The Deep State is Fueling Hostility towards Russia and Putin to Legitimize Political Upheaval

zio fabio/

The following is from an interview transcript

I think the fact that the mainstream media continues to focus on Russia is partly evidence that the opposition here is really coming from the Deep State, from Democratic operatives and a few people from the Republican Party - they all are dedicated to achieving one end, which is to bring down the Trump Administration. They want to stage a color revolution and overturn the results of the elections. Therefore, they keep on beating the drum: “It’s the Russians, the Russians hacked the CIA.” They don’t have anything else! So, I think, they will use any excuse to keep coming back to that. We are hearing just a lot of speculation.

However, where does this information come from? Is there another Edward Snowden inside the CIA who leaked “Vault 7”? There’s even been speculation that it wasn’t a leak, that it was a Russian hack, that the Russians somehow got all this secured information and gave it to WikiLeaks. It’s the same accusation of what happened with the Democratic National Committee. This is all pure speculation and it is also a diversion to turn away from what American agencies are doing and go back to “the Russians.” because that’s all they have.

It is interesting that recently there was a poll saying that hostility towards Russia among Republicans and conservatives is about 50\50 between a favorable view and unfavorable view. On the other side, among Democrats it is 75% hostile and 25% favorable. Now, we have a situation in this country where the Left is far more anti- Russian than the Right is. I think that’s partly because the anti-Trump attitudes and the anti-Putin attitudes are starting to merge.

Somebody has even said that “Trump’s derangement syndrome” and “Putin’s derangement syndrome” are starting to merge into a single paranoid phenomenon on the part of progressives. Whereas among conservatives there is a tendency among people who may not be particularly pro-Russian to say: ”Well, you know, if all these same people hate Russia and hate Trump so much, maybe this Russian thing is not so real after all.” So, it is having a real impact, I think, on American domestic political attitudes as well.

The situation in the country is that there is no basis for a social revolution; there is a basis, unfortunately, for an unconstitutional changing of power.

Let’s face it, these people out on the streets, the women wearing the pink hats and all these others things – these are George Soros’ useful idiots. They are being mobilized by the Deep State and by the plutocracy towards unconstitutional aims. Of course, there is a certain percentage of people who feel this way, but they are not even close to the majority. If this happens, it will be because elements of the Deep State and the media managed to find some way to cripple the Trump Administration and somehow find some pretext to remove him from power.

Unfortunately, there is a certain percentage – the minority, but still a significant percentage – of Republicans in Congress who will go along with this all and be completely united with the Democrats if they can find the right pretext. That’s what they are trying to do now.

I think one of the focuses of their activities is to find something they can use as an impeachable accusation against Donald Trump. And they will do that as soon as possible before he can get his administration up and running. Let’s remember: out of thousands of positions that he needs to fill in the administration, he only got a few dozen people in there so far. 95% of the officials running his own administration are either career people, which means the Deep State, or holdovers from the Obama administration.