Divided States of America



Lately, we have all heard a lot of baseless speculations about the possibility of the State of California's exit and cessation from the union.

Let me reassure you right here and then that such wild assertions are nothing more than fake news propaganda.

Our State of California alone is the sixth largest economy on earth. We are proud to have a very diverse and multi-cultural population of close to 40 million people, according to the 2015 census.

Our economy is very diverse and we are in a leadership role in many sectors:

We are home to the Hollywood movie industry. We also have a very strong military industrial complex base, especially in San Diego area, home of US Navy's Pacific Fleet. We also have a very strong pharmaceutical sector, not to mention the IT hub of the world, Silicone Valley in San Francisco area.

Furthermore, in the  environmental sector and  green technologies, we are are very innovative and a global leader in the wind, wave, and solar energy.

Having said all this, rest assured there will be no cessation from United States. Yes, we will have even more clout, as we should, since our state contributions to the union are countless. But all the  rumors and false speculations are exactly that: False!