Drawing some conclusions after five years of war in Syria


It's a bitter five years that have been endured by the Syrian people as a whole. Those who are either pro-state or in opposition have experienced this war. These two parties are the only ones who love and work for the homeland, of course according to the vision of each party in regards to the country and the leadership of the country. The behavior of each party is dependent on a long time procedure, which was built through the influence of different factors and formats on the concept of each party. Although the concepts of the pro-state party and the opponent’s party are different, there are still many common values between them both, like loving the country and seeing their land as a great land from the point of view of history and culture. Even the fighting against each other has their love for their homeland in common.  

Both parties have given a lot in terms of martyrs, who were put on the sacrificial altar of the homeland, or in terms of the economic burden suffered by the Syrian people, which amounted to a degree that is hard to believe that any other people can endure, or in terms of the psychological burden caused by this war, which changed the peaceful and beautiful reality of co-existence to the contrary. Doubt began to enter into the souls and the hearts, asking about the reality of co-existence.

Here, once again, the Syrian people showed a huge understanding, analyzed the situation, and knew what was meant by co-existence and cohesion between themselves. The Syrian people built a collective consciousness that is aware that what is happening in Syria is a "conspiracy and not a revolution". They knew that what happened in Syria was happening due to the will of the countries that want to destroy Syria. Some are hopeful of the possibility of looting our wealth and the others saw in Syria (Levant) a center, from a historical and cultural point of view, for human values, while these "others" in our region do not have the minimum level of these values and think that money can compensate for these values.

These two parties in Syria were probably, at the beginning of the crisis, in two positions close to each other, especially in terms of objecting to some phenomena of the internal situation that existed in Syria, which President Bashar Assad indicated to them. Perhaps the two parties could have stood in the same position if the course of events in Syria had happened differently. Many from both sides receded after the first months of the crisis, and were content with monitoring and trying to understand what is going on in Syria. This period of retreating and overlooking from both Syrian parties was not long; they discovered that what is happening cannot be described as a "revolution", and those who were carrying weapons cannot be "revolutionaries", as "revolutionaries" do not kill their own people, they do not tear hearts from the chest, they do not destroy their land, and they never do such dirty acts like the ones these "revolutionaries" actually have done.

After five years of war in Syria, the Syrians have discovered that: (these are only a few examples from a more extensive list):

  • Most of the factions that claim to be opposition are either takfiri, belonging to the key founders of the old or new colonial powers such as "ISIS" and "Al-Nusra", or are affiliated with regional countries that support them both financially and logistically.

  • Most of the leaders of the opposition belong to that generation of officials who were involved in the looting of the bounties of this country, and all of them are known.

  • As a result, the so-called "revolution" was a disaster for all the Syrian people from both parties, especially for the popular environment, but not some participants of wars and crises.

  • As a result, the resistance to the international conspiracy against Syria is greater. Despite all that has happened, there is still a homeland, infrastructure can be rebuilt, and the souls have learned that co-existence is the only correct option, which is better than fighting and permanent conflict.

  • A real friend is one who struggled and made sacrifices to keep Syria independent. The Syrian people will never forget their true friends from Russia, Hezbollah, Iran, and China.

  • Policy plays a key role, not religion or caste or creed or race. All of these narrow identities are used by our enemies to tear countries apart.

  • The Syrian state is a state for all people and the Syrian leadership is working in favor of Syria and for the interests of Syria and its people.

  • The Russian state is a global state that holds human values close and works for them, (of course in addition to its interests), and stood by the Syrian people at a very critical point. We have to remember that Syria, without Russian intervention, could have become a failed state like Libya and Somalia. The Syrians will also never forget that the US and its allies, especially Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey are the main catalysts for everything bad that happened in Syria.