Ok, Hollywood, Schmollywood. Harvey Weinstein, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, the land of the sexually depraved. Whatever you say about Hollywood, whether it’s the font of the social justice warriors, the crucible of the champagne-drinking socialists, or the very territory of Lucifer himself (as portrayed in the wonderful Hollywood series, ‘Lucifer’), it knows how to make money.

And in our Hoppeian city-state wonderland of the future, the ability to make money will still figure.

And Hollywood knows how to make money.

That’s what I like about it.

And when it makes its most money, it always does it in the greatest amount by promoting freedom.

Yes, there are endless pay-the-rent movies about how the CIA has saved the world, the FBI has saved the world, and how the Secret Service has saved this current Pharaoh on Earth, the U.S. President.

But when it really makes money, it always does it by promoting freedom. Even if it fails to realise it.

The greatest franchise to do this has been the ‘Star Wars’ franchise. We have ‘The Empire’ (the state), and we have ‘The Rebels’ (Rothbardian anarcho-capitalists, or at the very least, monarchist minarchists). Han Solo is perhaps the greatest Rothbardian anarcho-capitalist of all time, certainly the most widely travelled, even though his claims on travelling a certain number of Parsecs within a certain number of Parsecs leave a little to be desired.

However, his heart remains definitely in the right place. And he shot first.

Which is why we love him so much. Well, that, and his Wookie compatriot, Chewbacca. And R2-D2 of course. I’ve never really liked C-3PO. He’s far too much of a state-fearing bureaucrat, though he generally comes out on the side of the good guys.


That’s why I’m looking forward so much to the next Star Wars movie. Even though the socialists of Hollywood will be unable to help themselves, they’ll be unable to help themselves promoting freedom.

Because this is what the human heart desires. And so human people will pay to watch movies which promote it.

At an unconscious level, all of us hate being slaves. Which is why such movies gather such huge support, and which is why such movies generate such huge amounts of revenue.

Yes, some of us soft-hearted fools may play with being socialists in the modern world, because of all the propaganda we’ve endured and had to pay nominal lip service too.

But once we are freed of the need to impress our closest networks by how much we love socialist failure, once we are released by the imaginings of a distant galaxy a long time ago, we feel able to let our true feelings emanate.

That’s why we love the Star Wars rebels.

And Neo in the original Matrix movie.

And Frodo up against Sauron.

What are they all rebelling against? The state. Why? Because the state is a gang of criminal slave masters. It always has been and it always will be, so long as we let it continue to exist.

That’s why we hate the Empire. And that’s why we always want the Death Star, or its latest tax-paid-for incarnation, to get blown up.

At an unconscious level, all of us hate paying taxes, we hate being told what to do by bureaucrats, and we hate admitting to ourselves that we have become as a general western society, pathetic meek slaves enthralled to a gang of criminal sociopaths, otherwise known as politicians, and their clever neurolinguistic concoctions, such as ‘we the people’, ‘freedom and democracy’, and other such claptrap.

The mark of a free man in ancient Germanic societies was always the ability to bear weapons. And this still holds true in Star Wars movies. The light saber, to use the atrocious colonial American spelling, is the very sign of a significant person, a Jedi warrior, a free man.

And all of us aspire to be free people.

In our Hoppeian future, we will once again achieve this freedom. Once the E.U. breaks up, and the global socialist elite lose their horrific grip over our lives, we will once again become a world of free people.

And it is in these Hollywood movies that we see this unrealised expression.

Obviously, actors in their generally socialistic anti-capitalistic attitudes will hate this. But the good thing is that they will still keep taking their fantastic salaries to keep promoting the good fight.

While they drink their champagne.

It may be a long road, but the force of freedom will always win.

In the end.

In the meantime, keep the faith. Or send me money.

Whichever works for you.