Cognitive Breakdown: The Navalny Hoax, American Imperialism and Media Censorship


On August 20th 2020, Russian faux-dissident and self-styled “anti-corruption activist” Alexei Navalny (b. 1976) became very ill on a flight from Tomsk to Moscow. The jet quickly made an emergency landing in Omsk. There, he was hospitalized for what the world was told was deliberate poisoning and was placed in a coma.  The west then assumed he was “poisoned” by the FSB with a suitably ominous-sounding poison Novichok, the single most toxic element in the world's arsenal of chemical weapons.

Shortly afterwards, he was transported to Germany by a Hollywood-style NGO at the direct request of Pussy Riot information agent Peter Verzilov. This NGO was the “Cinema for Peace Foundation.”  The founder of this elite NGO was Jaka Bizilj, who also paid for all his medical expenses. Bizilj is Slovenian, and is closely connected to Hollywood, working with Mikhail Gorbachev, Sharon Stone and Ai Weiwei among many others. This group was founded in 2002 to “influence through films the perception and resolution of global social, political, and humanitarian challenges of our time — and especially to oppose war and terror.” In other words, “influence” means propaganda.  They've held annual fundraising events that draw the most elite  Hollywood stars and prominent political figures. The 2019 attendees included Charlize Theron and former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder.

Despite this suspicious beginning, the Russian doctors in Siberia – who saved Navalny’s life – maintain they did not find any evidence of poison in his system. When Hollywood got a hold of him, the military lab in Germany suddenly discovered “unequivocal evidence” he was poisoned by a “Soviet-era Novichok nerve agent” and immediately condemned the Kremlin. The propaganda scheme was evident from the first, even without the CPF. Why mention that it's from the “Soviet era?” Only to give it an even more ominous ring. As always, no evidence was ever provided, nor will it be.  Somehow, despite being the supposed victim of an extremely deadly nerve agent, three weeks later Navalny awoke and was cured. No explanation was ever given, nor was one even asked for.

The toxin in Navalny’s body was only discovered when he reached Germany. This is not only an ludicrous hoax, it's almost designed to be unbelievable. Navalny was poisoned by a water bottle, but another story circulates that says it was from tea he drank at the Tomsk Bogashevo airport cafe before boarding his flight. The stories still haven't been straightened out. The extreme volatility of this agent could never have traveled with anyone without killing everyone. No other person showed any signs of poisoning.

His family demanded he be immediately flown out of Russia to Berlin, Germany, but without clear reason. When the Russian doctors said that Navalny couldn't handle such a trip, it was a short time later that he received clearance to be sent, and the NGO had already paid for all transport and medical costs. This means it was planned in advance, since very few people knew about the event at the time.
Alexander Sabaev, the chief toxicologist who examined Navalny in Siberia, stated that blood sugar was the issue. Dr Alexander Murakhovsky, attending at the intensive care unit in Omsk, struggled to keep him alive. He reported after a battery of tests came back, that Navalny had a Grand Mal seizure coming from hypoglycemia. All of his reported symptoms fit perfectly with diabetic shock.

Peter Koenig wrote last year,

If Alexey Navalny’s condition were caused by a substance from the Novichok group, the people accompanying him should also be suffering from the fallout. Instead, Dr. Sabaev believes that Navalny’s condition was caused by an “internal trigger mechanism.” Novichok is an organophosphorus compound, and, due to its high toxicity, it is not possible to poison just one person. He explained, “As a rule, other accompanying people will also be affected.” Doctors in the Tomsk Emergency Hospital, where activist Navalny lay in a coma for almost two days, found no traces of toxic substances in his kidneys, liver, or lungs, Alexander Sabaev, leading the investigation, concluded that Navalny was not poisoned.

None of the medical personnel were ever contacted by media. Clearly, they were under instructions to avoid this. Were there any doctors in Germany at all? Novichok causes death in minutes, yet everyone's still alive. It took almost two weeks before “military toxicologists” discovered that Navalny was poisoned with Novichok. In the Skripal case, the bench on which they were found was just a few miles from the top-secret P-4 security military lab Porton Down in Wiltshire, one of the few labs in the world still capable of producing Novichok.

