Elections in Spain: Pyrrhic victory of the socialists, the moral victory of the "far-right"


Spanish socialists won the early elections, but they could not easily find allies to create a coalition government, but for the right-wing Vox party, the elections were a triumph and claim for the future

The Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE), Pedro Sanchez, as expected, won the early general parliamentary elections on Sunday, the third in the last few years. According to the Ministry of the Interior, after processing 98.9% of the PSOE’s protocols receive 123 of the 350 seats in the lower house of parliament. The mainstream conservative Popular Party (NP) receives 66 seats. The Center Citizens Party receives 57, the left coalition “By uniting, we can” - 42, the far-right Vox, never represented in parliament in the past, has 24 seats. Even better, this horrendous Spanish liberals and left-wing parties spoke at the simultaneous parliamentary elections of the autonomous community of Valencia. After counting half of the ballots, Vox gets 10 out of 99 seats. For comparison: PSOE - 27, NP - 20.


The electoral triumph of the Vox party is a great bid for May 26, when the elections to the European Parliament, regional and municipal elections will be held in Spain. The Vox Party appeared on the political arena of the country in 2013. It is a contemporary and ideological counterpart of the second and third place, “Alternatives for Germany” (AdG), which is the most popular in Germany today.

The Spanish extreme right made their first appearance in the 2014 European elections, but could not get a single seat in the European Parliament. Having dramatically increased in recent years due to joining the Vox of the disaffected from the NP, the dramatic events around Catalonia, the growth of migration and terrorist threats, this party achieved major success in the elections in Andalusia in 2018, having held 12 deputies in the regional parliament.

Alas, Vox reinforcement occurs primarily due to the NP, which showed the worst result in recent history at the Sunday elections. This means that the process of sobering and rejecting globalism did not embrace all of Spanish society, but its conservative part. Many Spaniards from this camp are unhappy with the concessions and agreement of the NP. It turned out like in Germany, where the CDU / CSU who had previously voted for the bloc of the once Christian parties, truly right-wing and patriotic voters are taking the side of AdG, which positions and behaves like a genuine national-conservative party. So all this is also a lesson for the NP - imitating the conservatism of right-wing voters cannot be fooled.

What does the future hold?

The leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, does a good face on a bad game, promising to form a pro-European and globalist-oriented government after the elections, promises to win “authoritarianism and regress.

But to make it will be, however, very difficult. The socialists could not get an absolute majority in parliament, so they need political allies to form a cabinet. Such a union has already been proposed to them by the left-wing coalition “Together, we can”, which received 42 seats in parliament. Its leader, Pablo Iglesias, said he was ready to negotiate on the formation of a coalition government. However, even if they bargain, their forces in parliament will not be enough for this. To form a cabinet, the parties within it must have more than 176 mandates in parliament. This means that they will have to look for other partners as well, so it will be quite difficult to reach an agreement.

And the new government, if it can be formed, will not be stable. And it also means that time is working for the Vox and that in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament this party will undoubtedly perform even more successfully, as will the related parties in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and a number of other countries that will succeed in creating a truly conservative, militant faction in this body and begin to seriously influence the policies of Brussels and national governments.

In the program of the Vox party - the abolition of the autonomy of Catalonia, the banning of parties advocating the division of the country, negotiations on the return of Gibraltar, the expulsion of migrants, opposition to "radical feminism." And these annoying questions for conservatives in general will not go anywhere. Left-liberal circles in power, dictated by globalists, due to their own opportunism, ideological whims and stupidity will continue to use Spain as bedding for illegal migration. Through their efforts, the country has in recent years become the main channel for the penetration of "illegal immigrants" into Europe. They will tolerate the disgraces of “asylum seekers” in their own country, for example, seizing other people's houses, feed and water the participants of “social jihad to Europe”, create prerequisites for the growth of terrorism and criminal lawlessness.

They will continue to flirt with Catalan separatism. And not because they share his program. Because globalists and influential circles in Brussels cannot wait to launch the process of regionalization of Europe as soon as possible. They dream of creating more Catalan, Andalusy, Flanders, Picardies, Hessen instead of European national states.

This policy is carried out under the pretext that the national states are too large for a person and too small for humanity, and Europe will be hundreds of regions supposedly a more convenient place to live and at the same time acquire political unity, which is not yet. The calculation is actually done on the fact that the regions will be completely obedient to Brussels. The previous Spanish “populist” government of Mariano Rajoy was not in the wake of Barcelona and Brussels. “Pro-European” Sanchez, who doesn’t feel sorry for his native Spain, has already tried and will try to launch the process of regionalization of Europe in Catalonia, which most Spaniards strongly oppose.

Finally, the socialists will continue to attempt to rewrite the history of the country, and introduce "modern values". And the further they advance along this path, the worse their electoral prospects will be, and the positions of Vox will, on the contrary, be strengthened, despite the inevitable attempts to discredit and split it. When this party will powerfully increase, the rest will try to ignore it, not to let go to the government coalitions, as it already happens with the AdG in the Federal Republic of Germany. However, even in this case, the ruling circles will still be forced one way or another to take into account the opinion of voters for Vox. The Spaniards need to fight For their country and identity, historical and religious traditions, which the European right-wingers are doing more and more successfully.