Dutch deputy committed suicide after being raped by migrants


The Netherlands shuddered from the terrible history. Member of the Hague City Council Willie Dille committed suicide.

On the eve of the tragedy, Dille recorded a farewell video in which she described the motives for her decision:

    I just want the world to know the truth. On March 15, 2017, I was abducted, raped and severely beaten. This was done by a group of Muslims, they wanted me to stop defending my position in the Hague City Council. When they were finished, they asked: "Do you respect Muhammad, do you respect Allah, do you respect Arnud?". And so I realized who was behind this. Arnoud van Doorn, also from the city council, I once fired him, he hates me very much, this is extremely wicked person.

53-year-old Willie Dille was a member of the Freedom Party. This political force comes from the positions of Euroskepticism and healthy Dutch nationalism. But Arnoud van Doorn adheres to opposite views.

Previously, Van Doorn was also a member of the Freedom Party, but sharply shifted to the opposite side. After the rape, the woman did not write a statement to the police, as in modern Europe such episodes descend on the brakes. In addition, she received threats after the incident. Several times on the street, Moroccans approached her, who promised to kill not only Willie herself, but also her four children in case the deputy does not stop criticizing migrants and the aggressive implantation of Muslim principles in the Netherlands.

The Dutch media almost ignored this episode, there are publications in only a few small editions. Obviously, local authorities are doing everything possible to prevent the episode from becoming public. Arnoud van Doorn declared his innocence and said that he intends to take "appropriate legal steps", and the mayor of the city Pauline Krikke simply warmly responded to the deceased and expressed condolences to Dillie's family and friends.

This episode is a vivid example of where the enthusiasm for left-liberal ideas can lead. First, the Dutch were deprived of their own identity - their churches turned into bars, restaurants and even nightclubs. In this country, experiments were conducted with the legalization of drugs, same-sex marriages and so on. Then in Holland began to emerge passionately and aggressive immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa. Unlike the Dutch, they have the same identity, and they began to impose their own order, so successfully that the local party, built on Islamic principles, is headed by an ethnic Dutchman.

To protect the already destroyed values ​​of the indigenous population, a woman stood up, who for a long time fought for the rights of her fellow countrymen in The Hague. But nobody could protect her. And the Hague Tribunal is unlikely to be someone to judge on this case. Let the tragic story of Willie Dille be a bitter lesson to all of us.