The Continuing Nightmare of the Liberal Elite: Perspective from the UK


It seems that every week brings more bad news to the liberal elite who still retain their iron grip of control over our education establishments, media and government here in the UK and over the rest of the western world. But increasingly that iron grip is starting to look like the ivory tower fantasy it always really was; something bearing little or no relation to the lives of ordinary people, something foisted upon them against their will by a cabal of ‘those who know better’. First there was the surprise of Brexit, then Trump, then Fillon in France paved the way for a win by the right, boycotting their non-democratic election charade which has consistently excluded the Front National from its rightful representation.

It is the natural human reaction in such scenarios to look elsewhere for blame rather than to question one’s own actions. Luckily, as always the UK media has a ready-to-hand culprit in the ‘hidden hand’ of ‘secret Russian influence’. According to official channels we are to believe that a few Russian ‘trolls’ along with RT were able to beat the combined efforts of the entire western media, from CNN to the BBC and the New York Times. If that was really the case, then I think some editors need to lose their jobs and these outlets should do some head-hunting in Moscow?

The absurdity doesn’t stop with the Trump election, we also have the accusation that Brexit was similarly influenced by the Russians and doubtless there will be similar stories about Fillon and AfD, should they do well in Germany.

Such attitudes are condescending in the extreme to those people who no longer believe the dangerous drivel that has been pumped out by the liberal elite for the last fifty years. The fact that people are now starting to see through it is taking its toll on the psychological equilibrium of the bien pensants. You only need to do an internet search on “Trump Russia” to see the hundreds of thousands of headlines from the BBC to The Guardian to The Mirror to see how far developed this hysterical psychosis actually is. Wringing their hands in the boardrooms you can hear their anxiety: “but our Thought Police have total control and the media is 99% in our hands! How could this happen?” Unfortunately their whinging is not confined to the boardroom but is a constant refrain in the workplace and the lecture hall.  The reality check has yet to set in, but it will do.

What to do in the meantime? Firstly is to swamp the media with ever-more lurid, bizarre and downright nasty stories of ‘secret Russian control’ and then is to move along with traditional totalitarian methods: ban the opposition. On the first count we have had a media blackout on the real situation in the Syrian civil war and indeed the whole so-called ‘Arab Spring’ and most recently we have had incendiary bile heaped upon the head of the Russian Church, Patriarch Kirill who visited the UK. The media didn’t somehow notice that the Patriarch was con-celebrating in church with the head of the Syrian Orthodox Church in the UK. How could these two men be so friendly to each other? Of course as everyone who doesn’t watch the BBC knows, Christians and other minorities support Russia and Assad but it seems that the liberal elite actually hates Christians in Syria just as much as they hate them here in the UK.

The second route is the more traditional one, as used by Kim Jon-un and his ilk: ban the opposition. So in the UK recently we have had attempts by the liberal elite to ‘make things difficult’ for RT by attacking their financial accounts. This story is very interesting because it shows the desperation of the powers-that-be. In a recent talk by the Russian Ambassador in the UK he compared this action to that of a child who smashes a toy which no longer works properly. Well, we never really had ‘free speech’ here in the UK (it is doubtful if it ever has existed anywhere) and now we have decided to go the way of North Korea. It is not enough that 99% of the media and 100% of the universities are in the hands of the liberal elite, the anomalous 1% must now be destroyed…but as recent events show - you can’t fool ALL of the people ALL of the time.