Civilizational Aggression: Non-Western Revival And Leftist Rebranding. Part II


Secular Wahhabism

Understanding The Beast:

The chaotic socio-political processes that the US provoked in Europe have given rise to a dangerous group of ideologues that the author describes as Secular Wahhabis. Just like their Islamic jihadist ideological brethren, they have a burning hate for Western civilization and want to totally destroy it, even though most Secular Wahhabis were born, raised, and spent their whole lives within it and don't have any practical experience living outside of this civilizational sphere. While it may initially come off as mind-boggling that a Westerner, or anybody for that matter, would want to facilitate their own civilizational suicide, it's not at all strange when one realizes that these people operate under the guidance of an ultra-extreme leftist ideology that has essentially become a fundamentalist secular religion for them. 

To explain, Secular Wahhabis abide by the literal interpretation of leftist theoretical texts from a bygone era, structurally mirroring the exact same thing that the Islamic Wahhabis do with the Quran. For whatever personal reason it may be, whether they misguidedly think in their own minds that such a move will strengthen multipolarity or if they're just expressing an inferiority complex on a macro scale via civilizational sadism, they firmly believe in the sanctity of the leftist theoretic dogma for open borders and complete opposition to any assimilative and integrative policies on the part of immigrant-receiving governments. So strong is their belief in this radical ideology that they instinctively slur anyone who disagrees with it or stands in their way as "fascists", typically accompanying their overly emotional and disproportionate reaction with the threat that "the only good fascist is a dead fascist". In this way, they once more follow in the footsteps of the Islamic Wahhabis who always call their opponents "infidels" and oftentimes literally try to kill them. 

The similarities don't end there, however, since the Secular Wahhabis have a vile hatred for cultural and civilizational identity, even among their own "comrades", that's equal in intensity to that which the Islamic Wahhabis feel towards secularity and their fellow Muslims that go along with it. The reason why Islamic Wahhabis obsessively oppose secularism is obvious, but when it comes to the Secular Wahhabis, this can be attributed to the influence of Cultural Marxism. This label is an exonym that's not self-applied by those who believe in it but is instead given by outsiders who note these people's utter disdain for anything to do with cultural identity, thinking instead that the only social variables that matter in explaining the world are economic- and class-based ones. Accordingly, the Secular Wahhabis regularly engage in paranoid purges and "fascist" outings within their ranks against those who they suspect of believing in the practicality of incorporating ethnic and cultural identity factors into their world outlook. The verbal violence that occurs during these dark moments frighteningly resembles and is but one escalation point away from the physical violence that Takfiris commit against their own flock, further underlining the behavioral and ideological structural commonalities between the Secular and Islamic Wahhabis. 

The rise of Secular Wahhabis has been directly facilitated by the polarizing ideological extremism that has resulted from the Immigrant Crisis, but even before this pivotal event was engineered, the Russian government had already predicted that such a hateful movement might one day rear its ugly head. In 2008, Russia's then-Ambassador to NATO and present Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the defense industry Dmitry Rogozin warned that a very dangerous threat was brewing in the world:

"Until things get really tough, they are going to keep pretending that Russia is their opponent. I think that in the XXI century, the real threat is posed by a certain bunch of people who think that you and I are second-class people. Those close-minded people simply don’t recognize our right to live. They don’t care who they are dealing with – Russians, Jews, Tatars, French, or British, or whoever, – they are all the same to them. To them, we are just a worthless civilization that must be destroyed. Let’s hope our Western counterparts realise that those guys threaten us all in equal measure and that this plague advancing on the European continent will engulf us while we are all arguing.

There is a new civilization emerging in the Third World that thinks that the white, northern hemisphere has always oppressed it and must therefore fall at its feet now. This is very serious. If the northern civilization wants to protect itself, it must be united: America, the European Union, and Russia. If they are not together, they will be defeated one by one."

Modus Operandi:

Secular Wahhabis manipulate Western civilization's preexisting structural vulnerabilities in order to facilitate the suicide of their own civilizations, purposefully taking the Western conceptions of "multiculturalism" and "political correctness" to radical extremes in order to break the system from within. This frequently takes the form of spreading hate speech in order to incite Hobbesian-style ethnic and political street clashes in their countries, abusing the fact that their governments' liberal interpretation of legally protected "free speech" allows them to do so. From their perspective, immigrants, especially those that are of a different civilizational or ethno-identity affiliation than the titular majority in the host country, are economically and socially desperate enough to function as the ideal "workers' vanguard" for ushering in their "proletarian revolution". Simply put, the Secular Wahhabis have a vested ideological self-interest in supporting the unrestricted mass migration of unassimilated and unintegrated individuals into targeted states so as to organize a de-facto mercenary army in the heart of their civilizational "enemies", and it's tactically beneficial for them if Islamic Wahhabis infiltrate during the same time as well. 

