CIA, Trump and civil war in USA

Source: Ron Aledo
Source: Ron Aledo
Exclusive interview with ex-CIA/DoD officer

What is your personal experience with the CIA/DoD, especially its corporate culture and indoctrination?  

As a contractor analyst, I saw a lot of professionalism in analysts, both contractors and government employees. The people of any government agency reflect the trend of times so sadly I saw a lot of  “Obama influence” in the people as in left wing tendencies, Frankfurt School, secularism, pro-homosexual “marriage”, etc. among government employees all around DC. There are always conservative Christians here and there, but sadly the last eight years saw a general take over of the Frankfurt School’s Cultural Marxism among many in DC.
Can you describe the principal changes in the structures of the US special services in recent times? How has the “insider threat” since the Snowden case affected the agencies? 

The US government became very and extremely active in fighting against leakers of sensitive classified information and security measures, as in electronic devices and anything that can be a risk, became very strict. Snowden did a lot of damage, together with Bradley Manning, so the US government is trying hard for that not to happen again which I think is a good thing. The US, like any other country, needs to protect its intelligence and classified sources of information.
- What is your opinion of the Trump Administration? Do you expect any serious changes for the intelligence and military? 

The Trump Administration is going to be very much pro-Natural Law, pro-Christian. He will reverse the 8 years of violent left wing Frankfurt School-like indoctrination of Obama’s left-wing propaganda. Obama introduced gender and homosexuality into the armed forces, Obama changed the culture of the government, Obama pushed secularism and Cultural Marxism, Obama supported anti-Christian forces in Syria, created chaos in the Middle East, provoked Christian Russia more than once with “democratic fundamentalism” like Pat Buchanan would say. Now Trump will reverse all that for the better. Behind Trump there are many strategic thinkers of the first order like Steve Bannon, a Catholic and defender of the Western Civilization, Conway, another conservative church-going mother of 4 who is a culture warrior, LTG Flynn’s National Security Advisor and former Director of the DIA fired by Obama because he told him the so-called moderates in Syria were a hoax or a myth like Bigfoot, the extraordinary talent and charisma of Gen. Mattis the now Secretary of Defense who is a true hero of conservative military people and is regarded as an strategic thinker and leader of first order. With all these extraordinary people Trump will build a smarter, pragmatic but pro-Christian foreign policy that we all hope will change the world for better.
- Let’s talk about global changes and forecasts. The NIC has issued a special report on global trends. Some of them predicted by analysts were confirmed by accident over the years. How do national interests correspond with intentions to create a future reality and at the same time to be objective?
ODNI orders national-level estimates that for the most part become unclassified documents in front of Congress and the public. I would say most of those are little accurate, mostly when they try to look many years ahead. For example, the estimate that the CIA did back in 2000 on how the world would be in 2015 was a complete disappointment. While some things were accurate in it regarding population, and some macroeconomic trends, most of it failed big and no one saw the size of China’s economy in 2015, no one predicted the big 2008 crash of the world economy and banking system, no one saw the resurrection of Russia as a powerful and Christian world player, no one saw the so-called Arab Spring, etc. We are not very good in those kind of analyses that look many years ahead, as I explain in my many intelligence analysis seminars and classes.

We are a lot better looking into concrete subject and only a few months ahead at the strategic level assessment level. For most part, those strategic level estimates remain politics free, as the current ideology or interests in the White House don’t affect them.

On the contrary, there are immediate reports where politics and White House interests play a fundamental role as in the case of the imaginary Iraqi WMDs, or the Russian’s “influence” in not electing Obama’s minion, aka Hillary “the witch” Clinton, as the great Spanish writer Juan Manuel de Prada calls her.
Such terms as enemy and threat are used. How are these being justified? Are there more “cliches” from the Cold War epoch or kind of suspicion? 
The big issue are the Neocon globalist hawks of the Republican Party. People must understand something: there is a civil war within the Republican Party. On one side there are the Neocon globalist hawks and on the other side there are the true conservatives or Paleoconservatives, aka the Old Right. The Neocons took power in the Republican Party with Bush I and ruled the party for 30 years. Now the Paleoconservatives are back in power (thank God!) but the civil war is as strong as ever. On one side, the Neocons, led by Neocon Hawk in Chief Senator McCain, hate Trump, hate the true conservatives, think that the Soviet Union is still there like the Warsaw Pact, have not noticed that Russia is no longer Communist but is now Christian, and live in the eternal Cold War.

