW2, A large part of the Middle East (e.g. Saudi, Qatar, and Turkey) had been starting to emerge as an ultra-colonial zone of the US-led west.  And a small part (e.g. Syria, Libya, and Iraq) of it had been maintaining a neo-colonial relationship with the Soviet Union. After the Soviet fall in early nineties, the Ultra-colonial zone of the Middle East rushed to reclaim the regional political influence with the massive military help by the US led west. As a result the US invaded Iraq and gave a clear message to the region that it was the only operational global superpower.  The soviet fall made the west appeared more aggressive in implementing its Middle East policy. But after 2003 war on Iraq, when their Iraq program was very silently hacked by two regional powers, Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia, the west felt frustrated and started its Arab spring policy to destroy their previous program by creating sufficient chaos in Iraq and Syria. 

Conflicts between global powers

On the other hand, Russia considers that it has a major stake in Middle East, since Soviet had some neo-colonial states in the Middle East. Fueled with Ukraine crisis at its border, Russia started military action in Syria to redefine their image as a global superpower and to earn respect from the west. The west fears this superpower image of Russia. That Russian image has historical efficiency to halt the unbound western geopolitical advances. To avoid that image the West rushed into the war in the Middle East in 90s and in this new millennium, but they could not accomplish their job done due to the latest global structural crisis that had been taking place since 2008. There are arguments that the Chinese economic growth is one of the main elements that created such global deep recession.  Interestingly, when the exceptionalist superpower had been continuously failing to solve the structural crisis, it created an emptiness of confidence in dealing such a catastrophic issue. A lack of confidence to solve a structural crisis also created alternative voices like Russia and China that propose the solution of a new multi-polar world order by deducting the west and its power of influences. To counter the triple containment policy, China had been keeping a substantial pressure and control on the western bloc and on the other hand Russia is now showing their new edge military technologies in the war against the proxy forces of west backed terrorists in Syria. Russia also envisioned couple of international and regional bloc to counter western approach. Eurasian union is one of them centering Moscow. The Eurasian Union program also has aimed to connect with the Chinese Silk Route or the One Belt One Road Project. It is well known by the all parties that the Chinese envision OBOR project or the Russian envisioned Eurasian Union project both could be defused if wars of the Middle East gradually enters into the Europe.

The next stage

The west doesn't want China to sit on the sideline of the Middle East chessboard. It wants China to participate in this conflict. If Russian bloc wins in Syrian war, it will completely change the game of Middle East. The win will cut off substantial influence of the regional actors like Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and eventually those countries will be disintegrated by sectarian divisions. So, ultimately Chinese-Russian conflict of interest in the Middle East can sufficiently put a bar in Russian influence in the Middle East. If the present regional actors fail to trap Russia into a quagmire of a prolonged war-which will eventually bring economic and security catastrophe in Russia, the west will try to force China to engage into claiming stakes of Middle East. To confront such possible situation of friends turned foe, Russia and China should pump up their diplomatic activities for strong mutual understanding and future commitments regarding Middle East stakes.

Role of Refugee crisis into triple containment policy

It is a historical fact that war creates refugees. The world knows it well. During the WW2 many Europeans fled from their home to neighboring countries and even to the neighboring continents although they had very poor communication system. But those comparatively poor communication systems could not stop Europeans to flee from their home to far continents.

However, in present days, the west led by US, took the chance to engineer the reversal of that refugee issue so that people of a chaotic Middle East could flee to Europe and put sufficient weight on European social fabric. With such influx, Europe will fall into pieces. To overcome the present global structural crisis and to contain Europe, China and Russia, the US took the option of dismantling Europe since it is much vulnerable to be disintegrated than Russia or China.

There is another interesting fact that the Refugee crisis is a crisis for the Europe, but not really a crisis for Turkey. The European refugee crisis came to Turkey as a blessing from the US to operate and regulate on Turkish necessity. Now, EU is completely dependent on Turkey for its security regarding the influx of refugees.


The ever-unfolding chaos of Middle East paves the ways for the retreating western hegemony to control events remotely behind the curtain. The west is in an advance position to a macro level since it has a strong geopolitical setup than the others. But in micro level they are losing ground rapidly in world's geopolitical atmosphere. It is also high time for European Union to recognize their real friends and foes.  A friend will never push you towards existential crisis. On the other hand, the Europe should consider Russia as good neighbor. It is a demand of time for Europeans, Russians and Chinese to solve the present crisis, which is taking places throughout the war belt. It will be wiser if those parties can dissolve the mistrusts against each other and fight a common enemy to deliver peace to its own people. Otherwise, the war belt will be expanded day after day to destroy several organic civilizations.