David Rachline: Either Globalists System, or Patriotism with Marin Le Pen

By Daria Platonova&Elionas2/pixabay.com

The people need  the right to  speak out

- Today we are witnessing the worst crisis of the European Union, we can even talk about its collapse. Why did the EU project fail?

- First of all, this is good news. We believe that the EU is an anti-european construction. In 2005, when the people voted against the constitution of the European Union, the French Parliament under the leadership of Nicolas Sarkozy, accepted it against the will of the people!

The EU is a technocratic and undemocratic union. It absolutely does not correspond to the needs of Europeans. The EU forbids us to pursue the policy that we want to pursue in our own country!

- Is there any alternative to the EU?

- Marine Le Pen described everything she plans to do in case of victory: she expects to hold talks with the EU in order to gain our sovereignty - legislative, budgetary, territorial, financial and economic in order to be able to lead a patriotic line in the economy.

If the European Union accepts these points, everything will change. I think,other countries also want changes: Italy, Austria, Holland. If the EU refuses, we will offer a referendum on France's withdrawal from the EU. The opinion of French citizens is important to us. We need to give people the opportunity to speak out.

And if we want to have good relations with other countries, then these relations should be based oh the interaction of free and sovereign states.

The atmosphere on the eve of the election

- France is in a catastrophic situation: how to get out of this crisis?

- First, we need to solve problems within the country. Secondly, to ensure that these problems will not worsen. We must stop immigration.

We need to ensure that French laws are respected. Persons who do not have the right to stay in France should be sent outside France. They can not stay in our country, definitely.

To those who are here - it is necessary to apply the law in the strictest form. They must respect for the laws on the part of the secular state, the equality of men and women - everything that holds France.

In addition, it is necessary to restore territorial sovereignty in order to stop mass migration. The French authorities provide migrants with more comfortable conditions than the French people. They are provided with land, assistance. At the same time, the government never had an idea to transfer its territories and means to its own citizens who are "in a difficult situation".

The French became the "second-class people"

- How did it happen that migrants have more rights than native Frenchmen?

- T he government left our fellow citizens. I saw people who came to my department and requisitioned all important means to give to migrants. So, sometimes one can question the real status of people who "seek political asylum". In fact, the concept of "refugee" has become much broader than before.

The government chose this policy: to make French citizens the second-class people. In our own country! Unbelievable! The French want to achieve their own priority - this is exactly what we are saying in our program. Priority in all areas: social support, habitation, jobs.

- If we look at the headlines of French publications, then we can say that the French press declared the war to Marine Le Pen. What is the reason for "Lepenophobia"?

- Today we are fighting against the system led by influential groups. Media, banks, financiers. They want free trade without borders to make influential people even more powerful, and the French people weaker. Macron is the part of this system and a perfect puppet.

We are struggling with this system, but it is very cruel. Marine Le Pen is free, and this hinders the system. She does not have patrons upstairs and is not bound by any agreements with the elites. It is her freedom that scares the system. Perhaps this is the reason of the critical tone in the Media.

In these presidential elections, people face a tough choice: to stay with the system, or to put the people in the center.

Macron is a perfect globalist

- According to opinion polls, Macron can go on to the second round as well as Le Pen. Neither Le Pen nor Macron are representatives of the "classical" parties. Can we talk about a new political paradigm?

- Yes, it will be very interesting. We clearly see that the Socialist Party has failed. The choice is clear: either globalization or patriotism.

Macron is the ideal representative of globalism. He is supported by Alain Madeleine, Jacques Attali - all those who spent many years following the catastrophic policy for France.

He was an adviser to Olland and his Minister of Economy. And since he is part of the system, the media does not ask him any questions. At the same time, they attack us every day.

 This gentleman is the reincarnation of the globalist system, of those  who refuse to see and know the life of the French people.

We think that the real candidates behind the scene are big corporations and powerful elites. Mr. Macron is nothing more than their puppet. There is a whole group of people behind him, but we know who rules.

Lefts and Rights

- Le Pen talks about a new type of pilitical divisions: the patriots and globalists. Does this mean that there is no longer a classical modernist division of political forces?

- Yes, absolutely! We have been talking about those who are behind this polarization, who is paying with the concepts of "Left" and "Right". In fact, this division is obsolete, it no longer exists. Today there is no difference between Rights and Lefts! There is only a small difference between the traditional parties: some support the European Union, the others - support it very much, some support the migration, the latter support it  much stronger and so fort. But there is not much difference in their projects.

There is a basic difference between their project and ours. We support the people and nations, we think that the people are the most effective basis to protect our economy, our identity, our traditions. And, of course, our freedom.

- If we look at the pre-election program of the "National Front", it has both Left's  and Right"s elements. 

- Yes, the program of Marine Le Pen is very balanced, it is adequate in all points, in my opinion. This is a very clear project - a firm will to give voice to the French people. Because this is what Franch want - the opportunity to talk about what needs to be done.

The truth is that we want clarity in many issues. We are adherents of our values, our traditions. I believe that French heritage must be protected. And at the same time, we stand for protection in the economic and social sphere. Our citizens must be protected from ultra-liberal violence, from the economic model that have been chosen for us by the elites. We propose to adjust the economic model, which entails devastating consequences - especially for the least protected layers of the population.

We offer a French withdrawal from NATO

- Why is there so much Russophobia in France's foreign policy today?

- It is very strange that French politicians refuse to cooperate with many powerful states, including Russia, with whom, of course, we should have not only a partnership, but a warm friendship.

 The choice that political elites have made is catastrophic for our foreign policy. This applies to the war in Syria, where they support terrorists, this applies to Libya and some other countries. They followed the US instructions and involved France in wars against the will of the French people.

We propose to withdraw France from NATO. We must be free. France should be independent, should itself conduct a dialogue with other states in a multipolar world.

- How do globalists see Europe and France?

-  This is perfectly explained by Mr. Attali. He said that France is a hotel where you can stay for a few days.

But for the French people France is much more than a "hotel". This is an ancient state with its own history, traditions, which need to be protected, which make us special. Many people come to France just to see this unique culture.

The globalists are in favor of a post-national model in which people, cultures, and traditions are neglected. I think this is an extremely dangerous model that blurs the difference between states. A terrible model, against which we are fighting.

We will continue to offer the worlв our position of independence, differences of traditions and cultures.

The future of Europe

- How you see the future of Europe?

- First of all, it will be Europe based on true patriotism and true democracy. It is impossible to continue building the European Union against the will of the people. We need a Europe in which culture and independence will be protected. We cannot be servnts of NATO, the European Union or the United States.The real freedom! This is the most important for the people. It is impossible to be free in the trap in which we live today.

- Your opinion on the forthcoming election?

I think that Marin can win this presidential election. This is what we are fighting for.  Undoubtedly, even if the battle is heavy, Marine have enough supporters. Wherever she travels in France, the people take her very warmly. I think that this will lead to the fact that the majority will vote for Marine, and France will gain its freedom.

  I think she is an excellent candidate to run our country. She has great talent, incredible energy - I think she will succeed.

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