The Christianophobia in the UK and in Syria are connected


Here in the UK and across the pond the anti-Russian and anti-Christian hysteria continues to fever-pitch, signalling as it does the last mad flings of the mad regime of Obama and his neocon-liberal cabal. I have previously written that we have an almost total media blackout on the truth here in the UK in addition to really crazy fantasies dreamt up by the panicky pundits of the Liberal Elite. Let us review a couple of the stories which didn’t make headline news here in the UK. 

While Russia was liberating Aleppo from the grasp of the western-backed jihadis, in a conflagration which as everyone knows was started and funded by the West, we in the UK were in the process of refusing entry to the UK of three Syrian bishops who were to open the new Syrian cathedral here. Do we need more proof of the sinister degeneracy of our elites? Whilst economic migrants and Muslim jihadis have no problem (and are in fact welcomed) into the UK by the cabal at the top (we are told to “hug-a-jihadi”), Syrian Christians are excluded even when all they want is to bless a cathedral. This is completely logical for a regime which really hates Christians whether they be in the Middle East (supporting the ‘wrong’ side – Russia) or in the UK.

The UK government and Obama administration wish to see the Middle East cleansed of all non-Sunni (ie pro-Russia) minorities and so the annihilation of Christians from these regions is a victory for them.

Consequently the media are full of stories of the plight of Sunnis but rarely do they mention the atrocities against Christians. The recent bomb attack on a cathedral in Cairo which killed 25 people barely made news here in the UK. This is punishment for the fact that Christians in the Middle East have supported their long-standing (and in fact only) ally – Russia. The recent appeal for Aleppo from the Orthodox Church in America is a case in point, it reads “After four years, the city of Aleppo in Syria has been freed from terrorist control. This is reason to celebrate, but this season of war has had a terrible impact on our Orthodox Church community and the population of the city as a whole.”

In the West the goal of the Liberal Elite is the complete abolishment of all and any peoples who hold to any traditionalist practices and beliefs.

Their main target is Christians because it is less politically correct to attack Hasidic Jews, although they too have come under the “rainbow-nation jack-boot”. The creation of a cultureless, universalist “mush” with no knowledge of or (more-importantly) connection to the past is on the brink of total success here. If you ask anyone in the UK today about anything you will quickly find out that they know nothing about anything at all, except that “Putin is a bad man” and suchlike newspeak, yet all such people are ready with their opinions! Very often I have encountered people who have an opinion on the war in Ukraine without knowing that the capital city is Kiev, let alone the complex recent history of the region. Similarly, the horrific statistics from the Syrian Civil War speak for themselves, they are even on the Liberal Elite site Wikipedia, but who in the UK knows them? Syrian Army Forces: 178,000. Casualties: 60 – 95,000. 

Only a few ‘recidivists’ stand in the way of the cabal. In this environment, small matters assume huge importance. For example, the use of the secularist and blasphemous word “Xmas” instead of Christmas has become de rigeur in the workplace as has a rather continuous and ominous sneering and ridicule of Christians. Nothing in any of this should surprise us; it is only surprising that the forces which were unleashed in 1789 have not long ago reached total world hegemony. The recent “holding back” of these forces by Russia is simply a miracle which ultimately will also pass; it will be todays’ children who will go into the whirlwind – may God give them strength! I will end with the famous recent words of the late Cardinal George of Chicago: “I will die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square.”