Back in September, Max Parry wrote about the now well-known story

It is unconvincing precisely because it follows a pattern of improbable events questionably attributed to the Kremlin. As many have noted, the incident strikingly resembles the alleged March 2018 poisoning in Salisbury, England of disgraced former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, visiting from Moscow which caused a similar diplomatic row.

Absurdly, this isn't the first time the Regime tried to pass off a clumsy assassination attempt as a “Kremlin scheme.” Skripal worked for Soviet intelligence at the Maltese embassy, then later sent to Spain. In 1995, he was recruited by MI6 agent Pablo Miller (aka Antonio Alvarez de Hidalgo). He retired in the late 1990s partially due to diabetes. He was convicted in Russia for the worst of crimes,  giving sensitive state secrets and even the identities of around 300 Russian intelligence agents.

He was imprisoned in Russia until he was released in a “spy swap” around 2010, but he continued to work for MI6, suggesting they had something on him. While living in the UK, Skripal was in daily contact with a consultant working for the fraudster who invented the Trump-Russia dossier, former MI6 disinformation agent Christopher Steele. However, the well earned assassination attempt wasn't a Russian one, since it failed so badly. No one would've mourned the death of such a man – and one unable to stay away from his sociopathic line of work – but the west pretended to act as if this were an act of “terror.” No one bothered to ask why he wasn't just killed in prison, or executed right away.

Skripal and his daughter, like Navalny, fully recovered from this extremely lethal toxin universally considered even more deadly than VX gas. The incident remains officially unsolved, but this didn't stop London from immediately blaming Moscow. As a result, more than 100 Russian diplomats were expelled by Britain and its western allies, despite having reached no clear conclusion on the matter, proving it was merely a pretext. Again, Parry explains,

In June 2018, two British nationals were the victims of an accidental poisoning (one fatally) after they discovered a discarded but unopened perfume bottle containing the same poisonous agent. Then that September, Scotland Yard released CCTV footage of two Russian men alleged to be GRU military intelligence agents in Salisbury at the time of the attack. However, no verifiable evidence was ever provided by the British government showing that the two were responsible, though it was conveniently claimed that the would-be culprits clumsily left vestiges of the fatal chemical agent in their hotel room. So, not only is Russian intelligence incapable of carrying out successful assassinations, but carelessly unable to cover their tracks?

The entire thing was a PR farce. From the myth of “Russian election manipulation” to Skripal to Navalny, these threatening “Russian agents” are the Keystone Cops of the intelligence world. The “targets” are harmed just enough to make the evening news, but never badly enough to kill them.
Alexei Navalny is the ideal western “opposition” figure. He's remarkably ineffective, unpopular and unstable. According to a poll from the Lavada Center – a polling organization funded by the US government – nine percent of all Russians look favorably on him, with most Russians unaware of his existence until now. This seems to be a pattern.

Whether it be Juan Guaido in Venezuela, Biden in America, Saakashvili in Georgia, Ashraf Ghani in Afghanistan or Pashinyan in Armenia, the Regime uses them in the same way. All the above are incompetent, mentally unstable, unpopular and easily manipulated. None of them would ever reach a national stage on their own, but require powerful patrons to force them into power. Biden can't string a sentence together or lay out a single coherent policy idea, and yet he was installed in power by violence and fraud.

Navalny took his law degree from the People's Friendship University in Moscow (formerly Patrice Lumumba University), founded for Third World students in the 1960s. It's unclear why he ended up in such a place, though its likely he simply was a very poor student, as very few notable Russian alumni come from there. It would, however, put him in close contact with foreign intelligence.

Pashinyan was totally uneducated and Biden plagiarized his university work to get his law degree. Guaido in Venezuela, Ghani in Afghanistan, Baradei in Egypt, Navalny and Saakashvili were all educated in the US, receiving “fellowships” despite having no real academic talent. Guaido was at George Washington University, Saakashvili was at Columbia (among other places), Ghani attended the American University in Beirut and Columbia.  Even Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Egypt was at the Army War College in Carlisle, PA and the man he replaced, Mohamed Morsi, went to USC. Prior to him, the “opposition figure” against Mubarak, Mohamed el Baradei, went to Geneva and NYU.  Navalny, true to form, received a scholarship to the infamous Yale University in 2010 where he was recruited into the CIA's machine.

