Erdogan demands billions of euros from Europe, threatening to release crowds of refugees


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened the European Union that he will open the doors to Europe for at least a million refugees if his country does not receive further financial support from Brussels for their needs, and from the United States consent to create an extensive “security zone” in Syria to move from there of their country, part of the Syrian refugees who ended up in it. That is, in fact, to annex under this pretext part of Syrian territory in order to protect Turkey from Kurdish rebels.

Erdogan’s statement indirectly hits Russia: now Europeans will have an additional reason to demand Moscow to stop the Syrian offensive in Idlib so that new flows of refugees will not rush to Turkey, which will then move to Europe.

What did Erdogan say?

Speaking to members of the ruling party in Ankara, the Turkish president threatened Brussels to "open the gate" to Europe for refugees from Syria if Ankara does not receive international support in resolving the problem of their placement, both financially and territorially - at 30-40- th "security zone" along the border with Syria on its territory.

The Turkish leader cautioned Washington, too, that Turkey would be “forced to open its doors” to Europe for at least a million refugees if the EU did not provide further financial assistance to his country, and the creation of a “security zone” agreed with the US would fail. The Turkish president made it clear that this will be so if she does not appear by the end of September.

According to Erdogan, Turkey’s goal is to move at least a million Syrians from the southern regions of the country to the “security zone” in Syria, when the Syrian offensive in Idlib will lead to the emergence of new refugees in Turkey.

What does this mean?

Accordingly, if “no less”, and, most likely, more than a million Syrians cannot be returned to Syria, they will have a direct road to Europe. In 2015, Turkey was able to successfully logistically ensure a massive "dump" into Europe through the Aegean Sea of ​​the accumulated real and imaginary refugees in the country, a million of which settled in Germany alone. This operation destabilized Germany and other European countries, changed their political landscapes and doomed to enormous expenses. First of all, the reception and maintenance of the incapable and unwilling to integrate several million illegal immigrants, to whom no less than the number of their family members will soon join legally. Germany, for example, now spends several tens of billions of euros annually on the maintenance of "their" illegal migrants.

However, something fell into Turkey. In 2016, Ankara and Brussels reached an agreement on illegal migrants traveling from Turkey to the EU countries. The agreement, which made it difficult for refugees to enter the EU, entered into force on March 20, 2016. In particular, it provides for the return to Turkish territory of all illegal migrants who arrived in Greece from Turkey after a certain period. Rather, the exchange of each returned in this way was illegal for one Syrian refugee already in Turkey. In response to measures to curb illegal migration routes through Turkey to the EU, which the Turkish authorities should have taken as they had before, Brussels promised to pay Ankara six billion euros for projects for refugees in the fields of education, health, infrastructure, and also housing. In his speech yesterday, Erdogan claimed that Turkey received “only” three billion euros from this amount, while she herself allegedly spent $ 40 billion on the needs of migrants.

It is clear that this colossal figure has been inflated, and that the Turks pocketed more than they spent on some refugees from Syria, which they consider to be their non-prodigy and handicapped province. But it shows the size of Turkish appetites, gives an idea of what kind of "tribute" Erdogan intends to receive from the EU simply for the Turkish state to fulfill its usual functions of protecting the borders.

What is coming?

The agreement between Ankara and Brussels on refugees is increasingly slipping on both sides, somehow being implemented, but is about to fall apart, which Erdogan warned about. And in order to take his threats seriously and quickly collect “tribute” in Europe, he had already opened the “door to Europe” for illegal immigrants. In the last week of August, according to the Greek press, more than a dozen boats with 600 migrants arrived in the country along the Aegean Sea. This is the first time that so many refugees have so many times entered Greece over the past three years. Moreover, if the sea route was popular with migrants before, now the land route is also no less successful - through the joint and sometimes mined border with Greece in Thrace. The involvement of the Turkish authorities is obvious.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs, the number of illegal migrants trying to illegally cross the border with European countries, that is, also with Bulgaria, increased by 42% between January and August 2019 compared to the same period last year. In the first eight months of this year, about 235 thousand illegal migrants were detained in Turkey, trying to get to Europe.

And now let's imagine what will happen when illegal immigrants completely stop being detained. And we will see the resurrection of the “Balkan Route,” which this time those who want to quickly turn Europe into Eurabia will try to make it more comfortable and faster.

So Erdogan can do it. Although a lot of "living money" he is unlikely to receive. Nevertheless, this or that “tribute” will still be. So the sad past becomes a grim future.