The crime of child brides in traditional societies and cultures


In some traditional societies very young girls are given in marriage to older men, sometimes sold to them for money by their parents or other relatives.

But such inhuman dealings for innocent young girls' flesh for sexual exploitation is not confined to the adherents of one particular religion. Pedophiles and child molesters are found in the followers of many religions and in many regions of the world. This bestiality happens all the time. For instance, we should see how the Roman Catholic priests have been abusing children for centuries. This sort of information was suppressed by the Vatican and other high officials of the Church. But now this is no longer a secret.

Child brides are also common in many Asian and African countries. What we should take special notice of the fact that such crimes against baby girls are committed in the name of old traditions and cultures. We should reject all those cultural norms and practices that sanctify and allow the abuse of innocent children.

All such abominable crimes and violations of children's bodies should be brought to the public notice and people mobilised against such barbaric crimes against baby girls and young boys. This task is only for well-informed and humane people, not for wretched reactionaries with their primitive mindset.