Donbass vs. Catalonia


The situation we live in Spain is similar to the color revolutions in Ukraine, but here, first matter to be cleared is the comparison that I consider correct in a political - geopolitical view:

Russia as Spain,
Ukraine as Catalonia,
Crimea/DNR/LNR as non-separatist regions in Catalonia (for example, Valley of Aran).

And the second point, to be very precise and fast. Independentists of Catalonia are the avant-garde of capitalism inside of Spain. They only want to create a second Kosovo in Europe because for example, they proposed to have some naval bases of the NATO (that is, of the USA) in coastal cities of Tarragona and Barcelona. And also they want to be part of European Union.

So, separatists leaders are only a capitalist elite who always wanted more money and power for them. They promoted massive Islamic immigration from North Africa and South Asia because they considered that they would be manipulated in an easy way so that these immigrants became a cheap workforce and new voters of these separatists leaders. And this leader created their supports in Catalonia also in the leftist progressive side, which really is a cultural capitalism, but capitalism anyway, because they also promote massive immigration and multiculturalism which is the cornerstone of capitalism.

Even, if you compare Ukrainian nationalism with Catalonian one, you will have the same picture, changing uniquely the names of cities and countries. Both say the same, both come from capitalist oligarchs. Both labeled Russians/Spanish peoples as inferior, and they labeled themselves as the superior race, "obviously" with superior culture and language and older than Russian/Spanish. The force equivalent to pravi sektor is the leftist separatists from party CUP.

Unfortunately, the Spanish government is also absolutely surrendered in the face of this capitalist/atlantist elite, and I will never support it, but this is not about government is about our Spanish people, and also about future. We need a force from inside and supports from outside to create a serious alternative to this rulers and system. Because of this, is very important to understand completely the current events.

And now, this situation only serves to criticize Russia and to resurrect the European Union, because in massive media, each week we have a strong criticism against Putin and Russia (of course lying, but with a little piece of reality), and public demonstrations are being channelled in an absolute support of European Union. The news here is just like: "Putin supports separatists of Catalonia", "Putin sent a representative of South Ossetia to negotiate with separatists of Catalonia", "Pro-Russian republics in Ukraine made by Putin support separatists of Catalonia"... always blaming Russia and Putin for everything.

I only want to inform you about the situation the best I can, because we are on the same side.

I would like that from Russia, there would be a clear statement about rejection to recognize the independence Catalonia because is leading to a "second Kosovo" in the service of capitalists from Washington and Brussels. And also against a Spanish government surrendered in the face of this same capitalist elite. In general traits, a criticism against the capitalist elite who is performing this political show in which the winners are them, and the losers always are us - the peoples.

So, I hope that this brief email will serve for our common good because the background in Spain-Catalonia is very similar to Russia-Ukraine. They, from their seats in Washington, Brussels or wherever, want that we are confronted each other in order to take advantage of our inner fighting.