Donald Trump can make Europe great again


The victory of Trump will probably make some great changes in Europe.

Trump gives us great opportunities. I mean that there is a real chance to get rid of globalists dictatorship.

I think that Donald Trump himself is just a businessmen. But it does matter what he symbolizes. Now he gives us a freedom to shape Europe. Now it is a struggle between the people and the liberal elites.

Europeans are tired and want a demise of liberalism and get back social stability. I will give you an example. I’ve been living in Sweden for all my life. In the 50's the social-democrats created  the “People's home” system  - a national state where people take care for each other, poverty was eliminated, leaders were conducting  country in common good, not for themselves.

Working for your yourself is a liberal idea, it is always about the money and profit. That is also why they artificially created this immigration crisis in EU - because they want to break the national states into small weak pieces.

Now, the Swedish idea of  the “People's home”  is gone. The liberals have destroyed it because they couldn’t gain any profit from a country that was self-sufficient. They want to create a great social inequality.

I’ve been travelling to South Africa and seen that great gap between the rich whites and the poor blacks. That is exactly the same situation they are creating in Europe.

We can see  what's happened with Greece - they are taking away everything. And the same thing is going on in Sweden  - everything now is private and owned by the globalists elites. The money goes out from our country.

Russia is familiar with this situation when all of the nation's wealth was taken away. But you have managed to conquer that. That is what Europe must do now.  Trump ‘s victory is giving us this possibility.

Of course, It’s very hard to say what will happen in the future, because now we are having such a big struggle between the elites and the people. We can see the strengthening of Right movements in Germany, France and other European states. Now, I can really imagine the people raising against elites because so many changes are coming in Europe.