The world's color revolutions were put in motion by men tightly connected to the western academic establishment. These men were all educated in important, elite western schools and then sent back to their home countries as agents. Navalny polls between two and nine percent in any election. Like in Egypt, Belarus, Armenia and Venezuela and many others, the west deliberately picks an unpopular, non-charismatic figure so as to demonstrate how artificial the process was, almost daring the Russians to respond.

He was twice convicted of embezzlement and there's likely more to come. The first was the Yves Rocher case in 2008. While holding an important tax position with the Russian postal service, Oleg (his younger brother) and Alexey manipulated the cosmetic giant Yves Rocher to sign a contract for cargo mail with a company, Glavnoye Podpisnoye Agentstvo (or Main Subscription Agency) which he secretly created without the firm's knowledge. It was after that conviction that he somehow got a scholarship to Yale. The second conviction was in 2012 where, as an advisor to the governor of  the Kirov province Nikita Belykh, he arranged fraudulent contracts with a timber firm, using his position to circumvent the law. He conspired to steal about $500,000 worth of illegally harvested timber.

No one asked where his initial money came from or how he even came to these positions despite having no qualifications in the area. No major news agency asked about the details of these cases or the evidence against him. They just, following CIA dictates, assumed he was being “persecuted for no reason.” Despite all of this, his sentences didn't involve prison time. He was given suspended sentences or house arrest, hardly punishments fit for a “persecuted victim.” He was never seen as dangerous to the government.

Still, after his convictions, 90 percent of Russians had never heard of him. He functioned no differently than any other minor oligarch, projecting all his crimes onto Vladimir Putin. Somehow, even after this, he continued to be a millionaire with no obvious source of income. For some reason, the European Court of Human Rights, without a review of evidence, proclaimed him “innocent.” As always, not a single journalist asked what right the ECHR had to pass sentence on anyone out of its jurisdiction or even area of competence.

In December of 2012, prosecutors in Russia accused Allekt, an advertising company headed by Navalny, of defrauding the liberal, CIA-funded Union of Right Forces in 2007 by taking $3.2 million for political PR and doing nothing with it. The Party brought the case themselves, showing that it was his own liberal movement that turned on him. “Trying” to discover if he's innocent, the American press simply asks Navalny himself. He says its all a “frame up,” which is good enough for the media. They proclaim him a “victim of persecution.”

How was he able to afford to run an advertising firm after two convictions and no money? How did he ever even got into that field, being a lawyer with no clients? How did a tiny, political party that can't get more than two percent of the vote pay him $3.2 million for anything? Numerous other cases are currently pending, all with the same pattern of behavior. If he were considered “dangerous,” the last thing the government would do is continue prosecuting him, thereby giving this man the attention he desperately craves. Knowing that the CIA and Soros are building this man up into an “opposition” figure, these cases aren't in the government's interest.

The real target of this hoax is Nord Stream II pipeline, one of the more important investments in recent Russian history, linking Russia and Germany. The pipe would link Moscow with western Europe, bypassing western allies such as Ukraine which charge costly transit fees. According to Ukrtransgaz, the Ukrainian gas transportation system operator, Ukraine alone will lose natural gas transit revenues up to $700 million per year. In the same time, according to Naftogaz, Ukraine will lose $3 billion it receives yearly from transit fees to the EU countries.
This is one of Russia’s most important economic and diplomatic projects and the US has been obsessed with getting the Germans to abandon it. This is powerful evidence that Russia had nothing to do with the poisoning of a nobody. The fact that Navalny was flown to Germany after the alleged attack is important. Since Germany was the target against the pipeline an Russia's primary partner, the direct influence of Germany was needed.

Once the poisoning narrative was developed, capital provided no motive for the alleged “assassination” attempt of an unpopular opposition figure at such a crucial time for Russia.  It's blatantly obvious that an attempt any opposition figure's life would have provided what the western capitalists needed to sabotage Nord Stream II.

