EU: the greatest hell for Finland


I think that president Putin’s visit to Finland aimed at strengthening Russian-Finland relations. In this aspect, the visit was very important and successful. Also, Vladimir Putin wanted to visit Finland before the upcoming Warsaw summit. In the same way, it is a good time right after the Brexit. Mr. Putin was very open and clear during the press conference. He stated that Russia expects Finland to be neutral – that is the basis of our relationship.

The visit created a positive atmosphere in Finland. Ordinary people in Finland feel more secure now. Finland is never going to join NATO, because it is the biggest security threat. However, Finland is playing dirty games. It should never have started any cooperation with NATO. But unfortunately, we had totally rejected the philosophy of President Kekkonen, which was to keep a neutral international position. Finland had started to change this, by rejecting the Paris Peace Agreements.

After joining the EU, Finland stopped being neutral, and stayed away from military associations. Joining the EU was a stupid decision, as we can see now. The United Kingdom already wants to jump out from this sinking boat. We never had any great benefits from this union, but we don’t have any clever leadership at the moment, we are stocked. All of the EU's happiness is a great illusion. Generally, the Media makes the EU look like a heaven and draws NATO as a gate to that heaven. However, in reality most of the people would like to jump out.

Television and the press washes our brains. We are suffering. We should jump out just like Britain. The EU is a false system and the greatest hell. It’s a kind of slavery where we are now.

Jali Raita is a former Finnish diplomat and geopolitical analyst