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Italians change classic opera for political correctness. A new version of Carmen was produced this month at the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino theater in Florence and sparks a debate in Italy and made a noise in western media thanks to the new ending

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If you like opera you have to be a political correct person. It seems that modern theater directors and producers have decided to implement this moto. As we remember, according to the script of 19th- century opera by Georges Bizet, Don José, the Spanish soldier kills Carmen. Then he regrets the decision, lamenting, “Oh Carmen, my adored Carmen”.

Modern stage managers by the way think that the final scene of the Bizet's opera may produce violation against the women. Just imagine, a 60 years old big fan of opera returns home and inspiring with Don José's behavior dispatches his victim wife. Sounds quite ridiculous but Carmen's producers are sure that they have made an important message:

As Chairman of the @maggiomusicale I support the decision to change the ending of #Carmen, which does not die. Cultural, social and ethical message that denounces violence against women, increasing in Italy.

So wrote on Twitter the mayor of Florence and also president of Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Dario Nardella.

By the way western media welcomed Italian innovation. British Newspaper The Telegraph wrote

The dramatic departure from operatic orthodoxy is an attempt to shine the spotlight on the modern-day abuse and mistreatment of women, an issue given added resonance by the outrage over the behaviour of Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump.

Canadian cbc news also underlined the importance of the new vision of Carmen :

Carmen, the opera heroine, gets to live instead of being slain — thanks to a bold twist to the finale of the Georges Bizet work by some who believe it's time to say enough to violence against women.

This media also wrote:

According to figures from the Italian National Institute of Statistics, one in three Italian women aged 16-70 experienced physical or sexual violence in 2014. In 2016, 149 Italian women were murdered, half of whom were killed by partners or ex-partners.

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