Brookings Institution: China and the US are teetering on the brink of a Cold War


Disagreements between the United States and China could escalate into a Cold War between the two countries, says Jeffrey A. Bader, senior fellow in the foreign policy program at the Brookings Institution, on August 17, ias the Brookings Institution press office reported.

He believes that the disagreements between the two countries on political, ideological, technological and security issues are quite real and are not only a communication problem, which is known to the authorities of both countries.

He considers these disagreements to be disadvantageous for both the United States and China.

The best scenario, in his opinion, will be a regime of strategic competition with cooperation in various fields.  Lack of cooperation would create a rivalry that would require composure on both sides to resolve disputes.

“Or the relationship may degenerate into a cold war, which will not meet the interests of either the United States or China,” the expert said.

He believes that disputes between countries should be resolved through building a dialogue.