The Casey Review


About week ago the long report into ‘integration into British Society’ was published by Dame Louise Casey. An official government report which draws the battle-lines between the militant-secularist state and ‘conservative’ or ‘traditionalist’ faiths. The author focusses on Islam but is even more dismissive of Christians and traditionalist Jews. Anyone who believes in such things as sin should be afraid, especially if they are working or have children at school. Have no doubt about it – the foothills of the Great Persecution are here.

Before looking in detail at the report it is first interesting to note the almost total ignorance of religious belief (and even history) on the part the part of the author (religion is caricatured as “ a negative and divisive force in society”) and this from a supposedly ‘neutral’ and sensitive government report. The review preaches the secular-evangelist gospel on the basis that one and only one worldview should be allowed and repeatedly uses words such as “regressive” to denote all others. The name of this worldview (which is equated with ‘British values’) is “progressive liberalism”. At the end of the report one is left with the feeling that the author (like many of the ‘regressives’ she hates) has never once questioned the absolute rightness of her own liberal-progressive agenda; as they say, ‘the fish does not know what water is’.

Some of the “regressive” practices which should be “challenged” (presumably by British law) are:

  • Orthodox Jews with traditionalist gender roles [8.34]

  • Christians’ who believe that homosexuality is wrong [8.34 and 7.30]

  • Unwillingness to accept people of different sexualities, abortion, drug use [5.2]

The report defines such people as “extremists” and defines this term as the “holding of a view at odds with the mainstream of British Society”, it concludes that “All such instances undermine integration and should be challenged.” In effect the report advises that the aim of the government should be to create one cohesive society based on secularist liberalism with the abolishment of all difference. In the construction of this paradise the report confines to the dust-bin 2000 years of Christian heritage in the UK and lays out the road map as to how this might be achieved.

As always the focus is on sex and particularly proselytization for LGBT. This is to be the litmus test for funding, fines, employability and particularly education. On this last issue schools will be required to pass “an integration test” presumably to make sure they are teaching LGBT to children of all ages. But schools will only be the first because of course such a test will soon be rolled out to all state employees. It will be interesting to see the reaction of Christians in the UK to this report. The vast majority, such as those in the ‘state church’ of course have already been degutted by 70 years of rule by the Liberal Elite and will welcome this in their spinelessness, but there are others such as a traditionalist Catholics, Evangelicals and Orthodox for whom this will be yet another stamp in their ID as ‘second-class citizens’.

The full report and a critique of it can be read here: