Death and Fear in Barcelona


After the tragic events in Catalonia, Spain declared a three-day mourning. On Thursday, a minibus drove into a crowd of people in the touristic center of Barcelona - La Rambla street.

13 people were killed, more than 100 injured. Responsibility was assumed by the terrorist organization "Islamic State". Also, the media reported on a police operation in the city of Cambrils in the south of the province. Law enforcers destroyed five suspects and prevented the second attack, which was to follow the attack in Barcelona.

Experts say that the choice of terrorists to attack Barcelona was not accidental. For a long time, Spain was probably considered one of the quietest countries in Europe, attracting numerous tourists from different countries. This factor could also influence the choice of attackers.

Unfortunately, recently the attacks in the Old World have become routine. The same attacks and the same horror in different cities. At the same time, politicians also say the same words over and over again. This time, it was Mariano Rajoy, the Prime Minister of Spain:

"Victims and loved ones are now the main things for us," Rahu stressed, "I want to express Spain's solidarity with Barcelona." Madrid, Paris, Brussels, Nice, London experienced the same pain that Barcelona is now experiencing ... But we also know that terrorism can be defeated with the help of unity, police operations, preventive measures, with the help of international support and with the firm intention to protect the values of our civilization. "

However, it was a voluntary renunciation of its own citizens that has led to Europe's fever. In Spain, the positions of the left-wing liberals are extremely strong, their main stronghold is Catalonia, an economically developed province. Tens of thousands of migrants from Africa and the Middle East have traditionally flocked here. Their comfortable accommodation was facilitated by local legislation and a social system, first of all, imprisoned for the needs of illegal migrants, and not for indigenous people.

The Catalans want to secede from Madrid, but at the same time remain in the EU with its liberal ideology and open borders. So the real number of refugees can not be counted. Many of them just climb over the border fences in the African exclaves of Spain - Ceuta, and Melilla, and from there they move to the continent. Of course, these people are becoming a breeding ground for terror: it has already become known that at least one of the Barcelona attackers was Moroccan.

In other words, the causes of the terrorist attack must be sought in liberalism as a political model. The mantra about "more human rights" ceases to work. The more rights are given to foreign invaders in Europe, the more blood of indigenous Europeans flows on the streets of cities.