This militant exploitation of socio-political factors is combined with an active social media presence that utilizes key leaders' public appearances on international multipolar media outlets in order to widely disseminate their ideology and acquire more recruits. Despite publicly pledging to never "collaborate" with "the enemy", the most prominent Secular Wahhabis have allowed themselves the privilege of making an exception to the unquestionable rule that all of their underlings are forced to abide by in appearing on Sputnik, RT, and Russian-language media, which the movement's most visible leaders have unabashedly slammed on Facebook as being "fascist propaganda" by a state that "promotes fascism in Europe". The research will soon address the growing anti-Russian prejudice of the Secular Wahhabis and detail their larger geopolitical goals, but at this point it's time to move on and speak about the civilizational guilt that they often employ in trying to normatively "justify" their 'jihad'. 

Racist Double Standards:

To remind the reader, the Secular Wahhabist concept of civilizational guilt stipulates that "white" European countries are duty-bound to accept an unlimited amount of non-Western immigrants as penance for the sins that they committed during the imperialist period. Of course, the idea of civilizational guilt is a completely artificial and one-sided politically charged construction that neglects the fact that all civilizations throughout history have committed unjust actions against others, and that it's inherently unjust to begin with to single out and prioritize that only one given civilization go through this manufactured guilt process. Those that promote civilizational guilt are only doing so for political reasons and hiding their true intent behind the convenient cover of perverse "political correctness", proselytizing the UN-debunked conspiracy theory that it's only "white Europeans" who can be racist. 

It's useful at this juncture to recall some of the points that were agreed to at the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance that was organized by the UN in 2001 in Durban, South Africa:

"Affirming that racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, where they amount to racism and racial discrimination, constitute serious violations of and obstacles to the full enjoyment of all human rights and deny the self-evident truth that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, are an obstacle to friendly and peaceful relations among peoples and nations, and are among the root causes of many internal and international conflicts, including armed conflicts, and the consequent forced displacement of populations,


Acknowledging that xenophobia, in its different manifestations, is one of the main contemporary sources and forms of discrimination and conflict, combating which requires urgent attention and prompt action by States, as well as by the international community,

Fully aware that, despite efforts undertaken by the international community, Governments and local authorities, the scourge of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance persists and continues to result in violations of human rights, suffering, disadvantage and violence, which must be combated by all available and appropriate means and as a matter of the highest priority, preferably in cooperation with affected communities,

Noting with concern the continued and violent occurrence of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, and that theories of superiority of certain races and cultures over others, promoted and practised during the colonial era, continue to be propounded in one form or another even today,

Alarmed by the emergence and continued occurrence of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance in their more subtle and contemporary forms and manifestations, as well as by other ideologies and practices based on racial or ethnic discrimination or superiority,

Strongly rejecting any doctrine of racial superiority, along with theories which attempt to determine the existence of so-called distinct human races,

Recognizing that failure to combat and denounce racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance by all, especially by public authorities and politicians at all levels, is a factor encouraging their perpetuation,


1. We declare that for the purpose of the present Declaration and Programme of Action, the victims of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance are individuals or groups of individuals who are or have been negatively affected by, subjected to, or targets of these scourges;

2. We recognize that racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance occur on the grounds of race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin and that victims can suffer multiple or aggravated forms of discrimination based on other related grounds such as sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, social origin, property, birth or other status;"

The above quotations are just a tiny fraction of the entire document, but they prove that racism is in no way exclusive to "white" Europeans, thereby disproving the political lie of civilizational guilt. Despite this concept being a flagrant falsehood, it still continues to gain traction and acceptance in the West and is one of the main argumentative points that Secular Wahhabis use in trying to promote their agenda to devastatingly re-engineer the geo-demographic character of Western civilization. Curiously, and quite tactically revealing in terms of the Secular Wahhabis' far-reaching and chaos-driven vision, European countries such as Serbia which never had an imperial history are included into this all-encompassing guilt complex simply because they're "white" and located on the continent. 

