Childless “Future” of Europe


European politicians prefer not thinking that future is impossible without children, which is a bad example for people.

The heads of leading European countries - Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May, new President of France Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni and their European “boss” Jean-Claude Juncker – have different characters and life experience, however, they have one similar thing – all of them do not have their own children. Even the leaders of some medium-sized European countries have the same similarity. For instance, Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven, who was given to an orphanage by his mother when he was 10 months, and his Netherlands colleague Mark Rutte, who was a seventh child in his family, show that children were born in the Netherlands in 1960s.

Small European countries do not have a better situation either. For instance, Prime Minister of Luxemburg Xavier Bettel also does not have children. However, this descent of Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff has a husband. He got married officially to Belgian architect Gauthier Destenay in 2015. His country is considered as small but a very rich state, a lot of wealthy people who earn “fair money” prefer saving it there and Bettel has become third National leader in the world who does not keep in secret his homosexual orientation together with ex-Prime Ministers of Island and Belgium - Johanna Sigurdardottir and Elio Di Rupo.

The same picture is on other levels in Europe. Absent children are just one part of the whole picture because there are also Ministers-homosexuals, mayors, policemen, politicians. Not speaking about “creative people” and people of both sexes that are eager to make a career which prevents having children. 

Perhaps, Alan Vanderpurt, who got famous because of the Islamist terroristic attacks in Brussel, has become the symbol of new European values. He does not hide that he is a homosexual and transvestite, and he loves wearing woman’s clothes such as hats, underpants, dresses, skirts and heels in public and he likes taking photo showing naked parts of body.

How hard it is to speak about children in this case! It is not surprising that Italy, Germany and most European countries are suffering from demographic issue and, in the UK, the most popular name has been Mohammed or Muhammed for several years.

Normality as anomaly

Considering the current situation, one of the leaders of a non-systemic party “Alternative for Germany” (AfD), Alexander Gauland, looked “politically incorrect” when he announced at a party meeting: “We want to keep our country that we inherited form our fathers and mothers. We are proud of being German”. This kind of announcement is considered as “fascism” in Europe now. That is why, in order to avoid this image, Afd, which is against uncontrolled flow of migration, “sex education” in German schools, is presented not only by Gauland but also by energetic entrepreneur Alice Weidel who is a lesbian.

Meanwhile, it is noticed that people who can have children but who decide they do not want them because they want a carefree life and entertainment or they want to work a lot are considered as defective. They do not understand that they are able to take life as it is and they do not see their responsibility for future. And if these people have power, it influences their fellow citizens. In Germany, there is lack of kindergartens. The country has billion of euro to settle hundreds of refugees but it does not use it to encourage the German to have children. However, lots of immigrants from Muslim countries, who have settled down, do not suffer from this issue. The wives of these refugees do not usually work. They stay home, keep house, and bring up their children. And if they cannot manage it, they give their children to kindergartens. And childless German citizens pay for that. They give from third to half of their salary to taxes which make the country to be a “social state”.

Have a look at schools in Germany, France, the UK, Sweden and other European countries and you will see that children from immigration families are more than children from local families. Moreover, most of them refuse becoming French, German, and Swedish. In general, if you do not want to have your own children, you can have immigrant’s children. However, you need to be ready to have shock in old age: these children from immigration families will help their parents, but if there will be pensions for today’s childless Europeans?

Sweden as a symptom

As for Sweden, it became open for immigrants in 1970s. Malmo that was a calm city before has Muslims now who represent half of its population; 25% of citizens confess Islam and it is seen clearly in the city. It can be said that the Swedes have lost their city.
Sweden as well as other European countries – Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and others – have hundreds of areas where the police are afraid to go to.

These areas are controlled by immigrant’s gangs, especially, by youth ones. A lot of them have grown up in the families that get social benefits and do not want to work and feel offended at the same time.

The egoism of local Europeans who want only to enjoy life on their own causes this issue. However, the increase of immigrants who prefer living on donations can hardly keep the same situation. The European will have to spend more and more on their guests that, according to their words, “came to Europe to live but not to work”. Also, they will have to spend on security because you cannot only feed the refugees. The refugees become “radical” very fast and seek to impose their traditions, customs on Europeans and make Europeans to take them as they are. It is easy to calculate when the look of modern European countries will disappear. It can happen in half of the century.

Déjà vu effect

Looking at what is happening in modern Europe, it can bring back a déjà vu effect. Because the same situation happened in history before. The Emperor Caracalla, as well as many modern politicians, also did not have children and gave a Roman citizenship, which was prestigious at the beginning of a new era, to free citizens in the Empire in 212 year. The great people migration which swept away old Europe together with the Rome Empire was not just a military conquest. It really reminded the movement of the modern “refugees” along the Balkan route. Moreover, a good level of life appealed to not only those “refuges” but modern ones.

However, these two migration processes have a main difference between each other.

Those migrants that came from the Middle East and the North Africa and even the part of German tribes were mostly Christians. They came to the Empire when the Romans and its other local citizens were obsessed with luxury and vices and did not think to bring up children. Those migrants worked hard and fairly, they served in the army, bore and brought up children when the Romans overate with delicious food and watched performances in the Colosseum and went to brothels. As a result, the ethnically mixed Europe did not die out – being pagan, it became Christian and “old” and new” Europeans dissolved into a new Christian civilization. Today, for Europe, which changed the religion of Christ with “modern values”, it is not actual because most of coming Muslims are hardly to agree to “integrate” into Sodom and Gomorrah, and their values contradict the European ones so much that even transformed Europe cannot survive this time.