Global Research says,

What a coincidence that the attack comes just as Nord Stream 2, the second line of the massive natural gas pipeline under construction from Russia to Germany opposed by the U.S. and several NATO allies, is near completion. Suddenly, the diplomatic fall-out has put the controversial project in limbo, with Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German government under pressure from Washington to withdraw from the project which would increase Russian influence on Europe’s energy infrastructure and rival the U.S.’s costlier exports. As pointed out by Die Linke’s Dietmar Bartsch, where were the calls to halt the purchase of Saudi oil imports after the grisly murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi?

It is clear that the Anglo-Americans are simply desperate to halt the resurgence of Moscow on the international stage, threatening their German counterparts with sanctions as the final sections of the pipeline conveying Russian gas across the Baltic Sea is being constructed. The attack on Navalny could not occur at a more auspicious time for the Atlanticists and a worse time for Moscow.

It originates in Ust-Luga neat Petersburg and traverses the Baltic Sea, emptying out in Greifswald, Germany, stretching about 1,000 miles in total. The west alone benefits from the Navalny case, not the Kremlin. At the time of this incident, the project was 90 percent finished. It would expand Russia’s exports, massively increase revenue and provide cheap energy to Europe in a business deal that would also help draw Europe and Russia closer diplomatically.

In June 2017, Germany and Austria excoriated the US over sanctions on the project.  Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern and Germany's Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said that “Europe's energy supply is a matter for Europe, and not for the United States of America. . . To threaten companies from Germany, Austria and other European states with penalties on the U.S. market if they participate in natural gas projects such as Nord Stream 2 with Russia or finance them introduces a completely new and very negative quality into European-American relations.”

Belarusian President Lukashenko claimed his government intercepted a phone call between Berlin and Warsaw, showing that Angela Merkel’s claim that Navalny was poisoned by a Novichok nerve agent, what she called “attempted murder,” was false. According to Sputnik News, “Telegram channel Pul Pervogo (aired) a video (of) Lukashenko” sharing the above information with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin during a meeting in Minsk, the Belarusian president saying the following:

I have to tell you that yesterday or the day before yesterday before Merkel made a statement (saying) they wanted to silence Navalny, we intercepted a conversation. As far as we understand, it’s Warsaw talking with Berlin — two persons on the line. Our radar intelligence intercepted it…There was no poisoning of Navalny. The “specialists” prepared facts and maybe statements (prepared) for Merkel. They did it to make sure that Putin would not interfere in Belarusian affairs.

This should surprise nobody. Belarus was the target of CIA funded revolution just a year ago. If poisoned by a Novichok nerve agent before boarding a flight to Moscow, he’d have died at the airport. Others he came in contact with would have been contaminated, becoming seriously ill and dying.

Germany’s Justice Ministry received a request from Russia for legal assistance in getting to the bottom of what happened to Navalny. Earlier this week, Moscow’s prosecutor general’s office asked German doctors to share their clinical findings on Navalny with their Russian counterparts. In Omsk, they found no traces of poison or other toxins in his blood or urine, saying his illness was caused by abnormally low glucose in his blood because of a metabolic imbalance. Putin critic Navalny is a minor irritant with scant public support. Nothing remotely suggests that Russia would want him eliminated or otherwise harmed. No plausible motive exists.

They were refused. One of the best pieces of evidence that this is a hoax is the fact that the Germans will share neither legal nor medical records with the Russians, despite treaty obligations to do so. Russia’s EU mission was forced to refute these nonsensical accusations, saying the following:

Not claiming to be experts in toxicology, we still consider it necessary to draw your attention to multiple inconsistencies regarding this case. In the light of forthcoming debate in the European Parliament, we call on EU officials and MEPs to look into a number of following questions. Would there be any rationale behind the Russian authorities’ alleged decision to poison Alexey Navalny with the use of a military-grade chemical nerve agent of the “Novichok” group, which falls under CWC ban, in a Russian city with half a million population and then to do their utmost to save his life and let him go for further medical treatment to Germany, where Novichok could (allegedly) be identified? What would be the reason for the Russian authorities to poison Alexey Navalny, taking into account that his actual popularity level hardly reaches two percent, according to the recent survey conducted in July 2020 by Levada Center, an independent [sic] nongovernmental polling and sociological research organization?

