The cancer of religious fanaticism in Pakistan


The cancer of religious fanaticism and barbarism in the shape of Islamism, which, by the way, has no relation to a global religion, Islam, is devouring Pakistan and its peace-loving people. But in this mess, sane people have to speak up and combat the ignorant and indoctrinated people, who are operating as the defenders of Allah, the Prophet and Islam.

But let me say it to all those who think about their country, Pakistan, and its people, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, freethinkers and humanists that Almighty Allah, the Great Prophet Muhammad and Islam are under no existential danger in Pakistan or anywhere else.

Who is in danger are the ordinary people who have been misled and falsely indoctrinated by fanatic clerics and political manipulators for their selfish and nefarious motives. It may be difficult for many to swallow this bitter pill of truth, but there is no other way to fight the cancer of fanaticism than to face the truth and find ways of combating it.