Can Trump start the Third World War?


The situation around Syria is heating up. Like a year ago, there is a danger of a direct attack by the US armed forces on the positions of the Syrian army. In the evening of April 9, Donald Trump promised to take a decision on this issue within 48 hours. To do this, the president of the United States even canceled his Latin American tour. First, you need to understand the reason for another escalation.

It is possible that the whole matter is in the internal political contradictions in the United States.

A few weeks ago, Trump said that he was going to withdraw American troops from Syria, after which he was severely obstructed not only by his opponents but also by supporters. They called him weak. And McCain generally smashed him to pieces, saying that he shows his weakness. It seems to me that the current events for Trump are a cheap, completely treacherous, hypocritical way to show the so-called power of America.

The Russian General Staff openly declared that it would shoot down any missiles threatening the Russian military, as well as their carriers. The US should be aware that the reaction will be as tight as possible.

We are now more than ever on the verge of war. If the General Staff said that it would strike, Behind these words will be real actions. And this means that there will be retaliatory missile strikes on the objects from which the Americans are going to make launches. And this is war. First, perhaps, in this form, and then no one can not guarantee that it will not grow into a nuclear missile.

Here is an indicative list of stages of escalation between Russia and the United States in Syria:

1. A strike on Syrian military targets without any special losses, as after Khan Sheikhun

2. Strike on important Syrian military targets with heavy damage to the army and technology

3. Strike against Syrian and Iranian forces

4. A blow to the army and government buildings in Syria

5. A blow to the army and government districts of Syria so as to kill the country's political and military leadership

6. Strike on Syrian bases where there are Russian advisers

7. The blow on Russian private military campaigns, such as Wagner

8. Strike against Russian military means of air defense

9. Strike against Russian military bases in order to inflict maximum damage on them.

Most experts are inclined to the last year's scenario a year ago. Recall that in early April 2017, the US military struck a missile attack on the Syrian air base Shayrat, previously warning the Russian side. The damage was minimal. Many then said that in this way Trump tried to reduce the pressure exerted on him by the "war party" within the American globalist establishment.

It is possible that in the near future we will see a repeat of this scenario. Reports of an alleged chemical attack on civilians, like a year ago, have already appeared in Western media. However, the United States is not in shape now to wage a serious war.

If Trump did not dare to strike at North Korea, it is unlikely he is ready to strike at Damascus, the place where the Russian officers are. Of course, they can strike in some locations. How they did it at Shayrat, but warned Russians in advance. But now, after the Russian said that they would shoot down and strike the bearers of these missiles, then this option will not take place.