The death of Europe


The death of Europe is not just a metaphor rather it is the crude reality—Europe chose this path a hundred years ago and now is the beginning of the end. Europeans must realize this bitter fact and fear for their decaying identity. At the beginning of the 20th century, famous historian Oswald Spengler realized this: he said “You are dying. I see in you all the characteristic stigma of decay. I can prove to you that your great wealth and your great poverty, your capitalism and your socialism, your wars and your revolutions, your atheism and your ­pessimism and your cynicism, your immorality, your broken-down marriages, your birth-control, that is bleeding you from the bottom and killing you off at the top in your brains—I can prove to you that those were characteristic marks of the dying ages of ancient States—Alexandria and Greece and neurotic Rome.” Now, this question is how to save Europe from this epical decline and decadence across the cultural and civilizational spheres.

According to famous Russian Philosopher Alexander Dugin, Russia must take the mission of saving Europe because Russia is the only cultural power in the great Eurasian Space, which has preserved its Asian and European character as a civilizational entity over the course of a century. The Eurasianists believe that current Europe in the form of the European Union is going through a metamorphosis, which depicts the severe decline across the cultural, social, and political spaces. Hence, in order to defend and reassert its antique cultural and civilizational heritage; Europe needs to redefine itself across the cultural lines.

In this respect, the Eurasianists hold a firm stance against liberal Capitalism because Eurasianist asserts that the ontological and etymological origin of capitalism can be traced to the Anglo-Saxon tradition—the main Atlanticists. Hence, Eurasianism as an ideology is attempting to protect the common cultural and civilizational heritage of Europe from chaos and confusion. This European civilization decay was earlier predicted by the famous philosopher of history Oswald Spengler in his masterpiece “The Decline of the West”.

If we evaluate the dynamics of the current European society; then it becomes clear that Europe in its existing civilizational phase resembles the “death of peoplehood”—the ultimate failure of the western civilization. Hence, the current decaying phase of the European civilization can be understood in three major domains. First, the cultural and civilizational disruption due to the embracement of liberal ideology in its extreme distorted form. Unfortunately, it was the dawn of the 20th century, Europe slowly began losing its antique cultural and civilizational essence that became a “Big Question Mark” over the course of the century.

Second, technology has surpassed the human realm—Superficiality overcame Profundity—in the mainstream European soci0-political and cultural spheres. Nonetheless, technology has caused a huge socio-political and cultural disruption by pushing virtual reality to overcome natural reality. As a result, this asymmetrical technological ascendency marked a Spartan decline in the moral, cultural and societal values of mainstream Europe. At the beginning of the 1980s, famous French philosopher Jean Baudrillard warned the West about the rise of virtual hyper-reality in his famous masterpiece “Simulation and Simulacra”.

According to Baudrillard, the sudden rise of virtual reality will cause massive Simulation in the social spaces that refers to the rise of abstractionism with no true essence. As Baudrillard said, “Simulation is no longer that of the territory, a referential being or substance. It is the generation by models of a real without origin or reality: a hyper-reality”. Hence, if we configure the existing patterns of western society in the 21st century, Simulation is a crude fact and societies are no longer having a civilizational essence.

Third, another major factor that may cause the death of Europe is the rise of post-modern liberal vulgarity. The hyper-individualism in western society has already led to the breakup of family values and in general family structure. Likewise, the gender disruption with the rise of LGBT, LGBTQ, and LGBTI groups clearly signals the commodification of gender. The same concerns were shared by famous Eurasianist Alexy Komov during his address at the anti-Davos Eurasian colloquium held in Moldova in 2018.  Alexy Komov said “I think we have a very dangerous situation in the West today, where we are seeing the destruction of all of our collective identities: national identity, religious identity, gender identity. This is the struggle we are in right now, and in the future, I think we will see the destruction of human identity”. Komov's words are not just a prophecy perhaps these are the rudimentary actuality of our time because the last target of liberal techno-capitalism is to erase human identity—transhumanism is just a trailer.

As a subject of debate, the fact cannot be denied that the asymmetrical expansion of technology and hyper-reality will soon mark the end of Europe across the cultural and civilizational spheres. Famous Russian philosopher and political theorist, Alexander Dugin summed up the ongoing decadence of the liberalism that polluted Europe in these words “After having liberated the individual from the nation, you can move on to gender. Gender is the next step. Because once we are free from nations, the only thing left to be freed from is our sex. Your sex then becomes optional, a question of choice. After that there will be the dissolution of humanity by post-human creatures, a mix of man and post-man will be the last phase of the coherent application of liberalism”. Hence, this calm before the biggest storm must not be ignored because Europe has become soulless and it is dying by swallowing its own soul. Only the conservative revolution at the European level can save Europe from this post-modern decadence.