The racist double standard that the Secular Wahhabis want to forcibly implement is that all "white" Europeans and their descendants must allow an unlimited level of non-Western migration into their countries in order to atone for the historical sin of colonialism, while non-Western non-white people and countries don't have to do anything to make up for the historical injustices that they themselves committed in the past. According to the Secular Wahhabis, all "white" Europeans and their descendants are "guilty" of aiding and abetting their governments' present and previous crimes solely by the fact that they continue to pay taxes to the authorities. Even though this supposedly implicates every law-abiding citizen as an accessory to historical crimes and therefore party to the civilizational guilt that they apparently must atone for, the Secular Wahhabis never explain how they're still able to retain "normative superiority" even though they also pay their taxes and follow the law. 

The only explanation for this double standard is the inherent hypocrisy that's prevalent among the movement's pseudo-intellectual leadership, every member of which has deluded themselves into thinking that they are the post-modern resurrection of Vladimir Lenin and thus have the right to invent and sidestep ideological dogma as they conveniently see fit. The average Secular Wahhabi is not entitled to the type of "normative freedom" that their leaders have, but most of them don't recognize the glaring double standard of principles because they have a cult-like admiration for the individual personalities that ideologically 'govern' them. For the minority of followers who wise up and finally say something about this unequal dispersal of rights (which is structurally hypocritical if one is to literally interpret leftist ideology like the Secular Wahhabis do), they are forcefully condemned as "fascist infiltrators" and immediately kicked out of the movement, with the hope being that they're made an example out of in order to deter other internal dissenters that could disrupt the movement from within. 

To continue with the hypocritical idea of how the Secular Wahhabis want to condemn all "white" Europeans into making amends for their governments' historical and present crimes, this concept is just as ludicrous as saying that the average non-Western citizen must somehow be forced to do something in order to atone for their respective government and civilization's past injustices.  For example, if a Serbian needs to accept unrestricted levels of civilizationally dissimilar immigration solely because they and their country are "tainted" by being "white" Europeans that are related to others who practiced colonialism, then the same warped 'logic' could be applied in stating that Arabs in Baghdad must allow their government to give preferential and taxpayer-funded benefits to Serbian companies in order to make up for their fellow Muslim Ottoman Turks impaling Serbian Christians that refused to forcibly convert to Islam. Both mentioned examples do nothing to further the cause of historical justice and only feed into the enforcers' racial and civilizational schadenfreude. The implementation of either of them opens up a can of worms that cyclically invites a mutually destructive Hobbesian "blood feud" between civilizations, which is actually one of the end goals that the Secular Wahhabis want to achieve. 

The Intelligence Connection:

Most Secular Wahhabis likely operate independently of any governmental support and would probably eschew it even if it were provided, but that doesn't mean that they don't fulfill a useful role for American intelligence agencies. To preemptively clarify and avoid any potential misunderstanding, the reader should be made aware that an "intelligence asset" is not necessarily a bought-and-paid-for individual that's on the government's payroll, but simply a "useful idiot" whose independent and self-motivated actions conveniently benefit the grand strategy being pursued by the respective intelligence agency. In the specific context that's been established throughout the research thus far, it's applicable to talk about how the US government benefits from the activities of Secular Wahhabis, particularly as it relates to the Immigrant Crisis and Russia.

Secular Wahhabis detest anything and anyone that strengthens the awareness of non-class-related identity, especially when this applies to "white" Europeans. The only time that ethno-cultural identity is of any use to them is when they're over-promoting non-Western individuals' active awareness of these factors of separateness as a means of exploiting multiculturalism in order to provoke the type of predicable civil conflicts that could progressively undermine Western civilization. While their activities theoretically pose a threat to the US just as much as they do to Europe, the key difference is that the US is geographically insulated from any of the large-scale immigrant influxes that the Secular Wahhabis are agitating for and it already has the necessary police state to control most of the types of internal disturbances that they could conceivably provoke. The US authorities generally tolerate Secular Wahhabis "blowing off some steam" and rhetorically railing on and on about how and why the US should have to accept an unlimited number of civilizationally dissimilar immigrants, since not only is it impossible for them to do anything to ever facilitate this, but talking about such an ideological fantasy actually boosts the prestige and credibility of individuals within the movement. 

