Dawn of the New Era of Light and Ether The Birth of Neotraditionalism


The geopolitical reality in the world is triggering the reflection “is the End of the world near?” The realists, rationalists, pragmatics, and atheists do not recognize the signs of the time described by the prophecies in the three big religious systems of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. But, for the knowledgeable eschatologists, the end of the world is prophesied in their religious books; for the Christians it refers to Armageddon (ArMGD), for the Jews to Megiddo(MGD), and for the Muslims the end of the time is called Melhama, but the prince who will be present at that time will be Mah(g)di(MGD). The essence in all three religions is that the tragic end of the world is inevitable as a result of the fight between Good and Evil, when the world will be destroyed. 

Indeed, these beliefs do not discover anything new, because the story about an apocalyptical disappearance of the so-called continent Atlantis is well known. It is said that between 14,000 and 9,000 years B.C., the world was destroyed three times. The found traces prove that a powerful weapon and cataclysmic war actually provoked the apocalypse. Careful study of the geopolitics of that ancient time shows a struggle between two lines, the so-called Sons of Light and the Sons of Dark. In fact, this is an eternal fight reflected also in the modern geopolitical wars. 

From this point of view it is logical why all three main religious systems have the same apocalyptical prophecy, because it has already happened a few times in mankind’s history, and maybe it is a destiny from which people cannot escape. But, while these religions talk about the tragic end of the world, the Veda knowledge system says that the “Time Wheel” cannot be destroyed because it is eternally turning the four big yugas (periods). So, the era of Kali Yuga (Dark Era) as the fourth period in which mankind is living for the last few thousand years will be inevitably replaced by the first Satya or Krita Yuga. "We are presently in an advanced phase of the Kali Yuga”, wrote René Guénon almost 70 years ago, in Crisis of the modern world, saying that unavoidably the new Era of Light is following. The “Time Wheel” is inviolable and nothing and no one can stop the appearance of the New Dawn and the Time of Light (Satya Yuga or Krita Yuga), no matter how horrible the end of the Dark Age will be. 

So, it is not about the end of time, it is only an End of the Kali Yuga – Dark Age and the world based on the values of neoliberalism, which is typical for the Kali Yuga and will be unavoidably replaced by Satya (Light, Holly Era), fulfilled with higher spirituality. That is also prophesied in Corpus Hermeticum, saying that when the world will reach an age of atheism and chaos, then the Supreme God will correct the Evil by efforts of its Will and God’s goodness, returning the world in its primordial state of beauty.    

In short, the human mankind is in the moment of an early dawn – when the Dark is leaving as a result of the first ray of the appearing Sun. This cosmic law is inevitable and nothing can stop the change and the uprising of the Satya Yuga. Satya Yuga, also called Sat Yuga, Krta Yuga or Krita Yuga in Veda, is the “Yuga (Age or Era) of Truth", when humanity is governed by Gods, and every manifestation or work is close to the purest ideal, and humanity will allow intrinsic goodness to rule supreme. The Western scholars referred to this as the “Golden Age”.

In the Slavic languages, as it is in Macedonian, the Vedic (Sanskrit) word “satya” exists as “svat, svatya” meaning exactly “light and holy”. In the Vedic dictionary “satya” is the quality of goodness or purity or knowledge, speaking the truth, sincerity, and veracity. “Krita or krta”, as a synonym for “satya”, means “the time of birth, spiritual birth” (in Slavic and in Macedonian language “ 'rta” means exactly “to appear, to show up, to be born”).  It is interesting that in Vedic, another word for “krita” is magadha (again MGD) relating to or living in the country of Magadha or the people of Magadha. Edward Pococke, an English Orientalist and biblical scholar, traces the name Macedonia to Magadha via Makadonia. He says that Magadha is Megido, it is Armag(k)edon. So, if Krita is same as Satya and Magadha, it means that Makadonia (Macedonia) means Light too. 

This is important to know in order to understand what is really going on now in the geopolitical plan of the world. If we follow the path of the hottest spots in the world created by the West we will notice they attack the places or the countries with the “Light” meaning. On the geopolitical level, their fight against the axis of light occurs against Syria, Macedonia, Ukraine or more precisely Novorossiya, Russia, as well against the Light’s world in Central Asia and in Africa. What do these places have in common? Their names mean Light, and their mind-set values and traditions are connected with this principle.