Of course, this is merely a summary of the absurdity of the argument. Russia obviously gained nothing from the Navalny attempt. German BND Federal Intelligence Service head Bruno Kahl said a “secret meeting” was held on what he called a “more potent” form of Novichok that was used in the attempt. No further evidence was given, as Der Spiegel reported. So Novichok wasn't enough, it had to be a “new mutated virus” – pardon me – a “new, stronger version of the substance.”

A stream of European elites visited Navalny in Berlin’s Charite Hospital where he was treated. Reuters attempted to gain more information on this, but the BND stated “The Federal Intelligence Service will comment on any findings exclusively to the federal government and the responsible committees of the German Bundestag that meet in secret.” Then Der Spiegel reported:

Leading politicians in Germany from all mainstream parties are demanding that construction on the natural gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 be suspended as a result of the poisoning of Alexey Navalny. Merkel’s government is so far resisting such calls. It’s clear that Germany’s relationship with Russia will change significantly. It’s likely that the Kremlin was behind the poisoning . And Russian President Vladimir Putin. A debate has erupted over which sanctions the German government should now consider applying. The only penalty that would primarily hurt Moscow would be a construction stop on the almost completed Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline.

This is a strange demand. Why would an attempted assassination story with no evidence behind it lead to the cancellation of a major pipeline project? What's the connection? There is none, but it's what western capitalists wanted all along. It's like a husband, cheating on his wife, making up a story about his wife's cheating so as to justify his adultery. Psychologically, it's the same process.

As always, nothing about this story makes sense. As always, every university professor of international relations, every journalist and every bureaucrat in the US and the EU repeat the same nonsense, seemingly incapable of seeing the laughable contradictions and absurd premises on which these accusations are based. A quick summary might look like this,

1. The “assassination attempt” occurred at a very sensitive time for Russia;
2. The Nord Stream II pipeline was almost totally finished at the time of the attack;
3. The project would permanently link Russia and Germany, cutting the US out of this market, giving a giant motive for the US to invent a story;
4. The US has been openly trying to sabotage the Nord Stream II pipeline from its inception. American capitalists have been trying to enter the European gas market and displace Russia for decades;
5. Navalny was flown by a shadowy NGO to Germany without a problem, precisely the other affected country before anyone else knew what occurred;
6. Navalny is tightly connected to the west;
7. The state could've killed him at any time;
8. Navalny, after his first conviction, was sent to Yale and given a “scholarship” for something, but no one's quite sure what, or what one has to do with the other;
9. Putin has zero motive to harm an ineffective and unpopular blogger no one heard of before, and give him the attention the west is demanding;
10. Navalny's many convictions, despite convincing evidence, are said to be “frame-ups” because Navalny himself says so. No other source is consulted;
11. Every major media story on the subject is identical, even using the same turns of phrase;
12. Every single power center in the west tells the same story without a shred of critical analysis;
13. No other possible perpetrators of the attack were ever mentioned and no other motive explained. The media know who was guilty immediately after it occurred;
14. American elites are seeing their European alliance crumble before their eyes, hence giving them incentive to create the story;
15. The Russians at the Omsk hospital let him leave for Germany. He wasn't stopped at any point but was permitted to leave the country, going through customs, despite it being allegedly dangerous for him to fly at all;
16. The world's deadliest nerve agent failed to kill anyone (three times) when used in an assassination attempt, making sure that the “victims” can tearfully spread their story to the world;
17. The Russians knew that the western media would immediately implicate them without fail, since the exact same agent was used in both cases. The “attack” was carried out in a clumsy, ineffective, and incriminating way specifically to implicate Russia;
18. “Novichok” is a harsh sounding name, conjuring images of secret agents and James Bond heroes.

This is just a handful of the contradictions and absurdities of this story. Given the obscurity of the issues involved, it won't be seriously challenged until it's too late to do any good. Like all other stories of this type, even the most charitable reading can't save it, likely a deliberate feature. It fits the false narrative pattern perfectly, and of course, exposes the cooperation among western security structures, entertainment media, the medical establishment, elite political factions and the world's major newspapers. While this is nothing new, it's yet another step into creating a war with Russia, a war the US can't win.