The situation is completely different in Europe, however, since the EU is both extremely susceptible to falling victim to this type of immigration nightmare and it hasn't yet created a police state to stop it. In fact, the creation of a US-like police state within the EU is one of Washington's goals that it's pursuing through the Immigrant Crisis, hoping to eventually use NATO as a transnational internal security mechanism for further optimizing its occupation of the continent. By wildly ranting and raving in favor of the EU applying a policy of open borders and denigrating all of those who favor assimilative and integrative policies for the new arrivals as "fascists", the Secular Wahhabis can easily take advantage of the already chaotic on-the-ground situation in order to provoke the Hobbesian Color Revolution-like conflict that the US would ideally like to see break out on command against key European targets. The Secular Wahhabis are the ideal vehicle for achieving this because most of them have already established their reputations to varying degrees among the multipolar media and/or social media networks, thus imparting them with the necessary "normative credibility" to deflect any accusations that their irresponsible actions are purposely or unwittingly promoting the US' unipolar interests in Europe. 

The Anti-Russian Secular Jihad:

The same type of 'plausible deniability' that the "useful idiots" can always fall back on is also relevant in 'excusing' their progressively hostile activities in waging a secular jihad against Russia. To remind the reader, the Russian government has publicly expressed a very principled position against open borders and in favor of assimilative and integrative policies within its borders, "infidel" ideals which completely stand in opposition to the dogmatic left-wing radicalism being promoted by the Secular Wahhabis. As is already seen from the proud "anti-imperialist" and "independent" statements that two of the contemporary leaders of this movement have made in denouncing RT, Sputnik, and other Russian-language media as "fascist propaganda" and accusing Russia of "promoting fascism in Europe", the Secular Wahhabis are revealing what was either a premeditated or a gradually unfolding agenda of Russophobia. 

To optimistically give them the benefit of the doubt, it's very probable that they hadn't anticipated that their movement would go in this direction, although it's very likely that the numerous psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists, and other related experts employed by US intelligence had predicted that the course of events would likely develop according to this scenario. The reason for this is that the current leaders' chanting-like repetition about "ideological clarity and consistency" reveals that they and the movement that they lead follow an ultra-radical and literal interpretation of leftist ideological texts, which in hindsight was self-evident to anyone who had interacted with or observed these individuals before.

It's very possible that these people sincerely convinced themselves that Russia retained a strong element of its former communist ideological heritage, but with this obviously not being the case and everyone (including American intelligence) being aware of that besides the Secular Wahhabis, it could accurately and easily be predicted that the moment that they found out that their geopolitical role model was actively practicing the "infidel" "fascist" polices of controlled borders and assimilative and integrative programs for new arrivals, they would turn on Russia in order to 'save face' and maintain the 'sincerity' of their 'revolutionary struggle' through their commitment to 'ideological clarity and consistency'. Since this has in effect already occurred through the public denouncement of Russia and its affiliated information organs as "promoting fascism in Europe" and being "fascist propaganda", the actions of the Secular Wahhabis can be seen as a testimony to their ideological radicalism and obsession with strictly adhering to an unflinching dogma of practice and thought. 

Extrapolating further and digging deeper into the most rapidly emerging ideological trend within the movement, Secular Wahhabis believe that a shadowy cabal of "Duginists" have infiltrated the Russian government and are now controlling it as a "fascist" state. This paranoid conspiracy theory apparently serves as 'justification' for their secular jihad against Russia, and the obsession with further promoting this falsehood indicates that they plan to intensify their informational operations against the country and its supporters in the coming future. In this manner, the Secular Wahhabis have either purposely or inadvertently succeeded in fulfilling one of US intelligence's premier strategic objectives, which is creating a weaponized Fifth Generation Warfare ideology that can infect and turn Russia's soft power supporters against it. Even the most casual of observers could have surmised after a brief glance at Russia's international media outlets that a disproportionate amount of its foreign support is acquired by appealing to left-leaning individuals. 

Now, however, just as every Muslim is susceptible to the corrosive ideological virus of Wahhabism that's radically embedded in Islam, so too are Russia's left-leaning sympathizers susceptible to the contagious virus of Secular Wahhabism that's embedded in their left-wing ideology. Especially worrisome is how some of the movement's leading proponents have established their reputations by regularly appearing on what one of them now condemns as Russia's "fascist propaganda" media outlets, thereby gaining a level of "normative vetting" that leads many of their followers to believe that they are truly "anti-imperialistic" and "independent" and adding misleading "credence" to their slanderous accusations against Moscow. The popular understanding is that Russian media would not have repeatedly invited hostile and negatively intentioned guests onto their programs, thus meaning that these individuals used to at one time be legitimately friendly towards the country. 