 The exact meaning of the word Syria in Vedic is Sun or its deity. “Syria” in Slavic is “zoria”, meaning dawn. That is why “Syria is the Arc of Light”, and why for the Dark West it is a “strategic” point to be destroyed. The reasons above are all esoteric, not only economic or political as the pragmatic analysts claim. The same situation is with Macedonia (origin.Makedonija) because it is Makanda or Magadha - deep meaning is Light. Plus, the word Russ in Slavic languages, as well in Macedonian, means a Light one, with light (blond) hair and eyes. 

The Orthodox Christian nations are mostly on this axis, but all Muslim countries that follow traditional Islam and pay tribute to the values of Lightness are also affected. As a result, it becomes clear why the West is conducting asymmetric and hybrid war against all these countries. It becomes also obvious why Macedonia is under Western attack and pressure to change its name in order to become a member of the EU and NATO. To change your own name by yourself is the surest way to forget and lose your proper culture and tradition. The West wants to erase real human history in order to rewrite their own Orwellian history – false and non-existent. That is why the Western alliance bombards and destroys many archaeological sites and important old cities in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere; they are trying to erase real historic evidence.

In order to fulfil their own evil agenda, they want to symbolically “turn off” the Light. They maybe dream that if Syria disappears as a result of its fragmentation, (no state of Syria in existence), if Macedonians change their name and the last piece of an independent Macedonia vanishes, then it will be easier to stage the final attack on the rest of the Lightened ones – the Rus, Russians. They dream that the cosmic law of upcoming Satya Yuga may be stopped and that their Dark Age will govern forever. There is no such possibility because nothing and no one can change the Cosmic Order.  

In this sense it is also very important to clarify what the term Rum means, which Sheikh Imran Hosein uses in his explanation of the Islamic eschatology about the End of the world. He says that in the Kuran, “Rum” refers to Orthodox Christians. In the Ottoman Empire, the Turks named the territory of Macedonia Rumelia and the Macedonians were called Rumeli, because they are Orthodox Christians. The Bible says that Apostle Paul in his dream saw a Macedonian calling him to come to Macedonia and help them. The Bible also says that Lidia Macedonian was the first one who accepted the Apostle Paul’s teaching (51st year B.C.) That is why Macedonia or Rumelia is considered to be a South European cradle of Orthodox Christianity. The real meaning of Rum is the Light one, or “rus” – with light blond hair and eyes. Russians are “rus or Rum”. Russians and Macedonians have the same roots, same religion, and very similar traditions and culture. 

That is why the Kuran prophesies that the traditional Muslims and the Rums will be together in the fight against the Antichrist. They are all Lighten ones, with similar traditions and mind-set values. “Israelite” means the same – the one who come from the Light. They will all unite, the people from every coin of the planet, the Lighten ones will unite and reach higher mental and spiritual spheres. That is why New Jerusalem is painted all in light. It refers to the Sky Jerusalem, it is not the earthy one, it is Sky Jerusalem, or Tsarigrad (City of the Tsar). 

In the new era of Light, Ether, the human mind will elevate into the highest dimension of existence, into the non-dense etheric spheres as an era of Neotraditionalism. Traditionalism means attachment to the most archaic state of the human mind and soul – a being opens towards the Divinity where real freedom and liberty of the human being lies. The Corpus Hermeticus says: In the Universe there are four places subordinated to the non-destroyable laws and governance: the Sky, the Ether, the Air, and the Holy Earth. The Sky belongs to God; the etheric space where the stars are governed by the Big Light – the Sun; the air is filled with the demonic souls governed by the Moon; and on the Earth the people and all other beings are ruled by the one who in a certain moment by the will of God is born as a “Tsar”.  

The binary view of the British geopolitical postulate - the sea and the land principle - are both the same; they are purely materialistic and Euro-Atlantic. The principle of the ground is more stable than the water one, but still it is materialistic - the dense matter principal. This implies that there is no difference between Rome and Cartage from one side and Athens and Sparta from the other. They all belong to the Atlantic or Dark principle. 

In opposition, a Principle of Trinity – the one of the Light, of the Ether, of the Sun is supreme in its purity, above the dense matter or the materialistic world and reality. Because of that the Euro-Asian movement will become universal by its nature and essence, because the “stability” of the ground will be uphill to the Ether. The Light Souls and Sons are everywhere in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, all around the globe, and they will be united. It is the reason why the new “Tsar”, visibly personalized in Vladimir Putin, is helped by all positive forces, not only by Russians, and because the cosmic forces of Light are inevitably holding him by all means.  

The invisible “Wheel of Time” is moving and nothing can stop the Birth of the New Satya (Light) Yuga. Thus, it will not be the End of the world in the Western profane meaning, it will be only be the End of the Dark period above which the Light or the Sun will cometh!