"Donald Trump, America’s first independent president "- The Washington Post's licking artists



The Western media was not prepared for Trump's victory. Almost all so-called sources of information, which in fact were the neocon’s propagandistic mouthpieces, were constantly despisingTrump and even prematurely declared Clinton the new president.

But after Donald Trump's victory, all these media had to quickly recover from the shock and to reconsider their angry rhetoric towards the new legitimate president of the USA. The Washington Post is one such publication, which is ready for a 180 degrees turn on Trump.

After a relentless, self-degrading and embarrassingly infantile campaign for Hillary, the Washington Post is now discovering the "good side" of Trump.

At the same time the desperate "American Spring”, launched by Soros and the various Sorosoids, is already evaporating, with the poor, clueless adolescents thrown on the streets to “demonstrate.” Now they are going back home more confused than before.

The fact is that, as noted by insightful observer in Washington, Soros and his international franchise has always been part of the government, a part of the ill-conceived privatizing or “mercenarizing” of US foreign policy and intelligence.  Once things begin to change at the level of leadership, the apparently all-rich and all-powerful Soros apparatus could melt as snow under the sun.

There are other very different deep state instruments emerging now and they are pushing in the opposite direction.  The many sycophants crowding the printed and electronic media are now like super experts, virtuoso-licking specialists who do not know where to lick. They are imploring for a sign, a hint, anything to reorient their extraordinary licking skills.

So, with artists of this caliber, the official  "public opinion" could change very, very fast. The real people changed long ago...