As much as these media personalities might sincerely disagree with Russia's policy towards the Immigrant Crisis on ideological grounds, there's a clearly discernible line between respectfully voicing dissent and aggressively attacking it with polemical harangues about "fascism", especially considering that Russia suffered from real fascism more than any other country on earth. To someone who passively follows their favorite political personalities on social media and is aware of Russia's stance on the Immigrant Crisis, it might believably seem as though the people that they look up to have turned on Russia because of this. There's no other way to rectify these individuals' harsh "fascist" condemnations of state policies that amount to exactly what Moscow's are without being left with that impression, and consequently, if the social media follower in question is left-leaning (as most of them likely are if they're following flamboyantly leftist personalities such as those who lead the Secular Wahhabis), then they might feel ideological pressure to conform to their political role models' aggressively promoted way of thinking and join in the "anti-fascist" crusade that has come to also be implicitly (and in some select instances, explicitly) waged against Russia. 

Russian Resistance

It's only in the misguidedly warped imagination of Secular Wahhabi "useful idiots" and their silently cheering US intelligence agency supporters that anyone could ever truly think that Russia is part of some international "fascist" conspiracy, but the asymmetrical soft power danger in promoting such a lie is that it has the potential to exploit the preexisting structural vulnerabilities endemic to the psyche of Moscow's broad international base of left-leaning supporters and turn them against Russia on "ideological principles". As one could surmise, this perfectly plays into the hands of the US as it seeks to turn hearts and minds against Russia right at the critical moment that the world enters an intensified period of New Cold War hostility. Despite the Fifth Generational Warfare aggression being waged against it, Russia can more than easily weather the attacks by emphasizing its inclusive multi-colored and polyconfessional identity as a civilizationally unifying Eurasian power. 

To once more reference President Putin's 2012 immigration manifesto that was cited earlier in the research, Russia has a unique conception of multiculturalism that prides itself in celebrating its internal diversity while still retaining a strong patriotic magnetism that holds society together. The very existence of the Russian Federation and its ability to remain unified after its unexpected 1991 independence and the subsequently tumultuous events that it experienced throughout the proceeding decade strongly attests to the viability of its civilizational model. Positioned as it historically has been in Central Eurasia and taking into account its current role as one of the leading pan-civilizational institutional cores in the supercontinent, Russia has a unique opportunity to lead the rest of the world through a positive demonstration effect in exemplifying the ideally sustainable balance between its multifaceted internal elements that other similarly comprised states and civilizations could possibly emulate. 

In the grand scheme of things, the Secular Wahhabis currently pose a minor problem that could one day evolve into a larger headache for Russia if left unchecked and not properly responded to, but even in the worst-case scenario, this extremist movement is unlikely to affect any physically tangible damage to Russia on par with what it is actively doing to the EU at the moment. The most negative eventuality that could occur is that Moscow's reputation is impugned in the eyes of its multipolar counterparts across the world (both state and non-state), but even this is capable of being managed and contained. Another thing that could happen is that Russia loses an undetermined proportion of its existing left-wing supporters across the world but replaces them with an equal amount of new right-wing ones instead, thereby freeing itself of the most radical elements of this group that would have one day likely turned against it anyhow. It's not at all to infer that left-wing individuals are radical or traitorous, but that the type that fall for the ideological scam of Secular Wahhabism were never legitimate supporters to begin with and were simply following along out of temporary ideological convenience or in accordance with the prevailing alternative zeitgeist of the moment. 

Any type of individual that has proven themselves to be susceptible to the US' Fifth Generation Warfare of ideological weaponization, whether on the left or the right, is a ticking time bomb that Russia does not need under its wings and for which it's actually happy to have parted with no matter the circumstances in which this ultimately occurs. In a certain way, then, the Secular Wahhabis are doing Russia a favor by culling its soft power ranks for it and eradicating the radically inclined elements within it. While this certainly comes with a measure of temporary and relative soft power detriment and potential international scandal, it may eventually turn out to be a blessing in disguise, and represent yet another way in which Russia has expertly deflected the US' asymmetrical attacks against it and emerged even globally stronger and more civilizationally cohesive as a result.