Donald Trump has come up with a promising way to stop illegal migration


US President Donald Trump reported that a record large group of illegal migrants from Mexico was detained in El Paso (Texas) - 1,036 people. According to the testimony of the owner of the White House, this is the largest group of "illegal immigrants" in the history, penetrated the territory of the country from Mexico. The American president said he intends to make an "important statement" on this issue in the near future. And he did it, producing the effect of a bombshell.

No hopeless situations

Trump previously did not manage to get anything worthwhile in this direction. The “beautiful high Wall” promised by him on the American-Mexican border stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean (over 3200 km) is practically not built. Something vaguely similar to it appeared only in a few short sections. Because of the sabotage of the Congress and the non-allotment of the required funding for construction by it, enthusiasts are actually engaged, mainly with private funds. Presidential decrees and attempts to use the army to prevent illegal migration are blocked by sympathetic democrats (who see the “illegals” of their future voters and suitable material for reformatting in the necessary spirit of the United States) by the courts.

Border guards can not cope. March 29, Trump threatened to close the border with Mexico, if Mexico does not stop the flow of illegal migration. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, knowing full well that it is impossible to close the border for millions of people legally crossing it, responded arrogantly that he did not intend to enter into polemics with Trump because of his threats. And everything remains the same. From powerlessness to successful intrigues of globalists and capitalist predators interested in cheap labor, hiding behind hypocritical speculations about human rights and humanism, it was fit to fall into despair and start tearing their hair out. However, Trump proved that there are no hopeless situations.

What Trump offered

The US president found a way out and created an interesting international precedent, announcing the introduction of duties on all goods imported from Mexico, so that to stop millions of illegal migrants from this country. Trump said that from June 10 in respect of Mexican goods will begin to act a duty of 5%, which will gradually increase until the flow of illegal migrants from Mexico to our country will not stop. He added that the fees will increase every month and by October 1 they will reach 25% if the problem of illegal immigration is not resolved.

The owner of the White House promised that these measures would be maintained until Mexico achieved a significant reduction in the flow of illegal migrants passing through its territory. Trump intends to resort to the law on the economic powers of the president during the state of emergency, which allows him to impose such duties in respect of Mexico.

On June 10th, the United States will impose a 5% Tariff on all goods coming into our Country from Mexico, until such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico, and into our Country, STOP. The Tariff will gradually increase until the Illegal Immigration problem is remedied,..

After voicing this innovative initiative, the Mexican peso fell to a three-month low. And high-ranking Mexican officials, defiantly and with gloating ignoring the problem of illegal migration, indulging her, quickly gathered for a visit to the United States.

Mexican President Obrador said on Friday night that a delegation led by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard would fly to the US for talks. His deputy, Jesus Sid, said that the introduction of new duties would have "dire consequences."

But will the Mexican leaders dare to voice this threat when they come to the US? Hardly.

Because a very serious threat is actually hanging over Mexico. In this country, hundreds of thousands of cars are assembled every month, aerospace and IT companies are based there, and from there various agricultural products come to the United States. For Mexico’s advanced economies of the G-20, new duties are a terrible threat, while the United States can change its suppliers at a much lower cost. In 2018, the United States purchased $ 346.6 billion worth of products in Mexico.

Therefore, Trump's Mexican colleague quickly changed his tone. Now he asks Trump to "give instructions to his civil servants ... to accept representatives of our government headed by the foreign minister, who will go to Washington tomorrow to reach an agreement advantageous for both countries." According to him, "social problems are not solved by taxes or coercive measures." Meanwhile, according to the data of the Mexican Ministry of Internal Affairs, in the United States only in the first quarter of this year 300,000 people left Mexico.

And everyone knows that it’s not only workers who are ready for any kind of work, but that there are quite a few criminals among the migrants — murderers, drug smugglers, who absolutely don’t intend to work honestly in the United States and view this country as their fodder base, but in the future and the object of creeping colonization. The extremely high crime rate in the USA is in many respects their “merit”.

The problem of illegal migration, declared by the globalists allegedly unsolvable, exists not only in the USA - it exists in Europe and many other countries of the world. And if Trump, who claims that “there are no nations without borders,” succeeds in creating and successfully rolling in the financial-sanctioning mechanism for punishing countries that connive themselves and participate in illegal migration, he will serve the world.