Those McCain guys must push for eternal war with Russia as that is their raison d'etre or what justifies their existence or purpose in life (they became famous, powerful and rich by fighting Russia back in the old days of the Soviet Union, now they cannot renounce the tool they owe their careers).

The Paleoconservatives follow Pat Buchanan and Thomas Flemming (both Traditionalist Catholics), most recently Bannon, and base themselves on Belloc, Chesterton, Lord Acton, Edmund Burke, etc. The Old Rightists follow a pragmatic foreign policy, based on Traditional Christianity and American vital interests as a guide. They oppose the hawkish provocations and intentions of the Neocon Globalist side together with their desperate attempts to begin a WWIII holocaust.
The CIA is well known for its special operations, especially illegal activities abroad. How is the work of an analyst connected with the decision-making process for these kinds of operations? 
As I explain in my many seminars and classes, covert actions and clandestine collections are essential components of all major intelligence services in the world. We analysts support those as our duty regardless of what the mission of the day is.
- What is in your opinion the cornerstone of CIA and its matter of honor? And what is wrong and ineffective?
The CIA is one of the most powerful and effective agencies in the world as it has the most resources and capabilities. Still, the best in the world, as per training and ideological dedication, is the old Stasi-trained Cuban Servicio de Inteligencia. The Cubans knew they were not capable of matching the power of the US in conventional military forces, so they decided to match the US in the only other place they could, in intelligence services. Sadly, the Communist government of Cuba used this extraordinary asset for evil in creating insurgent and terrorist movements in Central and South America that have caused the death of hundreds of thousands, and the destruction of many pro-Christian governments there.
Thank you for your answers. Would you like to add anything?

I am very hopeful, as a Traditional Catholic and American, for the Trump Administration. Following very brilliant insights from great thinkers like Pat Buchanan, Juan Manuel de Prada, Nassim Taleb, etc. we are looking foreword to a bright future of Trump’s foreign policy. Like Blaise Joseph with his “Is Trump the new Constantine” and H.W Crooker with his “Trump is the Exorcist of Political Correctness”, we Traditionalists have faith that the new US administration will use its power and resources for good in the foreign arena. The world war that the Neocons so much dream about will not happen, Christian Russia will talk to Christian America, the Jihadists in Syria (aka the moderate rebels) will stop massacring Christians and Alawites, there will be no more anti-Russian coups in Eastern Europe, and American workers will see many jobs created or saved in deep America, among many other things we can expect from this administration. 


Questions by Leonid Savin.

Ron Aledo is former senior government officer for the US Government (GS 15/Colonel equivalent). Former Senior international business developer for L-3 Communications. Senior all source strategic intelligence analyst. Wrote intelligence products for the White House. Wrote briefing memos used by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano in private meetings with the President of Mexico. Served as intelligence and operations advisor for the Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for International Relations. Graduate of the US Army Logistics School. Masters degree in international relations, over 20 years experience as business developer, Army officer, FBI investigator, and CIA (ctr.) intelligence analyst. Expert in foreign affairs, macro- economic analysis, business intelligence, risk reduction, international security, and relations, investment strategy. Wrote analysis in 2002 for the US Army, conclusion: Iraq most likely has no WMDs. Received special training, CAMP PEARY, Virginia. Made many appearances in national television and radio giving security, terrorism and geopolitics and business intelligence analysis. One year in Europe as economic intelligence consultant. Over 8 years overseas experience to include 5 years in Germany, 1 year in Afghanistan, 1 year in Spain and half a year in Colombia. Studied in Spain, Germany and England. Developed business opportunities for L-3 Communications in more than 10 countries.